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ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard on the App Store Irregular verbs with Fluency MC 4 | Games to learn English This is the last post in which we try to teach the irregular verbs mentioned in the rap song by Fluency MC. This time there are 15 irregular verbs and to help you teach or learn them there is an infographic, a quiz and a game. First, listen to the following song and complete the lyrics. Start at 2:45. The lyrics worksheet:Irregular verbs song lyrics 4 Irregular verbs – infographic Display or hand out the following infographic and go through the irregular verbs with your students. To print ot the infographic, use the following pdf file:Irregular verbs with fluency 04 Irregular verbs – online quiz The following online quiz consists of two parts. The second game is called Goose Science Quiz, and your task is to click the dice in the upper right hand corner and then answer the questions. Goose Quiz on irregular verbs Irregular verbs – all irregular verbs with Fluency MC posts As I wrote above, this is the fourth post we have prepared together with Fluency MC.

New English and maths resources Public Last updated: 19th Mar 2015 Introduction to the project From late 2014 to early 2015, AELP led a DfE-funded project with four FE-sector provider organisations to develop resources for delivering English GCSEs. The particular focus of the project was the process of producing and using contextualised approaches to studying English, for learners undertaking vocational courses (especially as part of a Study Programme). The provider organisations include two independent training providers, a general FE college and an adult and community learning provider. A parallel project with the same four providers, on contextualised approaches to GCSE Maths, has been led by MEI. An outline of the materials To help both English-specialist and vocational teaching practitioners in developing their own contextualised teaching and learning approaches for English, a free toolkit of generic guides, exemplar resources and other material has been produced by the partner-providers, with assistance from AELP.

First Words Deluxe on the App Store Haiku Deck Presentation and Slideshow App with Beautiful Charts and Graphs on the App Store 23 maps and charts on language by Dylan Matthews on April 15, 2015 "The limits of my language," the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once posited, "mean the limits of my world." Explaining everything within the limits of the world is probably too ambitious a goal for a list like this. But here are 23 maps and charts that can hopefully illuminate small aspects of how we manage to communicate with one another. The basics Indo-European language rootsMinna Sundberg, a Finnish-Swedish comic artist, created this beautiful tree to illustrate both the relationships between European and central Asian languages generally, as well as a smaller but still striking point: Finnish has less in common with, say, Swedish than Persian or Hindi do. Language divides Bilingualism Who in Europe speaks EnglishMany countries have more than one commonly used language, with many residents learning two or more. English American English

Full text of "The poetry of Emily Dickinson : teacher's guide" TEACHER'S GUIDE THE POETRY OF '•4F --INSTITUTED , ,. ".*.». Museum^ Library • .•?* services' Emily Dickinson NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS y m READ THE POETRY OF Emily Dickinson TEACHER'S GUIDE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS A great nation deserves great art. vi. MuseumandLibrary AS MIDWEST The National Endowment for the Arts is a public agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts — both new and established — bringing the arts to all Americans, and providing leadership in arts education. Established by Congress in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government, the Endowment is the nation's largest annual funder of the arts, bringing great art to all 50 states, including rural areas, inner cities, and military bases.

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words on the App Store Wordflex Touch Dictionary on the App Store