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Home | PONTECH LET'S GET FOLDING by synconi on DeviantArt Words and Their Stories in VOA Special English (ESL/EFL) Idioms & Phrases There are 105 five-minute audio files. That is about 9 hours of listening and reading.Idioms, Proverbs, Expressions and Interesting Words Adjectives Expressions with the Word "Cold"cold, cold-blooded, cold-blooded killer, get cold feet, cold shoulder, cold fish, cold-hearted, out in the cold Expressions with the Word "Hot"hot potato, not so hot, hot shot, hothead, hot under the collar, hot line Expressions with the Word "Easy"as easy as falling off a log, a piece of cake, as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, easy come, easy go, Easy Street, go easy on a person, an easy touch, a soft touch, take it easy Animals "Bird" Expressionsfor the birds, eats like a bird, a birds-eye-view, birds and the bees, birds of a feather flock together "Cat" Expressionslooks like the cat that ate the canary, play cat and mouse with someone, that looks like something the cat dragged in, the cat's meow and the cat's pajamas. Body & Health Colors Jobs, Occupations, Work Money, Finance, Business Numbers People Proverbs

Scon Technologies - Controls for Robotics Guy Builds Miniature Single-Cylinder Engine Out of Paper and Revs It Up Aliaksei Zholner built this incredibly small, single-cylinder engine entirely out of paper and it works! For those interested, Aliaksei shared his build process on the Russian forum, Specs below: LxWxH: 18 x 13 x 22 mm Shaft diameter: 0.5 mm Piston stroke: 3 mm Cylinder diameter: 3 mm “Swept volume”: ~ 21 mm3 Visual Show Automation - Overview VSA is a copyright of Brookshire Software, LLC. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Copyright © Brookshire Software, LLC. All rights reserved.

Paper Starburst Pendant Light So I had a different project that I was going to post today, an update version of my Book Pages Pendant Lantern from Project 19, but then I started working on this light idea, and I am so excited by the results I just couldn’t wait to show you guys! My inspiration and guide was this light from Design*Sponge, that I spotted on Pinterest. I really liked the idea, and I had a roll of white vellum lying around left over from college that I thought would look beautiful. So I started cutting triangles. The roll of vellum that I was using was 24 inches long. I think I glued the pieces on much closer than they did in the Design*Sponge tutorial, but I wanted a really full look. All in all I think the light is pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to post it on Etsy, though I’m a little bit worried about shipping. So I know I need to get back to my 30x30x3 projects, but this light took me by surprise with its shape and fantastic outcome, and I just couldn’t wait to share! Ciao, Allison Like this:

Animatronics Workshop DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers // Tutorial - Pure Sweet Joy Cupcakes are cute, but who can beat cupcakes with a DIY touch? I’m all for DIY’s that are quick, but add loads of detail. These DIY paper pinwheel cupcake toppers are just that! What you need: Paper, cut into squares (mine are 5x5cm) Pearl pins Beads Hollow lollipop sticks or straws Scissors Jewellery pliers Glue gun Cut into each corner of each square, towards the centre point. Bend your pins into a L-shape. Thread your paper onto the pin. Add a bead and push it over the bend. Gilderfluke & Co :: Robotics & Sound Systems Servietten-Häschen - Love Decorations Vor einigen Tagen habe ich die Linkparty Happy Ostern ins Leben gerufen und schon komme ich mit meinem ersten Beitrag passend zum Motto. Keine Sorge, ich werde ab jetzt nicht nur noch „Oster“-Post schreiben – die anderen Themenbereiche werden ebenfalls weiterhin verbloggt! Wenn die Familie und/oder Verwandtschaft an den Ostertagen so zusammen kommt, dann gibt es meistens auch etwas Außergewöhnliches zu essen. Zumindest bei den meisten. Wenn man sich schon Mühe gibt, dann richtig, gell!? Also heißt das für uns: Die richtige Tischdeko muss her. Ich erinnerte mich, dass ich vor einem Jahr auf Pinterest auf etwas gestoßen bin: Servietten gefaltet als Hasenkopf Die Idee fand ich ganz süß ♥ Nun durchforstete ich eine Anleitung nach der anderen und versuchte das Ganze nachzufalten. Eigentlich ist die ganze Falterei gar nicht so schwer – man muss nur jeden einzelnen Schritt kennen. Du brauchst: Serviette (egal, ob Papier- oder Stoffserviette) Das war mein erster Post zur Linkparty ‚Happy Ostern‚.

DIY: Paper Maché Birdy Penny Bank My friend Tara is a paper maché inspiration. A couple of years ago she made a couple of piggy banks that were so amazing I decided I needed to make a bank of my very own. A birdy bank. I love that papier maché gives you the opportunity to make basically anything out of recycled materials. A table cloth or paper cover and an apron. Step One: Starting the Paper Maché and Form Blow up one balloon about 5.5″ in diameter, and crumple up a piece of paper to make a head about 2.5″ in diameter. To make your simple paper maché paste, mix one part flour with one part water. Tear your newspaper into small strips and pieces and begin to coat your body form with a layer of newspaper. Overlap the pieces of newspaper on your form, and cover all but the tied end. When you have completely covered the form with one layer of newspaper, set it aside to dry. Step Two: Adding more Detail Since your bird looks nothing like a bird yet, it’s time to add some appendages. Yes. Step Five: Sanding and Painting

DIY Tissue Paper Eggs - Say YesSay Yes By DIY contributor Alyson of Sugar and Bash I don’t think I can imagine Easter without making Easter eggs. In lieu of dyeing them this year, I knew I wanted to go the Mod Podge route. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pattern I liked or a color that worked, but luckily I found that printing on tissue paper is easier than you’d think! This freedom allows you to use anything and everything, including making your own print! Origami Chinese Takeout Box | I Try DIY As most of you probably already know, I’m a huge fan of themed parties and decorations. I’ve used chinese takeout boxes for past events and activities, but never really got around to making them from scratch. I always used store-bought ones, and just decorated them as needed. As usual, I sat down and tried to figure out how I could origami my way into making it. I kind of did! Read on to learn how. For this tutorial, I used a double-sided square sheet of scrapbook paper (Colorbök Beach House Signature Collection). Then, I folded the square in half diagonally (both ways) to make four triangular sections. Keeping the square as a triangle, pop one corner towards the peak of the triangle. You should end up with a square that looks like this from the top. And like this from the bottom corner. Keeping your sheet of paper in that square or diamond fold. Repeat with the other side, meeting the other fold in the center. It should look something like this. Fold the open edge towards the middle fold.