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Inspiration, bricolage et décoration : 100 idées pour recycler des palettes

Inspiration, bricolage et décoration : 100 idées pour recycler des palettes

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Recycled Pallets Into Mobile Bench Street artist r1 from Johannesburg recently unveiled his latest project named “Brothers in Benches”, a urban intervention that recycles reclaimed wooden pallets into mobile benches. Artist r1 set the benches on wheels and rolled the pop-up seating throughout the heart of Johannesburg to observe how the public interacted with these street furniture. “The aim of the project was to solve issues within the city in a creative way; to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that positively contribute to the community in an artistic way.”

Rustic Hammock-Style Wilderness Chair Build a hammock style wilderness camp chair fit for a Scoutmaster. Made from only Logs and Rope, this stout chair will beat any of those flimsy folding camp chairs when it comes to strength and comfort. So here you are in the middle of the woods far away from the comforts of home. You've got a campfire to stare at as a make-do substitute for the Telly. How to Make Drawer Joints Set the table saw's blade to a height of 3/4". Set its fence 7/16" from the blade. Place the drawer's front piece in a vertical position.

The Papercraft Post: Cantilever Sewing Box Tutorial Today I am beginning a new strand: Papercraft Fabrications. Here I will feature papercraft projects and techniques inspired by textiles, sewing, and needlecraft. This first project is perfectly timed to coincide with National Sewing Month - be prepared! I recently watched and enjoyed Le Havre, the arthouse feelgood movie.

Home Work - The TP Flower Project Some months ago I stumbled upon a really fun DIY with your kids blog post. While I have no kids, I still thought of saving that post and perhaps even try it myself one day (with or without kids...). Time passed and I completely forgot about it, until about a couple of months ago when I was going through my never ending "bookmarked web links" and I found it again. This time I left that page open and started working on it. At first I had to save every empty toilet paper roll. My someone thought I was crazy.

Project: Pallet Shed- Finishing touches! It’s been a long journey and a learning lesson from the first pallet to the last. My pallet shed is finally complete and I am very pleased how it turned out. I love the tin can roof! I picked up the cute daisy sign at our local Goodwill for only $3. Pallet Swing Chair the first step to any project using pallets is the actual breakdown of the wooden pallets. for our project we found it more simple to cut the pallets apart using a jig saw, it was quicker and easier and there was less of a chance of split wood vs using a pry bar to pry the wooden pallets apart...... the down side is we lost a lot of longer pieces of usable wood that we could have gotten if we attempted to pry apart the pallets. in the end its what ever you feel most comfortable doing. the photo below is how we deconstructed our pallets

Accurate & Safe Table Saw Cuts Want more great tips? By subscribing to Woodsmith Tips, you'll get free tips in your email inbox every week! Share eTips with your friends Think your friends would love these eTips? Old Books Become New Wall Storage Folders Here are some great ways to create wall storage folders out of old books bound for the dump! This is a 90% recycle/reuse project! Other than rescuing the books from the Goodwill bins and buying a small package of buttons, everything else used to construct these wall storage folders came from project leftovers. While I was at the bins, I saw lots of discarded children's books. If I had school age children, I would be making these for their rooms to store school art projects, homework and other treasures using large format children's books in good condition. Diane inspired me earlier this year with a post announcing a library class in which she was teaching purse making using old book covers.

Tutorial: how to make a toy dog kennel for free. You know how when you buy a kid a big present they often end up playing with the box? Well this is a tutorial on how to make use of spare cardboard and create a gift for free. I have made a dog kennel but you could very easily adapt yours to make a stable, fire station, doll house, barn etc. Although you can use any old boxes I like the look of brown boxes and they worked well for the kennel. You want to try and get as big boxes as possible/necessary. I went to my local craft shop and asked them for the boxes that sheets of mount board come in, so that I had large expanses of “fold free” card. Pallets used to define interior space in the Industry Beans café, Australia. Amongst over 400 entrants Figureground Architecture has been awarded in Australia the 2014 Hospitality Design Award and the 2014 Best of State Commercial Design Award for transforming a concrete shell warehouse in Fitzroy into a busy café and roastery. Inspired by the intimacy of Melbourne laneways, the design took advantage of the high ceilings to create a long narrow ‘dining hall’ experience. Economic materials such as operable black painted pallets and corrugated polycarbonate define the space and create a playful sense of habitation. It’s just one of the best use of pallets we’ve ever seen ! The design team aimed to transform a cold, empty shell into a vibrant, warm space that achieves a balance of calmness with a sense of theatre.

Paracord Laced Pallet, Hanging Chair Stuff you will need- Tools: Drill Saw Lighter Sawzall (optional) Materials: Paracord Pallet (I was able to get by with just one but it all depends on how much usable wood you can get off of each pallet) I used pallet wood because it is hardwood and free but, as with all treated wood, you need to use precaution when handling this wood. Make sure you are wearing a mask when cutting, and gloves at all times. Simple Tip for Accurate Joinery Marks Learn a simple tip that will ensure you're joinery marks are as accurate as possible. What's the most accurate way to mark up a workpiece for joinery? No doubt there are many valid techniques out there but the one I recently saw period furnituremaker Philip C.

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