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dossier 4shared - مجموعة 8 Files Photo Music Books Video Games Sign Up Log In Forgot password? Login with: PremiumLanguageen eBooks vs real books: a mythical publishing tale. On Mount Kyllini the Publishing Gods were in filthy moods. Sales were down, bookshops were closing and worse, they’d been called together to consider a membership application. ‘What’s the applicant’s name?’ Timeline of file sharing This is a timeline of events in the history of file sharing. 1970s[edit] 8-inch floppy disk drive compared in size to 3.5" floppy disk of 1984 1980s[edit] Most file sharing in this era was done by modem over landline telephone, at speeds from 300 to 9600 bits per second.

Watch Game Of Thrones Online Watch Game Of Thrones Online Based on George R. R. Martin’s best-selling “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels, “Game of Thrones” carries you into a medieval fantasy world, where seven noble families agree like cats and dogs. It’s a story of intrigues brewed in the darkest corners, in the name of power, fame and the Iron Throne. They will stretch from the south, where Machiavellian minds rule the roost, to the vast and savage eastern lands, all the way to the frozen north and the ancient Wall that protects the kingdom of darkness. Travel Since 1991, San Francisco-native Jeanie Fuji has acted as the traditional Japanese okami (land lady or female inn keeper) of the Fujiya Ryokan (traditional wooden inn) in the Ginzan Onsen (hot springs) area. That year, she married Fuji Atsushi, the son and heir of the 350-year-old inn and started her rigorous training under her mother-in-law in the art of serving customers, true Japanese style. This included preparing all meals, washing the dishes and cleaning all rooms.

dossier 4shared - مجموعة 7 Files Photo Music Books Video Games Sign Up Log In Forgot password? calibre tips and tricks: calibre plugins: duplicate finder The next few posts will deal with some of the more useful plugins in calibre. Functionality can be added to calibre via little code snippets called "plugins". The Calibre application itself comes with and makes extensive use of plugins developed by the Calibre development team. The Calibre plugins programming interface (API) makes it possible for users to write their own plugins, that offer additional features they find useful or override the default Calibre behaviour. For a full list of available calibre plugins click here.

UNESCO's bizarre World Anti-Piracy Observatory Claude sez, UNESCO announced the launch of its World Anti-Piracy Observatory in a YouTube video on April 21, 2010, but according to French Wikipedia - an entry coyly started as "" - the idea hearkens back to 2005, and reeks of it. Particularly notable: WAPO's "collection of national copyright laws", where each country's page is linked to a "Disclaimer" in which UNESCO claims copyright on the content of the collection and restricts its use to educational, non commercial purposes - even though in most cases, they simply downloaded the copyright law from the official site, renamed the file and re-uploaded it on the UNESCO server. There are also some gems of inaccuracy in the countries' PDFs that are linked to in the sections of WAPO that are listed in the left column - but putting copyright laws that are either in the public domain or copyrighted to the country's parliament under UNESCO's own copyright is the next-to-worst one.

Ecological Design: Inventing the Future , narrated by actress Linda Hunt and produced by Brian Danitz and Chris Zelov, is about this built world of ours. It’s about the spirit of invention from many vantage points in relation to preserving the earth’s natural resources. It has been put together with much care and insight and is perhaps the icing on the cake of environmental awareness, which has been baked by the expert design outlaws it features, from a recipe R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky) devoted his lifetime to. Hotel Particulier in Montmartre The Hotel Particulier in the heart of historical Montmartre, Paris, is an exceptional mansion sheltering five suites all offering luxurious services, with contemporary design in a unique environment. Re-imagined by Morgane Rousseau and Frédéric Comtet and with the contribution of Mathieu Paillard the mansion has become a hotel of exception. Each room, from 45 to 80 square meters, are imagined by renowned artists invited to brainstorm on the concept of each one of the Suites. Living Room & Reading Room Dining Room

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