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How Quirky Works

How Quirky Works
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Principales medios de comunicación especializados en emprendedores Los medios de comunicación son uno de los canales de difusión principales para que emprendedores y startups puedan dar a conocer sus proyectos e iniciativas empresariales. Es por ello que el diario El Referente ha realizado un reportaje sobre el ecosistema español de los principales medios de comunicación (radio, televisión, y prensa escrita y digital) que tratan de impulsar a dichos emprendedores a través de diferentes iniciativas periodísticas… Si eres emprendedor y estás buscando cómo mejorar tu presencia en medios, aquí tienes un listado actualizado de medios con los que poder contactar para que se hagan eco de tu iniciativa emprendedora. Más de 45 medios de comunicación enfocados en emprendedores, a tener en cuenta a la hora de planificar tu campaña de comunicación. También es de obligada lectura Loogic uno de los primeros blogs especializados en emprendedores lanzado por Javier Martín, fundador de Smart Money. Territorio Pyme. Impulsamos. Emprendedores 2020. La revista Capital.

IDEO | A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm 3D Printing Technology Brings Businesses to the School Originally intended to keep his instructional workshop armed with the latest technologies, IT teacher Mike Bruggeman’s Dimension 3D Printer now also serves as a design tool for local businesses. But he doesn’t operate the printer himself. It’s his 16- to 18-year old high school students. This arrangement has been such a success for his students and local businesses that Bruggeman and a fellow Chico High School instructor have hosted informational sessions for teachers where they share the value 3D printing has added to their curriculum. Making the Dimension Decision The school purchased its Dimension SST 768 3D Printer from California-based Paton Group. “Mike was primarily looking for a way to cost-effectively expose students to the most current machine available capable of producing custom prototypes,” said Chris Miller of Paton Group. Kids Create For Kleen Kanteen Bruggeman recommended first creating ABS plastic models with the Dimension 3D Printer.

10 comportamientos de la gente auténtica Ya sea que estés construyendo un negocio o una red, siempre querrás buscar a personas que sean genuinas. Después de todo, nadie quiere trabajar o pasar tiempo con alguien falso. En caso de que tengas dudas, genuino significa actual, sincero, honesto. La gente genuina actúa más o menos igual por dentro y por fuera. Desafortunadamente, es una cualidad difícil de discernir. Ser genuino es una cualidad poco común. Para ayudarte a identificar esta raza extraña, así es como la gente genuina debe comportarse: No buscan la atención. No les preocupa caerte bien. Se dan cuenta cuando los demás son falsos. Se sienten cómodos con ellos mismos. Hacen lo que dicen y dicen lo que sienten. No necesitan muchas cosas. No tienen la piel delgada. No son tan modestos u orgullosos. Son consistentes. Practican lo que predican. Estas personas se ven a sí mismas como los otros lo harían si fueran observadores objetivos. Institute of Design at Stanford 10 Ways 3D Printing Can Be Used In Education [Infographic] How 3D Printing Works 3D printing sounds like something from science fiction, but the process is similar to that of CNC machining, where billets are cut into specific shapes and products. But rather than cutting, it prints. A 3D printer works by “printing” objects–but instead of using ink, it uses more substantive materials–plastics, metal, rubber, and the like. The result is a product that while not as intricate, durable, or functional as the real-world equivalent, is otherwise a real thing that didn’t exist 30 seconds before you printed it. In fact, what it is you’re actually producing depends on what is being printed: if it’s toy jewelry, rubber balls, and plastic chess pieces your after, you’re printing not an analogue of the real thing, but the real thing itself. Crazy. 11 Ways 3D Printing Can Be Used In Education 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Infographic source; How 3D Printing Works

Proyectos » Appiario Continuum | The future. Made real. 7 Educational Uses for 3D Printing - Getting Smart by Guest Author - EdTech, higher ed, Innovation By Nancy Parker When someone says that they have a 3D printer, many people visualize a printer that produces 3D images on a sheet of paper. In actuality, a 3D printer goes beyond an image on paper and brings the object to life in real 3D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If it can be created in a supported 3D rendering program, it can exist in real life. Nancy Parker writes about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny, etc. Photo Courtesy of Makerbot

Nail It Then Scale It Summary - The Principles and Process NISI Principles Principle 1: Entrepreneurship has Three Myths Myth 1 – The Entrepreneur Hero Myth: What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? We all hear the same list of qualities: passion, determination and vision. But the same qualities that are heralded as traits of the successful may lead to your startup’s demise. Myth 2 – The Process Myth: What should you do if you have a great idea for a business? Myth 3 – The Money Myth: Do you think you need significant investments to start your business? Instead of focusing on what customers want, money validates your assumptions about what you think they want and gives you the green light to execute on your plan. Principle 2: The Mystery of Market-Winning Innovation Market-winning innovation happens when invention meets market insight. There are thousands of patents sitting on the shelves at universities. Principle 3: Get Outside In order to understand the world, you have to get outside. Principle 4: Fail Fast and Learn to Change

?What If! New Zealand to incorperate 3D printing in education The New Zealand education curriculum is expanding. Next year students will have the opportunity to use the most talked about manufacturing techniques and machines in 2013. Yes, you guessed it, 3D printers will now be incorporated into K-12 education! The new curriculum standard 91622 will give students the chance to design a Chess piece that will need to be made on a 3D printer. Most 3D CAD for Schools is free and there are some fantastic 3D modelling programs to choose from. FormZ is free for students and school.Tinkercad is a fantastic entry level into the 3D CAD world using cloud based computing.Minecraft is another great way to design and print 3D models, just requires Mineways to save the design as an STL. Download the new standard here standard 91622 Our store related products:

10 Start-up Incubators to Watch Founded in 2006, TechStars is one of the country's most prestigious incubators. Its four locations in Boston, Boulder, New York City, and Seattle, host 10 teams for three months of the year on rotation, funding each team member between $6,000 and $18,000. More than 600 teams applied last year, making TechStars one of the country's most competitive incubators. TechStars focuses on technology companies with transnational appeal, and requires a 6 percent equity stake in any new companies that are funded. Each program ends with a pitch event with venture capitalists and other investors. Since 2005, Y-Combinator has set the standard for technology incubators. Michael Gaiss, a senior vice president at Highland Capital Partners, decided in 2007 that an in-house incubator might be an ideal way for investors to acquaint themselves with next-generation entrepreneurs. DreamIt Ventures began hosting start-ups in Philadelphia in 2007.

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