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I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved

I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved
I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved. Extremely useful free utilities that do specific jobs really well and save time and money. Open Source Software is listed separately. See : Open Source Freeware : 400+ free applications and utilities ; Please subscribe to our rss feed Also : I want Wordpress Plugin to ... 450+ solutions to blogging problems. Categories : Anti-Spyware / Anti-Virus / Anti-Rootkit | Audio / Music / MP3 / Real / Wav | Business / Office / Access / Excel / Word | Communication | Desktop | Editors / Notepad Replacements | Files and Folders | Financial | Graphics / Images / Photographs | Information / Fun / Misc | Internet | Keyboard | Performance / Recovery / System | Productivity | Programming | Uninstaller | Video / DVDs | Windows Explorer Replacements / Shell Extensions | Corrections Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus/Anti-Rootkit Freeware Utilities : I want to ... Audio/Music/MP3/Real/Wav Freeware Utilities : I want to ... Corrections : I want to ... Related:  All things Computertechnology & internet Completely Uninstall Programs And More With Revo Uninstaller Don’t you hate it when you try to uninstall a program it either does not include an uninstaller or when using Add / Remove Programs in Windows, there are several traces of the software left? It is definitely one of my bigger pet peeves … just check out my iTunes uninstall rant. I came across a cool little program the other day that claims to do a much better job of uninstalling applications and all of the tidbits and left-overs associated with them. Revo Uninstaller. When first launching Revo the first thing I noticed were all of the additional features not included with Window’s Add / Remove utility. Here I am going to show the process of uninstalling an unwanted toolbar from a Vista machine. Now for the cool part! Progress while scanning including the steps Revo is taking. This is what I like to see the most … Scanning for leftover information! And here we are, it turns out this toolbar did indeed decide to leave some additional information in the registry.

ophcrack | Free Development software downloads 10 Free, Open-Source Replacements for Commercial Tools | TuxArena This is an overview providing 10 Linux open-source replacements for various commercial power tools, most of them available only on Windows. Computer-Aided Design: AutoCAD Replacement: QCAD It’s true, QCAD has some paid plug-ins, but they can be removed very easy and QCAD will offer most of AutoCAD’s features in a similar fashion, but with an interface that is maybe 10 times faster. The good thing about QCAD is that those who are used to AutoCAD can make the transition pretty easily, since QCAD has similar syntax for commands, and similar menu entries. Image Editor: Photoshop Replacements: GIMP and Krita Both GIMP and Krita are powerful image manipulation tools, the first one being written in GTK, while Krita integrates better in KDE. Office Suite – MS Office Replacement: LibreOfficeLibreOffice is the powerful office suite included in all the big distributions out there. (Image credit)

The Best Free Software - Features by PC Magazine Not 1, not 10, but 78 tried-and-true apps hand-selected by our hard-working editors. Most software is expensive and bloated. Yet free software typically does one task and does it with precision and elegance. Among the thousands of free apps available on the Web, how do you find the best, most reliable ones for your needs? To produce this story, we asked PC Magazine staffers to share their best-loved free software and were inundated with responses. Our recommendations are the apps that real people use everyday, at work and at home, for all kinds of tasks—photo editing and DVD burning, database work and intrusion detection, VoIP calling and stargazing. Many of the programs we cover are open-source, with their source code available for use and modification as others see fit.

Icon Archive - Search 389,920 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons Excel Formulas: 10 Formulas That Helped Me Keep My Job Don’t waste any more hours in Microsoft Excel doing things manually. There are many ways to use Excel formulas to decrease the amount of time you spend in Excel and increase the accuracy of your data and your reports. Excel Formulas You Should Definitely Know: Formula: =SUM(5, 5) or =SUM(A1, B1) or =SUM(A1:B5) The SUM formula does exactly what you would expect. The above shows you different examples. Formula: =COUNT(A1:A10) The count formula counts the number of cells in a range that have numbers in them. This formula only works with numbers though: It only counts the cells where there are numbers. **Learn more about the COUNT function in this on-demand, online course. Formula: =COUNTA(A1:A10) Counts the number of non-empty cells in a range. The COUNTA Formula works with all data types. It counts the number of non-empty cells no matter the data type. Formula: =LEN(A1) The LEN formula counts the number of characters in a cell. Formula: =TRIM(A1) I added in an extra space behind “I Love Excel”. 8.

OmniBoot index Welcome to the DARPA Open Catalog, which contains a curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and peer-reviewed publications. DARPA sponsors fundamental and applied research in a variety of areas including data science, cyber, anomaly detection, etc., which may lead to experimental results and reusable technology designed to benefit multiple government domains. The DARPA Open Catalog organizes publicly releasable material from DARPA programs. DARPA is interested in building communities around government-funded software and research. The table on this page lists the programs currently participating in the catalog. Program Manager: Dr. Report a problem:

42 Design/Tech Magazines To Read Advertisement Regardless of what it is that you’re selling, in order to remain competitive, you have to know exactly, what’s going on in the field you’re working in. More than that – actually, you have to know what happens next, which trends are coming up and which technologies will become big in the future. Achieving that is a solid foundation for successul development and right decisions at the right time. What is right for business, is also right for online business. This overview of over 40 established international design/tech-related sources is supposed to give you an overview of magazines you should read or at least scan from time to time. Design, Web-Development 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. fadtastic16: a multi-author web design trends journal 17. 18. 9rules18 – Design Community: The best web content on design and a lot more. 19. 20. graphicPUSH20: News, articles and tutorials for print and web designers. 21. 22. 23. design.Principles23 24. 24 ways24 25. 26.

Expat Shield Change the Windows 7 Login Screen Background Image When you login to your Windows 7 computer (assuming you haven’t used something like this tutorial to turn on automatic login), you’ll generally see a login window with a background looking something like this. It’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with it. But sometimes a change is good so in this article we’ll show you how to change the background image behind the login screen to anything you want. The first step is to open up the Start Menu by clicking the orb in the lower left corner of the screen. Now, in the Start Menu search box, type regedit, to open up the Registry Editor. When the Registry Editor appears in the Start Menu, click the Enter key to launch it. Now, right-click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder, and choose the Find option. The search window will appear so perform a search for OEMBackground. Note: it’s possible that OEMBackground doesn’t exist on your system; if this is the case, adding a new DWORD value with the name of OEMBackground will fix things.

Free Windows Bootdisks, Free DOS boot disk 1.44 Boot Disks IDE CDrom Drivers Included DOS 5.0 | Mirror DOS 6.0 | Mirror DOS 6.21 | Mirror DOS 6.22 | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 95 Original | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 95 Version B | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 SE OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows 98 SE Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows Me OEM | Mirror1 | Mirror2 Windows Me Custom, No Ramdrive | Mirror1 | Mirror2 NTFS Bootdisks And Bootable CDs Bootable Utility CD With 68 Programs For Both DOS And Windows. Setup Any Computer With Windows 98 or XP. Fix Just About Every Problem. Click HERE Windows Boot Disks. 2000 And NT Setup Disk Sets W2K Pro: Disk1 | MirrorDisk2 | MirrorDisk3 | MirrorDisk4 | Mirrormakeboot.exe | Mirrormakebt32.exe| Mirror W2K: Server | Mirror W2K: Advanced Server | Mirror NT4: Workstation NT4: Server XP Quick Boot Diskette | xpquick.exe | Read.1st DOCS: 1. Most of the files above are disk images.

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