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Changing the way you learn emaze - Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations Make Your Images Interactive Home of Fun Learning Fun Academy julistaa digitaalisten oppimissisältöjen luomisen kilpailun suomalaisille opettajille! Näin kilpailu toimii: 1. Rekisteröidy osoitteessa ja saat käyttöösi Fun Academyn kehittämän Builder-työkalun, jolla sisältöjen luominen on helppoa ja vaivatonta. Voit käyttää Builderiä myös osallistumatta kilpailuun. Opettajat pääsevät myöhemmin mukaan Fun Learning -opettajayhteisöön, jossa he voivat vaihtaa keskenään ajatuksia opettamisesta sekä jakaa digitaalisia sisältöjä. 2. Kilpailun tarkoituksena on motivoida opettajia kokeilemaan työkalua, jotta siitä voidaan kehittää mahdollisimman hyvä ja innostava työkalu koulujen tarpeisiin. Muistathan sisältöjä luodessasi pitää huolta, että noudatat tekijänoikeuksia!

LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks Storyboard That: The World's Best Free Online Storyboard Creator Popplet PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates Downloads, Educational PowerPoint Information Why should I use PowerPoint in my Classroom Today's students need a diversity of experiences in the classroom. PowerPoint activities used in moderation can help provide that diversity. Ideas for using PowerPoint in the Classroom Bell Ringers and Exit Slip Activities Daily classroom content Check the software that came with your textbooks. Pre-created PowerPoint Jeopardy Downloads Additional Sites with Pre-created PowerPoint Activities and Jeopardy Templates EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes

blubbr - Play & create video trivia games Storybird - Artful storytelling Photos for Class: Kid Safe Search Image Search for Schools Kid safe search is a great tool for the classroom, especially if you’ve ever struggled leading students through a Google Image Search. Teachers will appreciate Photos for Class, a kid safe image search for schools. This kid-friendly image search engine brings age-appropriate images to your students’ fingertips. This kid-friendly image search engine includes pictures from Flickr, The Library of Congress, and the British Royal Archives. This website will definitely come in handy when students are looking for images to include in a digital storytelling creation, conducting research, or simply searching for the perfect picture for any project. Photos for Class is completely free and works on any web browser!

Top EdTech Update Education Digital Divide Content for Wed.Nov 21, 2018 are very popular with education for many reasons, one of which is the ease of management and deployment. The Admin Console allows staff to manage apps, user settings, devices settings and much more. Here are some tips and best practices for settings in the Admin Console. The Admin Console is relatively easy to use, although some settings can be hard to find. Remember to use the help features by clicking on the question marks throughout the console. The icons on the console can be moved and arranged via drag-and-drop so you can put the ones you use most up front. Outside of the Admin Console settings, here are some important things to consider: Backup of data outside of G Suite? Below are some of the main tips and settings to consider. Admin Accounts: ("Admin Roles") You can designate users at different levels of admin access. User Settings: Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings These settings apply to the Chrome Browser also (when a user logs into it) Related:

Beyond Working Hard: What Growth Mindset Teaches Us About Our Brains | GROWTH MINDSET Growth mindset has become a pervasive theme in education discussions in part because of convincing research by Stanford professor Carol Dweck and others that relatively low-impact interventions on how a student thinks about himself as a learner can have big impacts on learning. The growth mindset research is part of a growing understanding and acknowledgement that many non-cognitive factors are important to academic learning. While it’s a positive sign that educators see value in the growth mindset research and believe they can implement it in their classrooms, the deceptively simple idea has led to some confusion and misperceptions about what a growth mindset really is and how teachers can support it in the classroom. This simple idea can lead to big changes in learners, but it has been commonly misinterpreted to mean that if teachers praise students for working hard, they will develop a growth mindset. Approaching the world with a growth mindset can be very liberating.