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Cours photo - fini le mode AUTO, vive le mode priorité ouverture

Cours photo - fini le mode AUTO, vive le mode priorité ouverture

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12 Expert Tips For Photographing Cityscapes At Night Jimmy Mcintyre is a travel photographer and educator. His photos have been published in local and national magazines, including the BBC. His online courses on digital blending and post-processing can be found in his official website. In this tutorial, Jimmy shares his expert tips on photographing cityscapes at night and during golden hour. by Jimmy McIntyre All time favorite Color Palettes to improve design The past couple weeks we’ve talked a lot about using colors! We’d gone over Combining backgrounds and colors, and Color harmony, and on this topic we want to give you some helpful insight into Color Palettes which can drastically improve the way you select complimentary colors. The basis of using colors in design is the ability to mix and match tones that go well together. Let’s explore some of the trending palettes and we’re learn when to use them in your content’s design. With each palette the hex color value is provided (ex. b4ac01).

JS keyCodes When a KeyboardEvent fires, you can test which key was pressed because that event contains information you can write logic against. document.addEventListener("keydown", function(event) { console.log(event.which); } For example, by pressing "a", you'll get 65. Apparently it's best to write logic against which, as keyCode and charCode are complicated: The event.which property normalizes event.keyCode and event.charCode. It is recommended to watch event.which for keyboard key input. Textures and Patterns It’s no secret that we love textures and patterns here at WDL. They’re great for easily adding lots of interest and depth to a design, whether it be a huge background pattern or just some subtle textures here and there. So to continue our “Best of 2010″ series, this week we’re covering textures and patterns. We’ve seen a lot of them this year, but some really stood out. So here’s our picks for best textures and patterns of 2010. We picked our favorites, but tried to include a mixture of styles.

Surreal Interpretations of Womanhood Photographed by Marjorie Salvaterra Drawing inspiration from her own life, photographer Marjorie Salvaterra has created a series of black and white tableaus of women that look a lot like a scenes out of an Italian film. These woman are HER. Through exaggerated gestures and surreal interpretations she explores the complexities of life, gender and age, that come together to reflect a universal idea of womanhood. How To Create Beautiful Bokeh Images Ursula Abresch is a photographer based in the West Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada. She has a degree in Education with a concentration in Art and History. Currently, she is the Artistic Director at the VISAC Gallery of Art in Trail, BC. Outside of that, she dedicates most of her time to photography.

How to combine backgrounds and colors When you start designing something new, it’s always hard to find the correct combination of background and text colors that complement each other to achieve a clean design that is legible and easy to understand. In this article we’re going to discuss a few easy to follow rules that will help you to design more professional text based graphics 1. Contrast One of the most important rules to follow when combining text with backgrounds is to have good contrast. Javascript RegExp - MDN reference The RegExp constructor creates a regular expression object for matching text with a pattern. For an introduction to regular expressions, read the Regular Expressions chapter in the JavaScript Guide. SyntaxEdit