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Blind Teen May Play For USC Football Team He Inspired in 2009 When faced with losing his second eye to cancer at the age of 12, Jake Olson wanted to watch his last University of Southern California Trojans football game in person and take it all in. He got his wish and met the team. Now a high school senior and totally blind, he may play for them. USC Trojans' No. 1 Fan 'Fights On' With Help From His Football FriendsBoy's Cancer Battle Inspires USC TrojansBoston Bomb Victim Dances Her Way Back Despite Prosthetic Foot The California teen was diagnosed with retinoblastoma when he was 1 and lost one of his eyes, ABC News reported.

Why Talking About the Brain Can Empower Learners Knowledge about how the brain works can make a big difference when confronting difficult learning situations. If you have a growth mindset and are aware of the ability to improve oneself, a challenge can be welcome (versus those with a fixed mindset who are averse to the failures a challenge may bring). Stanford University professor of psychology Carol Dweck, who has been leading the research in this field, discusses “The power of believing that you can improve” in this TED talk. In one example, she talks about students who made vast improvements on test scores once they learned about the growth mindset: “This happened because the meaning of effort and difficulty were transformed. Before, effort and difficulty made them feel dumb, made them feel like giving up, but now, effort and difficulty, that’s when their neurons are making new connections, stronger connections.

Elmont Memorial High School student accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools - Apr. 4, 2015 Now comes the really hard part: Deciding where to go. He actually got into all 13 schools he applied to, including MIT and Johns Hopkins. "I am leaning toward Yale," he told CNNMoney. Carol Dweck: 'The whole idea of growth mindset is to say yes they can' Carol Dweck is education’s guru of the moment. The US academic’s “growth mindset” theory has taken schools on both sides of the Atlantic by storm. When TES met the Stanford University psychology professor at the Festival of Education at Wellington College last week, the mere mention of her name was sending teachers into shivers of excitement. But the woman herself is refreshingly modest about the success of her philosophy. “You never know how influential your idea is going to be,” she says, smiling. “It’s really gratifying that people have resonated to it.”

Establishing A Growth Mindset As A Teacher: 9 Affirming Statements Establishing A Growth Mindset As A Teacher: 9 Statements Of Affirmation by Terry Heick The ability to change is among the least-appreciated professional characteristics of a teacher. This is especially true as education systems react to both external pressure, and internal instinct to change into something closer to truly progressive learning environments. The impact of mindset on student aggression and behavior - Growth Mindset Blog & Newsletter My former student David Yeager and I have been very concerned about violence in school. The problem in high school gets worse. People are shifting social groups; social labels are flying around, and kids are really stressed.

5 Strategies For Creating A Genius Mindset In Students How Can We Help Every Student Tap Their Inner Genius? by Zacc Dukowitz, When we hear the word genius, certain people come immediately to mind—Albert Einstein in mathematics, or Warren Buffett in investing—but what exactly sets these people apart? It’s easy to simply shrug and say to ourselves, “Those people are just different. They have something most people don’t, and it’s as simple as that.” Making the Case for Social Media in Schools "Do you have a Twitter account? Do you use Instagram?" I ask those questions of all teacher applicants at Jackson P. Burley Middle School, and I'm surprised by how many people answer, "No."

Growth Mindsets: Creating Motivation and Productivity The key to success and achieving our goals is not necessarily persistence, hard work and focus. These behaviours are the by-product of something else. What is actually critical to our success is our mindset. Mindsets are beliefs about ourselves and our most basic qualities, such as intelligence, talents and personality. We all have innate talents and skills, things that we are naturally good at or that set us apart from other people.

Girl, 12, points out lack of girls in Dick's Sporting Goods catalog - Parents parents Marisa Kabas TODAY contributor 8 hours ago A little girl has made a big splash after a fiery letter she penned to the powers-that-be at Dick’s Sporting Goods was tweeted by her father. 12-year-old McKenna Peterson is an avid basketball player and fan and was inspired to write the letter after receiving a Dick’s catalog with little to no female representation. “She got angry,” her father Chris Peterson told

Want to Stop Mean Girls? Raise Nice Girls, Instead  Once upon a time, fourth grade was the year that young girls began to have difficulty navigating friendships. For many years, I worked in a school for kids with learning disabilities. It was always during fourth grade that previously established friendships began to hit turbulence. Names were called. Gossip was spread. Feelings were hurt. 'Young Wonders' stepped up, changed the world Three youngsters were honored this month along with the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012Jessica Rees made special "JoyJars" to bring happiness to young cancer patientsWill Lourcey and his friends are finding fun ways to raise money to fight hungerCassandra Lin's group collects used cooking oil and uses it to help people heat their homes Editor's note: Tune in Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to catch the final re-airings of this year's CNN Heroes tribute show. "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" will air at 6 p.m.