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All I ever have to do to prove that is just set up a telescope on a sidewalk somewhere, anywhere, and people will gather around in no time. A miniature crowd develops full of questions; a little sea of pent-up curiosity that has finally found an outlet. It's not all that surprising though, is it? Most of us have an innate curiosity about the planet we live on and the universe surrounding us. It never fails that someone will walk up and ask me a question that's been on their minds for years, and heave a great sigh of relief. "Wow, that's amazing." or "See, I knew it!".

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Cosmosphere: Interactive Saturday, April 9, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is opening a new permanent interactive gallery titled “Investigate Space: Our Universe." It will feature information about unmanned exploration of our Solar System and the Universe and have opportunities for visitors to engage interactively. For example, visitors will be able to drive a virtual Mars rover and fly through space to objects throughout the universe. To celebrate the opening, Todd Barber of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, will offer two different presentations, both free to the public.

Astronomy Day The next Astronomy Day this year is May 10, 2014 and on October 4, 2014. Local astronomical societies, planetariums, museums, and observatories will be sponsoring public viewing sessions, presentations, workshops, and other activities to increase public awareness about astronomy and our wonderful universe. List of Events for May 2014 List of Events for October 2014 Add your event to the above list of all Astronomy Day sites Universe Today — Space and astronomy news The Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule stand ready for launch prior to the detection of a helium leak in one of the engines forcing a scrub of the launch attempt on April 14. 2014 – now reset to April 18, 2014. Credit: NASA and SpaceX are marching forward towards a Friday, April 18 liftoff attempt for the Falcon 9 rocket sending a commercial Dragon cargo craft on the company’s third resupply mission to the International Space Station following the scrubbed launch attempt on Monday, April 14 – forced by the discovery of a Helium gas leak inside the rocket during the latter stages of the countdown. An on time blastoff of the upgraded Falcon 9 sets the stage for an Easter Sunday rendezvous and berthing of the Dragon resupply spacecraft at the massive orbiting outpost packed with almost 5000 pounds of science experiments and supplies for the six person crew. However the weather prognosis is rather [click to continue…] The newly-confirmed extrasolar planet has been dubbed Kepler-186f.

Tom’s Astronomy Blog Submit your guess! Image: NASA The LADEE spacecraft is coming to the end of it’s mission. collect space space history and space artifacts news Long before the first Instagram from space, the first check-in from orbit, or even the first astronaut's tweet, John Glenn sent an email to Bill Clinton. The reply it prompted was the very first email transmitted by a sitting U.S. president — it just happened to be to space. April 18, 2014SpaceX launches science-packed Dragon capsule on space station supply run A commercial cargo spacecraft loaded with more than two tons of scientific experiments and equipment lifted off for the International Space Station on April 18, after more than a month of delays. SpaceX's Dragon launched on a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. April 17, 2014John Houbolt, NASA engineer who fought for Apollo moon landing method, dies

Stony Brook Astronomy Open Night Celebrating 40 years of Astronomy Open Night! Stony Brook Open Nights started in Fall of 1973 with talks given for the arrival of Comet Kohoutek. As a special treat for the 40th anniversary, we've arranged for Comet ISON to fly by the Sun this Fall. Stay tuned for an exciting semester of Astronomy Open Nights! All lectures begin at 7:30 pm in ESS 001. Observing through the rooftop telescope follows the lecture. Across Our Blogs: Mars Curiosity Rover Moonrise, New Rover, Billion Pixel Marsscape Seems the Mars Curiosity Rover has been a busy little six-wheeled fellow these past few weeks. Here's a roundup of news related to the rover, from top Technorati listed science blogs... From ArsTechnica - Curiosity rover shoots video of Martian moonrise - NASA released a time-lapse video of the Martian moon Phobos, as it ascends into view. From GizMag - Curiosity begins long trek to uncover Red Planet's secrets - the rover has begun a multi-month journey to Mount Sharp, where it will dig in to find signs of past life.

College Astronomy - Home Welcome to the Astronomy Department and the Whitin Observatory Our academic program is designed to serve both the novice stargazer who wants to explore the workings of the Universe and our place within it, and also majors who will make astronomy a central part of their future lives. The Whitin Observatory is the home of the Wellesley College Astronomy Department and houses classrooms, astronomy laboratory facilities, the Astronomy Library, and faculty offices. Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End If you're reading this story, it means the world didn't end on Dec. 21, 2012. Despite reports of an ancient Maya prophecy, a mysterious planet on a collision course with Earth, or a reverse in Earth's rotation, we're still here.