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Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia
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Noospher PriceSniper : Comparez les prix sans interrompre votre shopping ! — Price Sniper Strike Search - Torrent Search Engine I suppose I’ve been waiting to make this post for sometime. Source code for Strike Search is released here some of you might be aware that since Aurous was sued and shutdown I’ve been quite absent from maintaining a few of my projects. Strike being one of the most popular. I receive constant emails that the search page no longer works; this was done for good reason. While I did attempt to make Strike purely a meta data engine after the lawsuit, I felt too exposed even operating it. As you can see if just a teeny bit taxing on my server, so as of today I wanted to officially annouce that Strike will no longer focus on torrents, in fact I’ve decided to phase Strike into creating open source utilities that help every day life. This includes but is not limited to Remote desktopPowershellCMDTask ManagementSystem monitoring (health, heat, peformance)File browsing/downloading Even if you just want to extend functionality, we already have plugin support What about the api? Who is part of Strike?

group gifts and events, online money pots Alchemy - Virtual Reality storytelling SensorWake - Wake Up Happy with the Smell-Based Alarm Clock by Guillaume Rolland Risks and challenges We are very proud to be able to offer our product to backers on Kickstarter. But for us, it’s only the beginning. The most important thing for us is to make sure our community, especially our Kickstarter backers fully enjoy our product. We have already worked for two years to get our prototype up and running. However, it’s impossible to start a new enterprise without risk. But we’ve worked too hard to get where we are to slow down anytime soon. Because we want you to wake up happy. We’ll make sure to keep you updated, not only on the Kickstarter campaign, but also on our ideas and vision. We might also seek your advice and input from time to time, so you are welcome to join our community on social media if you’re willing to participate in this feedback. There’s no way to convey how grateful we are for your efforts, whether you back the project financially or simply send us your ideas. Thank you so much for your support! The SensorWake Team.

HeavyM - Download HeavyM HeavyM is now on beta release and free for non-commercial use. If you use it in a project, please mention that you use HeavyM and include a link to To install our software, just unzip your HeavyM package and double-click on the execution file contained. For more informations and tutorials regarding how to use HeavyM, click here! Version 0.94.6 - beta ! NEW release for Mac and Windows : version 0.94.6, May 29th 2015 (UPDATED). What's new ? For both Windows and MacOS, you can use FOUR new filling effects. (UPDATE) : We fixed some display problems and improved MacOS video player. For Windows v0.94.6 (beta): For MacOS v0.94.6 (beta): Requirements : OS : - Win 7 / Win 8 - Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10 Minimum : Intel Core 2 Duo / 2GB de RAM / Intel HD Graphics Recommended : Intel Core i3 / 4 GB de RAM / nVidia Geforce IMPORTANT : For Mac OS X users About Gatekeeper Some apps downloaded and installed from the Internet could adversely affect your Mac. Version 0.94.5 - beta

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