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Kaizena · Give Great Feedback

Kaizena · Give Great Feedback
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10 Word Cloud Generators You Have Probably Never Tried A few days back, we looked at five great ways to incorporate word cloud generators into your classroom. There are obviously many more uses out there for them – but that is a discussion for another post. We’ve mentioned most of these before – in a post from way back when – so I won’t go into too much detail about each individual one, but we’ve added a few notable ones to the list. (Of note, the list is in no particular order). The vast majority of them work the same: plug your text into the box, select a few options, and you’ve got yourself a word cloud. If you do a quick search for word cloud, you’ll see so many different types. Do you have a favorite word cloud generator from the list below? Wordle Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Generator WordSift WordItOut Tagul TagCrowd Yippy WordMosaic AbcYa Tagxedo VocabGrabber

The KDE Education Project - The KDE Education Project Experimentskafferiet Open Office 4 Kids: versione semplificata di Open Office per bambini e ragazzi Pubblicato da Alberto Open Office 4 Kids (OOo4Kids) è la suite di Open Office pensata per bambini e ragazzi. Si tratta di una versione di Open Offce pensata infatti per la fascia di età che va dai 7 ai 14 anni. Disponibile per ora in Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo, Tedesco e Portoghese, si spera possa essere distribuita gratuitamente presto anche in Italiano. Al momento è disponibile solo la release 0.5, vale a dire una versione ancora acerba che col tempo sarà migliorata e ottimizzata per renderla sempre più “amichevole” ai bambini. Le differenze principali tra Open Office e Open Office 4 Kids sta nella leggerezza e nella mancanza delle funzioni più complicate (meno barre e bottoni, interfaccia grafica più pulita, rapidità di esecuzione). E’ dunque una suite semplificata derivata dalla principale che per la sua facilità d’uso potrebbe piacere anche agli adulti e soprattutto potrebbe essere gradita al mondo della scuola e agli insegnanti Correlati 31 luglio 2010 In "blog" 19 maggio 2009

Charles Darwin | Allt om Historia Under en världsomsegling insåg Charles Darwin hur livet på jorden hade utvecklats. Hans teori om evolutionen var lika enkel som genial, men kastade samtidigt Bibelns skapelseberättelse över ända och mötte hårt motstånd. Text: Anna Larsdotter I augusti 1831 fick Charles Darwin ett brev som skulle förändra hans liv. Avsändare var hans vän John Stevens Henslow, professor i botanik i Cambridge. Av Henslow hade Darwin lärt sig massor om sitt stora intresse: djur och växter. I brevet frågade Henslow om Darwin ville följa med på en forskningsseglats runt jorden. Så gav sig Charles Robert Darwin den 27 december 1831 av på sitt livs resa. Darwin växte upp med en äldre bror och fyra systrar. Charles Darwin var inte av riktigt samma skrot och korn som sin far och farfar. Han hade lärt sig att stoppa upp djur och byggt upp en imponerande samling skalbaggar. Darwin fascinerades av de arter han hittade på ögruppen. Darwins anteckningar från resan med Beagle var fyllda av entusiastiska utrop.

TPT - Fonts 4 Teachers PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative HTML5 Tutorial - Audio Let's have something fun to start with. We are now talking about web browser supporting audio file in native, just like how <img> tag is supported since 1994. HTML5 is likely to put an end to audio plug-in such as Microsoft Windows Media player, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple QuickTime and the infamous Adobe Flash. If you don't see a audio player control in the dotted box above, your web browser probably don't support the audio tag. Above is a gallery of audio players by major web browsers. If you are using Safari for Windows but without QuickTime, your Safari is not going to support media tag (both <audio> and <video>) in "native". How to? In order to make your web page plays music, the html code can be as simple as Unfortunately, the most popular audio format MPEG3(.mp3) is not an Open standard, it is patent encumbered. On the other hand, the open standard Vorbis (*.ogg) is not supported by Safari and IE9. What you can do is ... Attributes of <audio> (This is completely unneccessary!)

Download free PowerPoint backgrounds and templates - Brainy Betty luglio 2016 Powtoon è una piattaforma online in versione free e a pagamento che permette di realizzare brevi presentazioni video in pochi clic. Powtoon offre la possibilità di usare modelli o di partire da un foglio bianco; mette a disposizione set grafici animati e non, effetti testuali con animazioni molto interessanti come l’effetto scrittura a mano, font particolari e simpatiche transazioni tra slide. Tutti questi elementi possono essere aggiunti con un semplice clic dal pannello dedicato e la durata delle animazione sia del singolo elemento che dell’intera slide può essere regolata in modo molto semplice dalla timeline sotto alle slides. Con Powtoon abbiamo tutto a portata di mano si può decidere di inserire immagini direttamente dal nostro pc, di aggiungere la musica (dal pc o scegliendo tra la libreria messa a disposzione dalla piattaforma) o la propria voce, regolando i volumi nel caso in cui debbano essere presenti entrambe.

5 Ways for Students to Showcase Their Best Work As I do every year, I am taking this week to relax, recharge, and ski with friends. While I'm away I will be re-running the most popular posts of the year. This was the second most popular post in April, 2014. As the end of the school year approaches you may be looking for a good way for students to organize and share examples of their best work of the school year. Page O Rama is a free service for quickly creating stand alone webpages. Dropr is a free service for creating portfolios of your images, videos, and audio files. Populr is a service for creating simple webpages to showcase an example or two of your best work. is a good tool for students to use to create a digital resume to share as part of a college admissions application or an internship application. Tackk is a free service that was featured last week on Free Technology for Teachers.

10 EdTech Tools for Encouraging Classroom Collaboration | Getting Smart By Rachelle Dene Poth Today’s technology offers so many options for educators and students that deciding on where to begin can be overwhelming. To get started, think about one new approach that could be the catalyst for positive change in your classroom. In looking at your learning environment, what could benefit your students the most? One area that I immediately thought I could improve upon was classroom collaboration. How do you find tools to help meet these needs? Here are some helpful and versatile technology tools to easily and quickly integrate into your classroom and get your students in a classroom collaboration mindset. Discussion Tools: Get Them Talking Teachers need to hear from students, and we know that asking questions or calling on students to discuss a topic can often make them nervous. Depending on the type of question or discussion format you want your classroom collaboration to focus on, there are many tools available that can help. 1. 2. 3. 4. For more, see:

Modern Lessons Welcome to the new online learning platform for the Global Education Database! It’s a free, simple, and quick way to learn new skills, find new education resources, and figure out how to do just about anything a modern teacher or student needs. Take as many courses as you like – they’re free and all you need to do is sign up to get started. Register To Start Learning Free View More Courses