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Inte visste jag att det jag höll på med när jag pratade i telefon eller när jag satt och lyssnade på föreläsningar hade ett namn - Zentangle. Det som är så häftigt med Zentangle är att det går att göra väldigt enkelt och det går att utveckla i oändlighet. Dessutom är det väldigt avstressande, nästan meditativt (därav namnet ZEN-tangle) De som "skapade" Zentangle. I grunden handlar det dessutom om mönster, något som jag som mattelärare också älskar. Hur börjar man då? 1. 2. 3. 4. Det bästa är att det inte finns några rätt eller fel. Här är några förslag på hur man kan arbeta med Zentangle i barngrupp: I en barngrupp/skolklass hade jag börjat med att prata om mönster. Sedan kan man samla mönster på t ex tavlan- dela upp tavlan och låt barnen få fylla var sin bit med ett mönster - det behöver inte vara komplicerade saker - randigt, prickigt, hjärtan, rutigt, stjärnor... Låt barnen få göra sin egen zentangle - utgå från en form; ett hjärta, en stjärna, en kvadrat, en bokstav. Related:  Arte

Ladybugs from Egg Cartons Ladybugs! I love ladybug crafts because they are really easy for kids to make, teenagers think they are cute, and you can vary the colors to make just about anyone smile. As you already know, using recycled items in my craft tutorials is a big thing with me, so it should be no surprise that these little sweeties are made from painted recycled egg cartons. I actually made these several years ago for the website I used to own, I wanted to share them here because they really are one of my favorites and I’m always happy to add to my arsenal of ladybug crafts. I’m afraid I don’t have any step by step photos since I did make this a while ago. Ladybugs from Egg Cartons What you need: empty egg carton cup skinny black chenille, 2″ piece 2 small wiggle eyes 1 medium black pom pom colorful acrylic paint black acrylic paint paintbrush *white craft glue hot glue gun scissors What you do: Use scissors to separate egg carton cups, trim the edges.

DIY Project: Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Not every day you can find a clever way to reuse something from the you can take a break because someone came with very a simple and beautiful idea that lets you reuse toilet paper rolls. To make wall decorations you will need: toilette paper rolls, scissors, white glue, stapler, paint + brushes, glitter, laundry pins…What do you think about that? Crush paper roll Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns. glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may paint and add sparkles. Source : source:

30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration The book "Unstuck" features 52 exercises, divided by time commitment, to help you beat creative block. Here we sample 5 for a work-week's worth of inspiration. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. No. 30 challenges you to shift your perspective to that of a beginner. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises.

Korgar av jeans / Baskets from jeans Ni som följer oss vet att vi älskar att återanvända saker vi har hemma. Ofta ligger det en hög med grejer och väntar på att blir omgjorda. Högen med trasiga jeans har på sista tiden vuxit oroväckande och det dags att göra något åt den. Ni behöver utslitna jeans, tråd och nål. 1. 2. 3. 4. Vi har dekorerat våra korgar med bitar av band. Korgarna är lite mjuka och man kan inte stoppa för tunga saker i dem men i vårt pysselskåp passar de utmärkt. Those of you who follow us know that we love to recycle things we have at home. You need worn out jeans, thread and needle. 1. We have decorated our baskets with pieces of ribbons. The baskets are a bit soft and you want put heavy stuff in them, but as containers for our craft supplies they’re perfect.

how to transfer a photo to fabric Did you know you can transfer photos to fabric without using iron-on sheets? I love this technique. It's simple to execute and the end results are really pretty. It's another method for hand printing! Supplies Needed: Fabric (I used white quilting cotton), Gel Medium (I used this kind from Liquidex), Paint Brush and the image you want to transfer. How to transfer a photo to fabric: 1. Note: Don't be alarmed if your transfer isn't completely perfect. Well there you go! Art Classes Online, Mixed Media Workshops Online Art Classes with Jane Davenport My wish for you, is your creativity to be roaring with confidence. My e-courses are so popular because I really can help make that happen for you. “If I only had time for that part of yourself”, you think. Time to doodle, draw, paint or journal. Creativity isn’t far away, or outside of you, or laying somewhere forgotten. As a creativity expert who has guided thousands of women back to their art, It’s one of our first childhood joys. Each video Lesson in my classes features a new skill that is designed to build your creative confidence.As you move through the course from beginning to end, your skills and confidence will growand you will feel comfortable with the progression.My tutorials are created with high quality video and step by step instructions. Choose the Starting Point that suits You: Draw Happy is a mini Workshop specially created for people who say “I can’t draw”. If you already enjoy drawing, this class isn’t for you – but Supplies me is!

untitled fabriquer un sac en papier Gift bags made from newspaper is a great idea for birthday parties or weddings! We saw this on a site that was we think was in Vietnamese?? Anywho -here’s our best try at translation along with the photo tutorial. Supplies: Glue, Scissors, Paper Doiles, Newspapers, and Wire Ribbon Step 1: Cut into rectangular sheet of paper and then press twice the leading newspapers in the Middle as shown on the picture Step 2: Use glue fixed two edge paper overlap Step 3: Fold one end securely to the bottom of the bag Step 4: You fold the side edge short and long edges paste twice in photos to form bottom bag Step 5: Wait for the glue to dry Step 6: Place treats inside the bag Step 7: Fold the remaining margin 2 cm down to form the mouth of bag Step 8: fold and glue small paper doile over the top of bag Step 9: Finally, punch holes to put Ribbon through. Voila – beautiful little gift bags! If you like this article go to the home page to see other similar posts. Like this: Like Loading...

Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice HeadAction#2