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Sidekick by HubSpot - The Ultimate Email Advantage

Sidekick by HubSpot - The Ultimate Email Advantage

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Integrating Twitter into WordPress: The Ultimate Guide Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks online and one of the biggest sources of traffic for many websites. If one of your articles goes viral on Twitter, you could receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors in a short space of time. The more you integrate social media into your website, the more likely it is that your visitors will share your content using social media. Therefore, by integrating Twitter into your website, you can tap into the huge traffic potential that it offers. I recently shared with you a collection of the best social media WordPress plugins. Rather than simply list Twitter plugins that are available to you, in today’s article I would like to show you how other blogs are integrating Twitter, and other social media networks, into their website designs.

Top Free & Open Source Live Chat Software for Your Website The trouble with online shopping is that many customers are disconnected from someone who has the answers of their queries with precision. Many businesses have been adding live chat support rather than watching potential visitors and customers click away from their e-commerce websites. As it turns out, live chat has the ability to give proper support and solutions to the clients which they want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of companies. If used correctly and as part of your overall customer service plan, live chat software has the propensity to raise conversion rates by giving customers instant access to a live support agent right while they’re on your site. 41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates Maybe not a ‘classic’ copywriting headline, but eye-catching all the same. :-) Classic copywriting headlines, the kind of headlines written by Eugene Schwartz, Victor Schwab et al are essential studying materials when you want to hone your own headline writing skills. However, sometimes looking at those powerful but pithy statements can be intimidating. If you’re struggling to write your own headlines, looking at great copy can make you wonder where to start.

16 Ways to Add LinkedIn to Your WordPress Website and Win New Clients LinkedIn is by far the most professional of all the social networks. It acts as an online resume and provides you with a place to highlight your best work and experience in a place where people who’ve never been to your website can find and possibly get in touch with you. But wouldn’t it be great if you could bring some of that LinkedIn goodness to your website? My point is, why go through the process of creating a resume twice when you can just create it on LinkedIn with minimal fuss then integrate it into your site? You’ll save time and likely a few headaches.

Breather Breather is a network of beautiful, private on-demand spaces that are perfect for getting work done, hosting meetings or simply as a personal space to relax in. With over 95 locations in NYC, SF, Boston, Montreal & Ottawa, you can book a Breather on the go, whenever you need it – for 30 minutes, a few hours or an entire day. Ideal for freelancers, busy professionals, startups, travellers, students or anyone who just needs some peace and quiet. Breather spaces are designed for optimal productivity. They're safe, clean, conveniently located and feature: - Free, fast and reliable WiFi- Comfy seating in a gorgeous, well-lit atmosphere- Plenty of plugs and charging docks for your Android devices- Whiteboards, pens and notepads- A delightful selection of books and quarterlies

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking What is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is so misunderstood that there is a desperate need for this chapter. Few concepts have been as polarizing and revolutionary, simultaneously. Slice - Package Tracker Slice is the ultimate companion for the online shopper! The leading package tracker gives you peace of mind with push notifications updating you on the status of your delivery. We're the only package tracking app that AUTOMATICALLY tracks your you never have to enter a tracking number again. This Phone Charger Uses Crystal Orbs to Focus the Sun's Rays A $149 solar smartphone charger called Beta.ey features a ball lens and minuscule multi-junction solar cell that can charge a smartphone one and a half times per day. RawLemon The theory underlying the project is that gleaming crystal globes can concentrate diffuse sunlight, or even moonlight, onto a tiny, hyper-efficient photovoltaic cell. The crystal ball is paired with a dual-motion tracking system that keeps the sun's energy focused on the cell throughout the day.

How to Find Great Content to Share on Twitter Social Media Examiner What content are you sharing on Twitter? Do you struggle to find interesting, relevant things to tweet about every day? In this post, I’ll show you how to curate content your followers will love so you can build a loyal community on Twitter. Why Curate? Today most marketers understand the need to create informative and relevant content. But it’s equally important to curate informative and relevant content.

TaxCaster by TurboTax - Free Get a quick estimate of your 2014 federal tax refund anytime, anywhere on your phone via this free tax calculator. It’s easy. Just enter some basic info and watch your refund add up. TaxCaster uses the same tax calculator found in TurboTax. Use an estimate from TaxCaster to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return, adjust your paycheck withholdings so you take home more money, or plan ahead so you pay less tax. TaxCaster doesn’t prepare your taxes.

This Is How You Design Your Mobile App for Maximum Growth Kamo Asatryan may very well be one of the best kept secrets in the startup ecosystem. He’s one of a small handful of people who have observed hundreds of mobile apps, thought deeply and scientifically about their mechanics, and determined what they could change to grow faster. To demonstrate his particular brand of magic: Asatryan’s team recently worked with an app that required users to swipe through four screens explaining the product in-depth before they could sign up. Then the permissions screen literally begged them to let the app access their location data. 60% said no and went on to a dead-end experience. To turn things around, Asatryan tested a radically different approach: Assuming that users who installed the app already understood the need to provide their location data. This allowed them to axe out the long-winded welcome flow and make the permissions request the second screen.

How to Effectively Market Your Next WordPress Blog Post on Twitter and Facebook Your WordPress blog is an important vehicle for reaching your audience, getting your content out there, and even marketing your products and services. So how do you make sure your content is getting as many views as possible? Many people say Twitter and Facebook are key to getting your content’s message spread across the web. Yet most blogs don’t really know how to effectively market their content. A great set of tools can help, as long as they’re paired with the right tactics.