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Samples of Diagramming for HTML5/Canvas by Northwoods Software®

Samples of Diagramming for HTML5/Canvas by Northwoods Software®
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D3.js - Data-Driven Documents JS: The Right Way Timeline Tutorial: Setting Up Your Spreadsheet In Google Docs Part One: Setting Up Your Spreadsheet in Google Docs We are going to host the data that will populate your timeline within Google Docs. Why this particular application? One reason to use Google is that it is free. The following seven steps will tell you how to format your spreadsheet to make it readable for the Exhibit script that powers your timeline. 1. First, you need to create some titles for your spreadsheet's columns. Your spreadsheet should now look something like this. 2. This step is very important: Select all the columns. If you don't set the columns to plain text, the spreadsheet may reformat your information. 3. Of course, if you've added additional columns to suit your needs such as the {intials} column, you can simply add text or links into the column by modelling what you've done here. 4. While your spreadsheet now has the data to generate events on your timeline, it will all be in plain text. Italics and Bolded Text Hyperlinks The result is the highlighted portion below: 5.

Chiffres Internet - 2015 Les chiffres liés à Internet donnent le tournis. Et pourtant, aujourd’hui, seul 42% de la population mondiale est connectée à Internet. La création de données numériques n’a jamais été aussi féconde et l’augmentation est exponentielle. Les mails échangés sont toujours aussi nombreux, même si la plupart d’entre eux sont des spams. Régulièrement, nous mettons à jour cette page rassemblant les principales statistiques à connaître sur Internet. Statistiques d’usage d’Internet 3,025 milliards d’internautes, soit 42% de la population.2,060 milliards d’inscrits sur les réseaux sociaux, soit 68% des internautes.Taux de pénétration d’Internet dans le Monde :81% en Amérique du Nord (86% au Canada, 80% aux USA)78% en Europe de l’Ouest (83% en France)18% en Afrique12% en Asie du Sud Pour en savoir plus : We Are Social, les chiffres d’Internet en 2014 et les statistiques du web et des réseaux sociaux en octobre 2014. Temps passé sur Internet Chaque minute sur Internet GoogleFacebookYouTubeYahoo!

Creating Animated Bubble Charts in D3 - Jim Vallandingham Update: I moved the code to its own github repo - to make it easier to consume and maintain. Update #2 I’ve rewritten this tutorial in straight JavaScript. So if you aren’t that in to CoffeeScript, check the new one out! Recently, the New York Times featured a bubble chart of the proposed budget for 2013 by Shan Carter . As FlowingData commenters point out , the use of bubbles may or may not be the best way to display this dataset. In this post, we attempt to tease out some of the details of how this graphic works. #Simple Animated Bubble Chart In order to better understand the budget visualization, I’ve created a similar bubble chart that displays information about what education-based donations the Gates Foundation has made. You can see the full visualization here And the visualization code is on github **Warning Coffeescript** The example is written in [CoffeeScript]( as I find it much easier to read and write than javascript. #D3’s Force Layout #nodes #gravity #alpha

JavaScript Best Practices Part 1 | Thinkful Programming Guides Javascript Best Practices, Part 1 Make it Understandable Choose easy to understand and short names for variables and functions. Bad variable names: Also bad variable names: incrementerForMainLoopWhichSpansFromTenToTwenty } createNewMemberIfAgeOverTwentyOneAndMoonIsFull Avoid describing a value with your variable or function name. Might not make sense in some countries: Works everywhere: Your code is a story - make your storyline easy to follow! Stick to a Strict Coding Style Browsers are very forgiving JavaScript parsers. Validate your code: Use Shortcut Notations Shortcut notations keep your code snappy and easier to read once you get used to it. This code var lunch = new Array(); lunch[0]='Dosa'; lunch[1]='Roti'; lunch[2]='Rice'; lunch[3]='what the heck is this?' Is the same as... var lunch = [ 'Dosa', 'Roti', 'Rice', 'what the heck is this?' if(v){ var x = v; } else { var x =10; } var direction; if(x > 100){ direction = 1; } else { direction = -1; } var direction = (x > 100) ?

Directory of News Sites and Newspapers Agence France Press Largest French news agency and leading global news wire. - Language: Arabic, German, French, Spanish Associated Press Global news network. - United States Bloomberg Global financial data, news, and analytics. - Finance BBC News Britain's leading news agency providing news, analysis, and insight. - Language: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish Among the world's leaders in news and information delivery. Reuters Leading international multimedia news agency. - Language: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish Digg Community-driven social news site with no editorial oversight. Google News Search or browse more than 4,500 news sources. Newsvine Aggregates and sorts stories from established media and independent journalists. Yahoo! Search or browse the latest headlines from around the world. Boston Globe - Boston, MA Al-Ahram

How chat app giant Tencent big by correctly predicting that email was totally wrong for China — Quartz It’s a familiar story for students or businessmen on their first-ever visit to China. After rounds of beer and baijiu with potential clients, or a karaoke gathering through a university exchange program, the foreigner will ask the Chinese person sitting next to her for his email address. The Chinese person will smile blankly, somewhat confused. The Chinese person will take a few seconds to remember his email address. In many parts of the world, email remains deathless—a relic of the desktop-era internet, before mobile and social media were on the landscape. In China however, email never reached the ubiquity it has in other countries. When asked why, most Chinese or expats will simply point to WeChat. But WeChat’s present-day popularity only tells part of the story. China’s internet cafes In the US and other parts of the world, as the web was just emerging into mainstream use in the late 1990s, PCs were relatively abundant. But another factor helped drive QQ’s popularity.

Tutorials · mbostock/d3 Wiki Wiki ▸ Tutorials Please feel free to add links to your work!! Tutorials may not be up-to-date with the latest version 4.0 of D3; consider reading them alongside the latest release notes, the 4.0 summary, and the 4.0 changes. Introductions & Core Concepts Specific Techniques D3 v4 Blogs Books Courses D3.js in Motion (Video Course)Curran Kelleher, Manning Publications, September 2017D3 4.x: Mastering Data Visualization Nick Zhu & Matt Dionis, Packt. Talks and Videos Meetups Research Papers D3: Data-Driven DocumentsMichael Bostock, Vadim Ogievetsky, Jeffrey HeerIEEE Trans.

JavaScript Tutorial Syntax DuckDuckGo supports search syntax you can use to fine-tune your queries. Search operators: Search directly on other sites: Use \ to go to directly to the first search result. Instant Answers: Add news to your searches to generate Instant Answer news results. Safe search: Add !