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Mobile Fold-Out Shipping Container Home

Mobile Fold-Out Shipping Container Home
In this case, the sum is more than the parts – and the building footprint tells only half of the story. Push a button and things begin to unfold, revealing not just a deck but a lofted sleeping area and other pop-out amenities all hiding in the shell of a conventional cargo shipping container. While it has evolved through various concepts and prototypes, the primary features of the Port-a-Bach cargo container home include “a fully enclosed exterior steel shell (when folded up), appointed with large internal storage cupboards and shelves / stainless steel kitchen and fittings / bathroom with open shower, sink, composting toilet. Fabric screen system gives the versatility of creating rooms within the large open living space: includes bunk beds, double bed room, dressing room, kitchen and bathroom.”

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10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers: Gardenista Older 10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers by Alexa Hotz Issue 79 · Summer Picnics · July 7, 2013 The New Tiny House Trend: Why Shipping Containers Are Having a Moment Right Now Tiny spaces are having a serious real estate moment right now (and we’re not just talking about cramped studios in major cities). People all over the country are choosing small-space living as a lifestyle, from high-end trailers to treehouses and now, shipping containers. If that sounds less than aspirational, prepare for these (sometimes) diminutive dwellings to change your perception.

I'm a tiny home owner. And it's really, really tiny! I am the proud owner of this tiny home! I was planning on building a tiny home on my own but yesterday I went on craigslist and found this beauty for $950! That’s less than my friends in New York City pay for a months rent. She’s almost exactly what I wanted. At 5 feet x 10 feet she’s extra tiny, that’s 50 square feet. To give you a comparison, a typical college dorm room is 12 x 19 which is 228 square feet. The US$55,000 Port-a-bach relocatable home (in a shipping container) - Image 5 of 18 December 1, 2008 The appeal of regularly relocating where we live probably comes from our nomadic origins as a species, and over the years we’ve thrilled at the possibilities of some remarkable constructs designed to enable just that: the Icosa Pod, miniHome, Free Spirit Sphere, Nackros Villa, LoftCube, Trilobis, Kitahaus, and the relocatable sphere house. New Zealand is one of those countries where its near-to-no-one geographic location has created a hotbed of innovation through necessity and the Kiwi-produced Port-a-bach is particularly inventive because it is based around a remanufactured shipping container. As such, the NZD$100,000 (US$55,000) fold-out dwelling is not just rugged due to its natural steel exoskeleton, it’s as easy to transport internationally as it is to transport locally on a standard container truck. It has low environmental impact and can connect to local utilities or be entirely power, water and sewer independent. View all Share

SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE CONTAINERS / by Luís De Garrido The book aims to demonstrate a methodology for sustainable architecture using containers. The containers have been designed to store and transport goods over long distances, and in a tight, economical and safe way. However, it also happens, the curious coincidence that the spaces that have been designed for storing and transporting goods, have a proper human scale. That is, they are also valid for designing living spaces. However, do not forget that the containers have not been designed to be lived in.

Sustainable Design Made of Shipping Containers Designed by Copenhagen-based studio, this project called WFH House is developed in China by Arcgency and Teknologisk Institut for their client World FLEX Home. As we all know, recycling is one of the major issues nowadays. Especially when it comes to architecture and sustainable design. Man Builds Remarkable 280 Square Foot House Do you ever look around your house and wonder, "how and when did I collect all this junk?" After seeing this home, we here at SF Globe are definitely considering a simpler life! Chris Heininge comes from a family of "gifted craftsmen, artists, and designers."

Munda Shipping Container Tiny House on May 16, 2015 This shipping container tiny house is designed and built by Munda Design and Construction. When you walk inside you’ll notice an open one level floor plan with no lofts, ladders, or staircases. The company is offering base units at 16, 20 and 24 feet. Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP™) Action It. Building a house is no small feet. Even a small one. There are thousands of materials, pieces, and tasks involved. Unless you are a builder or experienced it's intimidating.

12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers Photo by Braden Gunem Shipping containers meet a variety of requirements: Modern. Check. What It Really Costs To Build A Tiny Home It amazes me all the claims you read about super cheap tiny house construction. Honestly, I feel these claims are misleading at best. To build any structure meant for extended residency, year round living, costs money. It’ll cost what you have planned and probably much more to settle into living in a small space. My plan parameters were simple. I wanted a comfortable home which meets all my needs, but didn’t cost me 30 years of loan principle and interest. Modern Shipping Container House in Venice, CA on August 20, 2015 This is a modern shipping container house in Venice, CA. It consists of three 20 foot containers designed to offer functional indoor and outdoor living space.