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אחסון בחינם ואימייל מאת Google

אחסון בחינם ואימייל מאת Google
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How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2010 and 2013 Anyway, apart from Google's Calendar Sync, there exist a number of ways and free tools to sync Outlook and Google calendars and hopefully this article will help you choose the best approach. How to synch Google Calendar with Outlook 2010 and 2013 (read-only) Using this method you can set up one way syncing from Google Calendar to Outlook. Copy Google Calendar's URL 1. If you are logged into your Gmail account, then you will need two clicks instead of one. and select Calendar from the list of apps. 2. This will open the Calendar details page. 3. 4. Synchronizing with Outlook 2010 and 2013 Method 1: 1. 2. 2. Method 2: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. That's it! Note! is displayed in the lower right hand corner of all imported Google Calendar's events, meaning they are locked for editing. Calendar Sync / Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Updated on 1-Aug-2014. Google officially announced "Google Sync End of Life", including the Google Calendar Sync, last year. So, what alternative does Google offer to us now?

edeos - digital education deutsch Gesundheit Fleisch und Nachhaltigkeit Ernährung Biodiversität Smartphones und Nachhaltigkeit Kinderrechte Mikrokredite Wasser Menschenrechte Menschenrechte im Fokus I Menschenrechte im Fokus II Menschenrechte im Fokus III Energiewende Klimawandel Migration Wahlrecht Brandenburg Globalisierung Welthandel Islamismus Vereinte Nationen UNO international Smartphones and Sustainability [eng] Water [eng] Human Rights [eng] Focus Human Rights I [eng] Focus Human Rights II [eng] Focus Human Rights III [eng] International Migration [eng] Globalization [eng] Derechos Humanos [esp] Enfoque Derechos Humanos I [esp] Enfoque Derechos Humanos II [esp] Enfoque Derechos Humanos III [esp] Droits de l'homme [fra] Accent Droits de l'Homme I [fra] Accent Droits de l'Homme II [fra] Accent Droits de l'Homme III [fra] [arab] حقوق الإنسان [arab] حقوق الإنسان تحت المجهر: إصابات, تاريخ, البعد الأول [arab] حقوق الإنسان تحت المجهر: حقوق المرأ, منظمة غير حكومية [arab] حقوق الإنسان تحت المجهر: التقاضي, موقع البناء ة 01 Parteien 02 Wahlen

untitled untitled UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 8.1 Windows 8 has re-engineered its boot method by adopting UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) as the new firmware standard while continuing to support the legacy BIOS (Basic Input Output System) firmware standard for machines with old hardware which are not UEFI compatible. UEFI brings in newer features in the platform firmware alongwith a newer set of policies and specifications to comply with. Platform Firmware provides the first set of instructions that run when the computer is switched on. The BIOS firmware program in 16-bit assembly language is executed directly by the processor from its 1MB addressable memory space in what is termed as Real Mode. In the UEFI firmware, only the platform initialisation tasks are performed in Real Mode, after which the UEFI builds a rudimentary operating system on the platform to enable 64-bit Protected Mode for launching the subsequent boot programs in a high level language. Conclusion ! • The Allowed Signature (db) database

Map: U.S. state GDP compared to other countries. Signature/STYLE Issue 3: Practical Shoes and Heels | 12 Blueprints Rachel and I will release the next issue of the newsletter (what newsletter? see the Signature/STYLE image and link, top of the right column on this page) on Friday February 6/15. As before, please watch your Spam folders on Friday of this week. The many links in the issue will send it there unless you have set your Mail system’s permissions and preferences otherwise. You know from shopping anywhere that items sell out fast. Very often, and more so with shoes, the same item will be carried by many retailers. Two very great things are coming your way in this issue. Great Thing 1: More Shoes! A woman who knows her colours and lines is an empowered decision-maker when it comes to shopping. When we shop for you, we bring you with us. Because we want to offer you every possible choice and resource for who you are, we sometimes have trouble choosing which items to show to represent the variations within each of the 12 Seasons and 10 Archetypes combinations. Don’t want to say too much.

The 25 best alternatives to Photoshop | Technology Adobe’s Photoshop is now 25 years old and is arguably the pinnacle of photo editing. But, at £8.57/month, it’s also much more expensive than most people can afford, so here are 25 alternatives for 25 years of photoshoppery. The five best … Pixelmator - best for Mac Pixelmator is arguably the best photo editor on a Mac. Excellent for quick touching up of photos to detailed manipulation for novices and pros alike. – best for Windows Free - Windows started life as a simple replacement for Microsoft Paint, but evolved with new features such as multiple layers and more advanced photo editing tools. Excellent for quick edits, crops and the majority of daily photo editing. Adobe Lightroom - best for bulk-managing photos £99 - Windows, OS X Arguably the best photo manager, Adobe Lightroom has enough tools, even for professionals, to avoid having to open up a separate image editor, including some of Photoshop’s healing and manipulation tools. Aviary Photo Editor - best for mobile

Map: What Country Does Your State's Life Expectancy Resemble? - Olga Khazan American life expectancy has leapt up some 30 years in the past century, and we now live roughly 79.8 years on average. That’s not terrible, but it’s not fantastic either: We rank 35th in the world as far as lifespan, nestled right between Costa Rica and Chile. But looking at life expectancy by state, it becomes clear that where you live in America, at least to some extent, determines when you’ll die. Here, I’ve found the life expectancy for every state to the tenth of a year using the data and maps from the Measure of America, a nonprofit group that tracks human development. Then, I paired it up with the nearest country by life expectancy from the World Health Organization’s 2013 data. When there was no country with that state’s exact life expectancy, I paired it with the nearest matching country, which was always within two-tenths of a year. There’s profound variation by state, from a low of 75 years in Mississippi to a high of 81.3 in Hawaii.

Soft Summer | Colour and the Human Being Some say it’s not easy being 12-Tone Soft Summer (SSu) in the corporate world! As with all the seasons, the right seasonal colours on the right person draw context, appropriateness and natural distinction from the wearer. So what does it take to transport our SSu from the classic cold of black and white, to a softer, more neutral palette? Classic corporate True Winter look: Soft Summer monochrome morph: (Jacket/skirt – 12-Tone Classic 3.5, t-shirt Corporate 1.1.) The key thing for SSu is that the colours go darker and deeper than people realise, and that the authority of the tone comes from the subtle distinctions and gradations within its range. Soft Summer neutral/accent morph: (Jacket – Corporate 3.5, Skirt – Corporate 4.4, top – Classic 6.4.) Those who are unfamiliar with PCA often admire an effect and struggle to reproduce it on themselves, only to be disappointed. Soft Summer Look Book by Mira. For all seasons, the colours that command respect are the colours that respect the wearer.

Automatically Preparing Edge/Node Data for Gephi Okay, I've done some work with Gephi lately, but I find myself with a problem I can't quite solve. I work on reprinting networks, and thus far have generated network graphs from spreadsheets of reprinting with the original newspaper in one column (source) and reprinting newspaper in the second (target). I now have a much larger spreadsheet generated from a text-mining experiment I've started with a colleague in computer science. an ID number identifying a particular reprinted text (ex: 8679:5136:18458:8488:5042:872:3924:2547:21444) | Date of each reprinting | URL of source text | Name of each publication | City and State of Publication | Longitude of Publication | the text matched So there might be 10 lines with the same ID number--the "same text"--but different values in the other columns for each new reprinting of that text we found. 1.) in the first, the nodes would be Newspaper titles, and the edges would represent shared reprints--the ID field, I suppose.

São Paulo Water Crisis Linked to Growth, Pollution and Deforestation SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Endowed with the Amazon and other mighty rivers, an array of huge dams and one-eighth of the world’s fresh water, Brazil is sometimes called the “Saudi Arabia of water,” so rich in the coveted resource that some liken it to living above a sea of oil. But in ’s largest and wealthiest city, a more dystopian situation is unfolding: The taps are starting to run dry. As southeast Brazil grapples with its worst drought in nearly a century, a problem worsened by polluted rivers, deforestation and population growth, the largest reservoir system serving São Paulo is near depletion. Many residents are already enduring sporadic water cutoffs, some going days without it. Officials say that drastic rationing may be needed, with water service provided only two days a week. Behind closed doors, the views are grimmer. Some residents have begun drilling their own wells around homes and apartment buildings, or hoarding water in buckets to wash clothes or flush toilets.