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Kano: A computer anyone can make by Kano

Kano: A computer anyone can make by Kano
1 MILLION!! THANK YOU!!! We're humbled, amazed, and committed to getting you your kits. Love,KanoFacebook | Twitter | Blog | Newsletter | Press | Say hi!(Want to help? These two clicks.) It’s a computer you make yourself. Here's something we made earlier... Build... A computer, powered by Raspberry PiGames like Pong, SnakeMusic and soundsHD videoA speaker Towers of dynamite ( Minecraft)A wireless serverA custom case, with stickers, decals, or any printed designMost Debian Linux packagesPretty much anything else, because Kano is open source Kano is for anyone who wants to start creating with technology – not just consuming it. It's a simple, fun, useful toolkit that you can use to start taking control of the world around you. Kano emerged from a year of making computers with hundreds of kids, teachers, engineers, and artists. It's based on simple steps, physical computing, and play. In May, we created 200 early prototype kits and put them to the test. We'd love to make you a $99 kit.

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How to use a multi layered stencil. Stencil overlays. Michael Jackson multi layered stencil from The Stencil Studio. Stenciling Tutorials Single layer stencils will give great results and are very easy to use, simply position the stencil, paint it and then remove it. Multi layered stencils or stencil overlays can be used to paint one colour on top of another with even greater results. It's amazing how a simple design can be transformed into something very impressive, and you don't need to be an artist, just follow our simple steps below. We're going to use The Stencils Studio's 4 layered Michael Jackson stencil for this tutorial but the principle is the same for any number of stencil layers. Layer 1

EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance by Tan Le Our mission to empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally was set into motion with the launch of this Kickstarter campaign for Emotiv Insight. Over the course of this campaign, you joined our community and pledged to change how people think about their brain and how we could use brainwear to improve how we live, work, and play. Thanks to you, we are making the Emotiv Insight a reality! Thank you again for being such an awesome community! The human brain, our most advanced organ, is an intricate and complex network of connections.

scratch-unplugged - Scratch Programs for Computer Science Unplugged Computer Science Unplugged Computer Science Unplugged ( is a set of activities designed to introduce young people to computer science using entertaining dramatizations instead of a computer. Scratch Blog — TRXL 1. The Trippy ’60s, Courtesy of a Master On a recent morning in a townhouse office on East 32nd Street in Manhattan, reality was treading closely, and somewhat strangely, in fiction’s footsteps. The client sitting in the conference room, waiting for his real-life ad man, was the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner.

ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone by Planetary Resources From all of us on the ARKYD Team – A Heartfelt Thank You! The ARKYD journey continues and we’re delighted to have you on board as we invent the future. 06-30-2013 — Stretch Goal #3 Reached: We will now team with Zooniverse to develop a platform that will allow YOU to find asteroids at home, and help train computers to better find them in the future! Should computer science be taught in elementary schools in Europe? — Debating Europe 90% of European jobs require ICT skills, and yet there will be 900’000 unfilled ICT positions in the EU by 2020. Less than 15% of European students have access in school to high-level ICT teaching. In some EU Member States, such as Greece and Croatia, fewer than half of pupils even have access to the internet at school. Even when students have access to the right technology, there is no guarantee that they will be taught properly how to use it. In most EU countries, fewer than 30% of children aged 10-15 are taught by “digitally confident” teachers. One in four teachers in OECD countries say they do not have enough ICT training.

A laser-cut wooden record that actually plays music If you've ever been curious about the materials that can be used for making a record, you can add a sheet of wood to the list. Instructables user amandaghassaei shows us exactly how to use a laser cutter to make functioning music records out of a piece of wood. And the results are as visually beautiful as they are aurally beautiful. The creator, Amanda Ghassaei writes: These records were cut on an Epilog 120 Watt Legend EXT to a theoretical precision of 1200dpi (the kerf of the cut and some tricks I used to avoid crashing the laser cutter dropped the actual precision down by ~1/6). The audio on the records has a bit depth between 4-5 (typical mp3 audio is 16 bit) and a sampling rate up to about 4.5kHz (mp3 is 44.1kHz).

The Buccaneer® - The 3D Printer that Everyone can use! by Pirate3D Inc Manufacturing timeline and Stretch goals sections are at the very end for those who just want to go there. FAQ is also at the back, do check it out in case the questions you have are already answered there. Hi everyone! We have had many requests to see the internals of our 3D printer while it is printing. We ripped out the mechanics from our final casing and placed them into our prototype casing (which is transparent) for all of you to see! About us The Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications explores the potential of mobile and digital technologies to improve political, social and economical participation and to give better access to education. The institute is a think and do tank that fosters the dialogue between science, business and politics. It initiates projects and research, and publishes reports to give practical recommendations for decision makers. Through events and social media communications we provide a platform for debate.

The Works of Dickson Chow Plant Friends MKII Article Date: July 13th, 2014. Updated: August 4th, 2014. What is Plant Friends? Plant Friends is a plant environmental monitor system. It monitors the soil moisture, air temperature, and air humidity of your indoor plant(s) and will alert you via email and SMS when your plants are thirsty. The Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens by Lomography The new Lomography Petzval Lens works using a traditional Waterhouse aperture system. With this design, your lens comes with a set of stops (also known as diaphragms). Each diaphragm is drilled with a hole of a different size; these sizes correspond to the f-stop or aperture. So if you’d like to shoot with f/4 aperture, you select the f/4 diaphragm and insert it into the aperture slot of your lens; if you’d like to shoot with a f/11 aperture, you select the f/11 diaphragm and so on. Here are the aperture options for the Lomography Petzval lens: f/2.2f/4f/5.6f/8f/11f/16

This Throwable Computer Teaches Kids How To Code Coding is a great skill for kids to learn but it can be a lonely, sedentary endeavor. Hackaball, a new toy created from a partnership between the design agencies MAP and Made By Many, promises to get kids off their butts and playing outside—all while teaching basic coding skills and empowering kids to invent their own kind of play. It's a lot to ask from one product which is why Hackaball had to be meticulously designed. The ball is bigger than a baseball but smaller than a soccer ball, and it comes with several simple parts that can be put together using basic instructions, so kids understand what's inside, and get the chance to start creating from the get-go.