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100x faster, 10x cheaper: 3D metal printing is about to go mainstream We've been hearing for years now about 3D printing and how it's going to revolutionize manufacturing. As yet, though, it's still on the periphery. Plenty of design studios and even home users run desktop printers, but the only affordable printing materials are cheap ABS plastics. But a very exciting company out of Massachusetts, headed by some of the guys who came up with the idea of additive manufacture in the first place, believes it's got the technology and the machinery to boost 3D printing into the big time, for real. Desktop Metal Desktop Metal is an engineering-driven startup whose founders include several MIT professors, and Emanuel Sachs, who has patents in 3D printing dating back to the dawn of the field in 1989. The company has raised a ton of money in the last few months, including some US$115 million in a recent Series D round that brings total equity investments up over US$210 million. The hype is real. The Studio System: Rapid prototyping This could be huge, folks.

Zappos For Good: 5 Questions With 'Karma Kommando' Steven Bautista Zappos has formally unveiled a dedicated department focused on spreading happiness and celebrating the good in people, Zappos for Good. Building on its reputation for exceptional customer service and purpose-driven mission to “deliver happiness,” the online retailer announced a series of new and ongoing programs and partnerships including the North Shore Animal League America, GIVE, Pawlidayz and Friends On Us Fridays — covering all qualifying adoption fees for select shelters each Friday, for both dogs and cats. Zappos for Good is led by Steven Bautista, who commented, “Our goal is to deliver happiness. We work to achieve this through out of this world customer service and by enriching our communities. While we’ve done a ton of work to date that we are very proud of, the official launch of Zappos for Good will allow us to continue our existing initiatives while extending our efforts to deliver happiness where it’s most needed. Steven, why launch this initiative now?

Manfrotto Pixi Secure Memorable Passwords Inspired by XKCD and Password Hay Stacks | Powered by This service is provided entirely for free and without ads, but the server is not free to run. Please consider making a small contribution towards those costs. The Perl Module This site is powered by the Perl Module, and serves as a good example of its capabilities. The module can be downloaded from the author's website: The Comic that Inspired This Tool Credits Website and underlying password generation library ( by Bart Busschots. Newly Entrepreneurial, Unilever Launches ApotheCARE Essentials Meeting the demand for natural beauty products, Unilever is launching ApotheCARE Essentials in the U.S., the CPG giant’s first new brand in decades. The description: “Purity of Nature. Progressed by Science. Tailored hair and skin cleansing products with unique ingredient combinations powered by advanced science.” The development and launch of the new premium hair care and skin cleansing line, 18 products in total, breaks all the rules for Unilever’s typical product development pipeline, involving just a core team of five people working for just over a year—one year, one month and 15 days, to be exact. Traditionally, a new product takes about 20 people and two to three years to develop, as Piyush Jain, Unilever’s GM and VP of hair care, told CNBC—but this brand was developed with a startup mindset, marking a more entrepreneurial attitude for the company. Another tagline: “Crafted. The target customer, according to Jain?

Student Hub Chegg Files for IPO, Aiming to Raise $150 Million - Kara Swisher - Commerce Chegg, the startup that began as an analog online book rental service and has itself transformed into a multifaceted digital hub for students, has filed publicly for an initial public offering to raise about $150 million. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has already been working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, doing what is called a “secret filing.” This speeds up the offering process, getting regulatory issues resolved quietly and also keeping the IPO shielded from scrutiny at the start. Now it will be three weeks before the company can start its official road show to sell itself to Wall Street, which will then be followed by the IPO itself. As part of the transaction, Chegg said it had added four members to its board, which now includes CEO Dan Rosensweig, former Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy and Kleiner Perkins partner Ted Schlein. Chegg will use the money it is raising to expand its offerings. It needs that cash. - Writing tips, roleplaying advice, random idea generators, and more! Le phygital, en route vers les magasins du futur ? Le phygital, en route vers les magasins du futur ? Physique contre digital, la guerre est déclarée ! Depuis la révolution numérique et l’explosion du e-commerce, le trafic des magasins physiques s’est réduit, obligeant les retailers à revoir leur copie. Focus sur le phygital, contraction de physique et digital, ou comment les magasins physiques se mettent au numérique pour reconquérir le cœur de leurs clients, les shoppers. Le phygital… Ce mot-valise ne vous est probablement pas inconnu. Mais concrètement, de quoi s’agit-il ? Il n’existe pas de définition unique, car chaque marque, chaque enseigne en propose sa propre vision, selon son identité. Le principe du phygital repose sur la digitalisation du point de vente, en y intégrant de nouveaux outils digitaux à destination des clients. Les bornes tactiles sont un excellent exemple. Mais ce n’est pas tout, car la digitalisation du point de vente peut aller bien au-delà. En coup d’œil, toutes les déclinaisons du produit sont affichées.