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Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2013

Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2013
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Looking 4 data visualization: Charts . et on tombe sur Dundas Software - Editeurs de solutions de tableaux de bord. Sur leur page d'accueil on trouve des exemples de dashboards - normal - certains des visuels affichent un composant graphique tres connu et qui - malgre sa mauvaise 'presse' - est aujourd'hui toujours mis en avant par les marketeux de la plupart des editeurs de solutions BI. Ce composant graphique est le speedometre a.k.a jauge . (*) Je ne critique pas la solution Qlikview mais plutot la communication des editeurs afferente aux tableaux de bord, com qui me complique parfois la tache dans mon métier de consul. . . . . . . . . Mise à jour le 21 04 2011 .

Learning Visually | Living the Dream Infographics work in the classroom because they grab students and allow an entry point to learning — and because they sum up pages and pages, even chapters, of information that would take a reader hours to process. Interactive infographics make kids want to immediately start clicking around to see what’s what. For a teacher who prioritizes an inquiry-driven classroom, that’s a great starting point. Infographics and Data visualization are not just for consumption though, teachers and students can also challenge the learning process by creating original graphics for themselves. Go here –> Consuming the information is one portion of the equation when discussing data visualization. There are elements of design to evaluate as well as functionality/clarity of purpose. … classroom examples of consumption graphics … classroom examples of interactive consumption graphics Tools for creation… Data to play with…

Technology - Bitcoin and the illusion of money The world’s “first decentralised digital currency” promises financial salvation, but what is it and can it really deliver? Dubai. Greece. Spain. Portugal. Italy. As well as revealing the fragility of the global economy, the current crisis has also raised some existential questions about the nature of money. Can any government really promise to protect the value of its currency and be taken at its word? One recent and much-publicised answer to this last question is a form of money that comes pre-dissolved into the ether: Bitcoins. Trust in maths Born at the start of 2009 in the aftermath of the global financial crisis – courtesy of a mysterious and possibly non-existent Japanese programmer calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoins are a mathematical concoction, combining the attributes of a scarce commodity, like gold, with the frictionless trading of an electronic currency. The first of these is one of the central reasons for their appeal. Boom and bust

Niice. A search engine with taste. The Do's And Don'ts Of Infographic Design - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Editor’s Note: You might want to read Nathan Yau’s article The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design: Revisited1 here on Smashing Magazine which is a response to this article. Since the dawn of the Internet, the demand for good design has continued to skyrocket. From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and beyond, designers have remained on their toes as they define the trends and expectations of our online universe. The Internet is a great designer’s playground, and online businesses are growing more and more appreciative of what can be gained from a bit of well-executed eye candy. Over the past two years, this fact has become the backbone of a growing trend in online marketing: the infographic. Infographics are visual representations of information, or “data viz” as the cool kids call it these days. Of course, just as Web 2.0 changed 1.0, today’s infographics are far more eye-catching than simple pie charts and bar graphs. Wrapping Your Mind Around Data Viz Show, Don’t Tell Tell a Story (al)

The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual Information is very powerful but for the most bit it is bland and unimaginative. Infographics channel information in a visually pleasing, instantly understandable manner, making it not only powerful, but extremely beautiful. Once used predominantly to make maps more approachable, scientific charts less daunting and as key learning tools for children, inforgraphics have now permeated all aspects of the modern world. I designed a couple of infographics back in college, the need arising especially around the time Soccer World Cup fever spiked. Infographics can appear daunting to some with the sheer amount of data they present, but designed in the right manner and step by step, they can actually be one of the most fun things you will ever create. Today I am going to walk you through the anatomy of an infographic, its different levels and sub-levels and a 5-step process to ensure that your infographic is not only conceptually sound, but accurate and easily understood. Anatomy Of An Infographic

Suomalaisyritys tarjoaa työntekijöilleen palkkaa virtuaalirahana Suomalaisyritys aikoo tarjota työntekijöilleen mahdollisuuden ottaa osan palkastaan virtuaalirahana eli bitcoineina. Yrityksen mukaan kokeilun takana on kiinnostus uusiin asioihin. - Se on valuutta siinä missä muutkin, mutta ero on se, että se ei ole kenenkään kontrolloima valuutta. Se perustuu kryptografiaan eli salaustekniikkaan, mikä määrittää sille tietyt säännöt, selvittää SC5:n toimitusjohtaja Pyry Lehdonvirta valuutan toimintamahdollisuuksia. Lehdonvirran mukaan bitcoineja ei voi hyödyntää Suomessa vielä kovinkaan laajasti. - Palvelut ovat muuten mahdollisimman helppokäyttöisiä, mutta sitten kun päästään maksuvaiheeseen niin puhutaan hankalista verkkopankkikirjautumisista tai luottokorttinumeron syöttämisestä. Lehdonvirran mukaan järjestelmä ei tule tulevien vuosien aikana mullistamaan tavallisen ihmisen elämää, mutta antaa digipiireille mielenkiintoisia mahdollisuuksia. -Työntekijä voi itse ilmoittaa taloushallintoon, että haluaa esimerkiksi 10 prosenttia palkasta bitcoineina.

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