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Fichas de personajes, lugares y objetos para clase

Fichas de personajes, lugares y objetos para clase
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10 Fun Activities for Business English classes | TEFL in Spain Summer is on its way here in Southern Spain but the 10 teachers on the TEFL in Spain Introduction to Teaching Business English course managed to stay focused and upbeat last Saturday in Malaga. For the final seminar, or workshop as we will call it next time, they had to present a game or activity that they might use with a group of Business English students. For information about the course: They came up with some great ideas: 1. Answerphone Dictation- Put the students in pairs and ask them to sit back-to-back. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Buying a lemon 7. 8. 9. Mrs Smith, your husband is the worst boss I’ve ever had! 10. Hope you get the chance to try some of these activities with your General English or Business English students. My ebook A Short Guide to TEFL is available from Amazon for the price of a cup of coffee! Like this: Like Loading...

Mozarabic language - Expand Your Mind Mozarabic, more accurately Andalusi Romance, was a continuum of closely related Romance dialects spoken in Muslim-dominated areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Mozarabic descends from Late Latin and early Romance dialects spoken in the Hispania from the 5th to the 8th centuries and was spoken until the 14th century. This set of dialects came to be called the Mozarabic language by 19th century Spanish scholars, in their attempt to "hispanize" "al-Andalus", though there never was a common standard. Native name The name Mozarabic is today used for many Romance dialects like the Lusitanian, Murcian, Sevillian, Valencian. At times between persecution, Christian communities prospered in Muslim Spain; these Christians are now usually referred to as Mozárabes, although the term was not in use at the time (Hitchcock 1978) The Early Romance of Moslem Spain was known to its users as latinus. Also in the same book on page 158, the author states that:

El Corte Inglés: Comprar moda, electrónica, informática, libros online Me encanta escribir en español: Los verbos Algunos verbos que podéis utilizar en la clase de español. Lesson Plan: Pre-Intermediate I’m still teaching reported speech. Here are some ideas to get my students love???? (well, maybe I’m getting a bit carried away) reported speech. Hopefully , some of them will do the trick. ♥Video: How to tell if your boyfriend is a slob from the British Council Taking into account the fact that my audience will be students from 2nd Bachillerato I trust they will be able to watch the video and, without any additional help , report as much as they have understood.Great to practise statements, questions ,orders and suggestions! ♥ Song : My name is Luka by Suzzane Vega. The idea is the same as above. Now, if you want to go over the lyrics of the song , click here ♥ Gossiping about the teacher ( from Begem Tonyali -original post here) Students think about 10 things they want to know about their teacher and ask the questions, which are written on the board.The class is divided into 2 groups. ♥ A funny idea from A Journey in TEFL. When they finish, they are asked to make balls from the papers.

El idioma mozárabe / The mozarabic language | Spanish Courses Blog El idioma mozárabe, también el mozárabe o aljamía, son dialectos neolatinos de la población mozárabe durante los siglos VIII y XV en Al-Andalus. Los mozárabes se eran los cristianos que vivían bajo el dominio de los árabes en la Península Ibérica. Aparte de muchas costumbres que han adaptado de los musulmanes como también el idioma en parte, los cristianos podían conservar su religión. La lengua mozárabe es un sustrato del idioma árabe. Todavía hoy se puede ver la influencia que tenía el mozárabe en el desarrollo del español. Para aprender más sobre la historia de la lengua española y la influencia del idioma mozárabe ¡apúntate a un curso de español en la Escuela Delengua en Granada! The Mozarabian language, as well es the Mozarabian or the Lajamía, were Neolatin dialects of the Mozarabian population during the 8th and the 15th century. The Mozarabian language is a substrate of the arabian language.

Ejercicios de vocabulario ¡Vale! En esta página los servicios de Google Analytics y de Google Adsense hacen uso de cookies. Más información Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law Ejercicios de vocabulario Vocabulario temático (Con audio. Problemas lexicales Crucigramas Expresiones y refranes Formación de palabras Privacidad Juego de memoria Vocabulario práctico Juego del ahorcado (Con fotos de las palabras) Vocabulario neerlandés Vocabulario francés Vocabulario inglés Vocabulario húngaro JUEGOS PARA PRACTICAR ESPAÑOL 1 Yo estoy, tú estás y ellaEstá y él también;Y todos los que estaban estuvieronY están muy bien.Estamos, estaremosNosotros, ella y élEstarán lado a lado y yo, que estuve,Estaré.Y si acaso estuvieraAlguien que no haya estado aquella vez,¡bienvenido!, que estar es lo importantey que todos estén. David Fernández (Cuba) “Si tú fueras yo”, una animación con la que el internauta podrá ponerse en la piel de tres personas inmigrantes y vivir diversas etapas de su paso por España. Ibou, Teresa y Mariam prestan rostro e historia a los miles de personas inmigrantes que, por diversas razones, se vieron obligados a abandonar su lugar de origen para emprender la búsqueda de una vida mejor.

Rong Chang ESL What is the Mozarabic Rite and why is it important? Home > History > Greek-Byzantine > Pre-944AD > In the latter part of the sixth century, Visigoths who had been driven out of France, across the Pyreneans into the Iberian peninsula, began converting from an Arian tradition to the Latin-Catholic tradition. They nonetheless developed unique forms of Eucharistic liturgy. In form and content it is was very close to ancient Celtic and Gallican rites in use at the time. It also seems to have been heavily influenced by Syriac rites of the Greek speaking Byzantine Empire. The Eucharistic form they developed has also been called the Visogothic Rite, the Toledan Rite, the Old Hispanic Rite and Isidorian Rite, the last because some scholars think its form was influenced by St. After the reconquest of Toledo by Christians in 1085, a dispute arose about which rite should be used in that city: the Mozarabic Rite or the Latin rite used elsewhere in many parts of Europe. To resolve the dispute both rites were subjected to an ordeal by fire.