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Lookback: Simple and powerful user research

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On-Demand Demo Discover why Optimizely is the easiest and most powerful way to experiment across all of your customer touchpoints. In under 4 minutes, this full platform demo will show you how to create winning digital experiences. You will learn how to: Validate your messaging and marketing campaigns in Optimizely’s easy-to-use visual editorDeliver personalized customer experiences at scaleExperiment server-side and roll out new features via Feature Management to mitigate the risk of a bad launchBuild out your testing program using Optimizely Program Management Almost ready! Please correct form errors By clicking the button, you agree to Optimizely's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Step 1 of 2

Simple, Daily To Do List & Task Manager | Dayboard Focus on your priorities, not busywork. Not everything on your to do lists are worth doing. Dayboard is designed to help you limit your daily priorities to just five tasks at a time. This helps you set your daily focus while preventing you from feeling overwhelmed. “Love it! Being a terrible procrastinator I find this has helped me finally get stuff done I have been holding off.” Nathan Elston Co-owner of WebXsite Stop wasting time on distracting sites. We get it. “I have Pocket installed and it is a neverending source of distraction. Cheryl Woodhouse Communications & Marketing Coordinator at SelfDesign Learning Community Made to refocus your attention. Got distracted anyway?

User-Centered Design: Process And Benefits – Product Tribe Two young fish meet an older fish, who asks them “How’s the water?” The younger fish look at each other and say, “What’s water?” They’re so surrounded by it, that it’s impossible to see. The most important realities are often the hardest to see and talk about. In the design process, we should not forget about the water we swim in. How To Design In User-Centric Way? User-centered design offers solutions to numerous problems and creates a unique chance to design together with communities. • Specify the use context — collect information about their users’ needs; • Specify clear business requirements — the designers and the stakeholders provide detailed specifications for the new product; • Create unique design solutions — building a solution, from rough concept to finished design; • Evaluate designs — through usability testing with actual users; • Implementation — the process of developing and delivering the product; User-Centered Design: Definitions And Main Characteristics 1. UCD is empathetic.

A simple user acquisition template to track your most important metrics Stanislav Rudoi is the VP of growth & analytics at Pollen VC. When mobile gaming companies start to scale their user acquisition, they often do not pay enough attention to the key metrics that drive profitable growth nor do they track these metrics in a systematic way. While there are many metrics that can be tracked, and arguably each of them is important, the most important bottom line metric has always been ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). We put together a UA metrics template to help gaming founders and UA managers simplify their reporting of campaign performance and help them better analyze the results of their user acquisition campaigns. You can download the UA Metrics Template here. In this template, you can simply track all your important user acquisition metrics to ensure that you are spending profitably. This spreadsheet should be used daily by a mobile user acquisition manager to manually report on campaigns and record any changes made. UA Template Video Walkthrough How to Calculate ROAS

Hold the Phone: A Primer on Remote Mobile Usability Testing User Experience Magazine In recent years, remote usability testing of user interactions has flourished. The ability to run tests from a distance has undoubtedly broadened the horizons of many a UXer and strengthened the design of many interfaces. Even though mobile devices continue to proliferate, testing mobile interactions remotely has only recently become technologically possible. We took a closer look at several of the tools and methods currently available for remote mobile testing and put them to the test in a real world usability study. This article discusses our findings and recommendations for practitioners conducting similar tests. History of Remote Usability Testing Moderated remote usability testing consists of a usability evaluation where researchers and participants are located in two different geographical areas. Remote user research has come a long way since this time. Pros and Cons of Remote Testing Table 1 Benefits and drawbacks of remote usability testing Overview of the Tools Tool configurations

Comment enregistrer un appel iPhone sans apps tierces ni crack : une astuce plutôt bien vue ! Comment enregistrer une conversation téléphonique sur son iPhone ? Voilà une question qui revient depuis désormais 11 ans, depuis que la machine a été lancée par Apple en fait. Et pour cause, la fonction n’existe pas en standard dans iOS. Mais il existe néanmoins une astuce pour enregistrer en audio une conversation téléphonique et ceci sans passer par une app tierce ni même nécessiter de connecter le smartphone à un autre appareil, Mac, chaîne Hi-Fi, etc. Une seule condition est nécessaire : pouvoir jouir du téléchargement automatique des messages audio de sa boite vocale, ce que les principaux opérateurs français permettent de faire de manière générale. Dans notre série des astuces et articles pratiques iOS forte de plus de 400 articles à retrouver ici, voici donc comment récupérer, dans un fichier audio, l’intégralité d’un appel vocal, qu’il soit réalisé via réseau cellulaire, Wi-Fi ou même FaceTime : C’est fait ! Qui connaissait néanmoins cette astuces ? Antivirus Bitdefender Plus

Libros para diseñadores UX | Librera Libros recomendados para aquellos interesado en el mundo del UX, ya sean diseñadores web, desarrolladores frontend u otros involucrados en el proceso de implementar un sitio web. No me hagas pensar Steve Krug Usabilidad : deja de sufrir Daniel Torres Burriel Design Thinking Para La Innovacion Estrategica Jose A Portela The Design of Everyday Things Donald A. Creatividad S. Catmull, Edwin Investigación UX: Métodos y herramientas para diseñar Experiencia de Usuarios Jorge Barahona A Project Guide to UX Design: For user experience designers in the field or in the making Russ Unger Information Architecture, 4e Peter Morville UX Strategy : How to Devise Innovative Digital Products That People Want Jaime Levy About Face : The Essentials of Interaction Design David Cronin 100 cosas más sobre la gente que cada diseñador necesita saber Susan Weinschenk Tragic Design Jonathan Shariat Innovation by Design Thomas Lockwood Experiencia de Usuario: Principios y Métodos Yusef Hassan Montero Inclusive Design Patterns Laura Klein

Boost Your Monetization With IAP Mechanics | GameRefinery We’ve showcased how you can utilize Appointment Mechanics and Communal Mechanics to boost retention and player loyalty in our earlier blog posts. In this post, we’re going to discuss how to monetize your high retention mobile game and those loyal players with IAP Mechanics. Monetization is a fundamental part of games with a free to play model, and if the goal is to reach the top grossing charts, nailing it down is just as important as the other aspects of the game’s design. To take their monetization to the next level, several top grossing games have started to implement innovative new IAP-features to support their basic, more traditional monetization mechanics (i.e. directly selling in-game currencies, items, boosters etc.). Let’s start by taking a look at popularity data relating to these IAP mechanics in different genre categories from the GameRefinery Market Explorer tool: The popularity of IAP mechanics in different genre categories within and outside the US top 200 grossing

Remote UX Research – Remote Usability and UX Research Tools — Updated Sep 22, ’16 Tools for doing functional, soulful user experience, interaction, and usability research. If it’s related to behavior, it’s on here. We’ve assembled this over the years from our own use, UX Booth, Liz Bacon’s list, Craig Tomlin’s list, and magic. None of these companies have paid us for this placement. Yell @ethnio or comment to get updated or placed. Our Picks This represents our workflow and the tools we use right now. Self-Moderated Your participant speaks into their mic, and completes tasks they read on screen, giving you a video of their interactions. Mobile The number one most interesting category for remote research - ioS, iPhone, iPad, Android. Automated You create tasks for participants, they see them in an iframe or window, and then they use a site while the tool gathers analytics about their behavior. Moderated Tools These allow you to observe a participant directly and talk to them at the same time. Surveys

5 outils en ligne pour annoter des pages sur le web Article mis à jour le 27 janvier 2021 par Fidel Navamuel Internet est devenu une telle ressource en ligne qu’il est bien pratique d’avoir des outils sous la main pour annoter et conserver des passages de texte trouvés au fil de votre navigation. Un simple copier-coller dans un traitement de texte peut suffire mais il existe des solutions beaucoup plus puissantes et surtout pratiques pour conserver et retrouver le fruit de votre curation. En voici cinq. Liner Liner est une extension à installer sur le navigateur Chrome déjà présentée ici qui permet de surligner et de sauvegarder des passages de texte sur un site Web. Outline Outline a un grand avantage il offre la possibilité de se concentrer sur le texte que vous souhaitez annoter. Il suffit de lui fournir l’url de la page web et aussitôt Ouline vous affichera la texte dépouillé de tout élément graphique inutile. Beanote Beanote a pour lui la palme de la simplicité. Weava Hypothesis

BBVA cuenta con la mejor 'app' de banca móvil del mundo Este año, BBVA destaca por encima del resto de bancos por el “magnífico equilibrio” que logra entre una amplia “gama de funcionalidades de gran utilidad” y una “excelente experiencia de usuario”. “Los clientes de BBVA pueden realizar una gran cantidad de operaciones a través de la ‘app’, con funcionalidades de ‘próxima generación, como BBVA Valora”, explica Forrester Research en el informe. BBVA cuenta con la mejor aplicación de banca móvil del mundo. Así lo confirma el último estudio ‘2017 Global Mobile Banking Benchmark’, publicado hoy por Forrester Research, y en el que se han analizado las ‘apps’ de 53 de las principales entidades de banca minorista de 18 países, entre ellos Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Francia, Brasil, Turquía, China o Australia. Garanti se coloca en segunda posición en el informe mundial. El banco turco destaca por su “excelente funcionalidad” y “la mejor experiencia de usuario” entre las ‘apps’ analizadas.

How to Keep Your Players in Game with Appointment Mechanics | GameRefinery We all know how important and challenging it’s to not only create and expand your player base but also to retain it. Some games re-engage their players by facilitating communal systems, such as guilds to enforce social commitments to the game. Others use exclusive limited-time events and content to instigate FOMO among players. Then there are games that rely on publishing more and more content, levels, and story to give their players a reason to come back. Here at GameRefinery, we offer data and actionable insights on all of the ways mentioned above to boost retention. There are many things to consider when building an appointment loop, including: Time interval: does the mechanic refresh on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis? First, we’ll take a look at what data tells us about the popularity of these appointment mechanic components in different game categories. Finally, we’ll also go over some examples of how different kinds of games have implemented appointment mechanics.