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Growduino smart garden

Growduino smart garden
I've been toying with so many ideas of things to automate, but with the long days and an approaching 2-week trip and two young plants at home, I started working in earnest on a garden control project last night. "Growduino" seemed like the obvious name... ;D This is the simplest possible version-- just an automated watering system, with the nutrient solution pumped up from a reservoir in the tub with a submersible pump. Here's a shot on Flickr: from the description: The "growduino" smart garden project will, um, grow to include more sensors and controls, but watering on a schedule seems like a good starting point since I'll be leaving the rig alone for 17 days starting Friday. The program's main parameters are pump period (time between pumps) and pump duration. Sensing plans: soil/medium moisture, interior and exterior temperature and humidity, nutrient level, nutrient pH, sunlight intensity, sunlight direction, solar panel output, battery charge, CO2 level, what else?,8226.0.html

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Blog » Blog Archive » GardenBot Is Monitoring Your Garden GardenBot Is Monitoring Your Garden Davide Gomba — October 21st, 2010 Very interesting bottom-up product (but it’s not really a product, it’s more of an experience of nature-lovers and DIYers) do look after your garden: GardenBot is a garden monitoring system. This means that you put sensors in your garden, and GardenBot will show you charts of the conditions in your garden — so you can see the world the way your plants see it. Naruto Primera Temporada HD [Mediafire][MEGA] Naruto Primera Temporada HD [Mediafire][MEGA] NarutoSagasIntroducción [001-005]Hacia el país de las Olas [006-0018]Exámenes Chūnin [020-067]La invasión a Konoha [68-80]La Búsqueda de Tsunade [81-100]La Verdadera Cara de Kakashi [101]El País del Té [102-106]Recuperando a Sasuke Uchiha [107-135]Relleno [136-220]Naruto ShippūdenSagasEl rescate del KazekageEl tan esperado reencuentroLos Doce Guardianes NinjaLos destructores inmortales, Hidan y KakuzuEl Arribo del Tres ColasLa promesa del maestro y la venganzaLa activación del seis colasLos dos salvadoresSaga del pasado: El lugar de KonohaLa Reunión de los Cinco KagesVida paradisíaca en un barcoEl control del Kyūbi y el encuentro del destinoLos dos predestinadosLos siete espadachines ninjas legendariosChikaraLa Gran Guerra Mundial Shinobi, los Enemigos del Otro MundoLa Cuarta Guerra Mundial ShinobiResurrección del Diez ColasMEGA 1-220 (TODOS)Clic en el botón inferior izquierdo para abrir documento con enlaces 33 comentarios 33 comentarios :d :-d

The Internet of Things leads to yet another Growduino We are on the verge of the Internet of Things, where simple devices can now automatically and intelligently trigger an action in the real physical world. It’s going to be a pretty neat transition, as big as the invention of the computer mainframe in the 50's, the PC 30 years ago, and the opening of the Internet to the general public in the 90’s. How big is that? Well to start with, the Gartner Group estimates that 20% of the Internet’s non-video traffic will be sensor data. Oh , and that is only by 2012. But the report also states that it’s a lot like trying to predict the market for plastics in the 1940’s.

open source garden automation project The Brain The brain is where all the other modules come together. Physically the brain is mostly a couple of little boards and a lot of wires. Structurally, the brain has two parts to it. Cultivo de autoflorecientes: Consejos, variedades y trucos Lo primero hablando de cultivo de semillas autoflorecientes es hablar de las horas de luz necesarias para esta genética tan especial. Tras muchas pruebas con distintos fotoperíodos de luz, llegamos a la conclusión que la mejor decisión es utilizar durante todo el ciclo de la planta un horario constante de 20 horas de luz + 4 de oscuridad. Bajo nuestro punto de vista es la opción que nos ofrecerá mejores rendimientos por ciclo mejorando de largo el clásico ciclo e 18/6 del crecimiento + 12/12 para floración. Las semillas automáticas suelen ser un ejemplo de buena y rápida germinación sorprendiendo incluso a cultivadores con mucha experiencia por lo breve del proceso. Aunque es normal que una semilla tarde entre 3-7 días para el germinado, habitualmente estas variedades sorprenden germinando en 24-48 horas. Para germinar seguiríamos el proceso descrito en anteriores artículos.

Create the Arduino driven LED growbox A while ago, I noticed many people using the Arduino controller for all sorts of home projects. I knew I just *had* to have one. After I received it through the mail and exploring its possibilities, it struck me that this would make it possible to make a (more or less) self-supporting closed greenhouse. In a closed environment the Arduino would be able to control all parameters like water, light and temperature. I chose to go with LED lighting because LED lighting is becoming more and more promising when it comes to growing plants.

Plantduino Greenhouse UPDATE 7/9/11: The AC power fed relay has been replaced with a DC battery fed relay system as shown in step 10. UPDATE: We have been selected as finalists in the microcontroller contest! Thank you for voting and rating. Thank you also for all the feedback on the safety of out relay system. We hope the new instructions are clear.

Plantas autoflorecientes de marihuana, evolución y revolución La particularidad de estas plantas es que no necesitan determinadas horas de luz para florecer. Florecen haya la luz que haya, tanto muy poca como mucha. Si tienen carencias de luz, dan muy pocas flores, si la luz abunda, hoy en día los cogollos pueden ser muy generosos. Se adaptan prácticamente a cualquier clima y/o latitud. Hace escasos años, cinco o diez, muy poca gente confiaba en el potencial de las plantas autoflorecientes de marihuana para conseguir hierba de calidad. Las plantas autoflorecientes entonces conocidas solo como las “rudelaris” se cultivaban mas bien como una curiosidad o en lugares donde la climatología es muy adversa.

Did You Win Yet? » Android Garden Monitor Overview One of the coolest things announced at this year’s Google I/O was the Android Open Accessory Kit, which allows Android devices to interact with accessories over USB. As an attendee, I received the Arduino-based ADK DemoKit board, which I’ve used to build an app to monitor my Aerogarden. Hardware The Garden Droid 1.0 Well after many months in the lab toiling away with a soldering iron and C compiler I have finally gotten the first version of my Arduino project done! OK really It just took months to get the time to finish the project but that doesn't sound as impressive really.. This is my first Arduino project and first really large electronics project so mistakes were made but overall I'm really happy that it all works! Humidity and Temperature Sensor The Humidity and Temperature Sensor is an Arduino-compatible sensor board that carries an SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor from Sensirion. It has a 4-pin interface that can communicate directly with the analog pins on the Arduino. The SHT21 utilizes a capacitive sensor element to measure humidity, while the temperature is measured by a band gap sensor.

Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer How to make PCBs at home in 1 hour & W I T H O U T special materials What you need You need also: a blade cutter, scotch tape, sandpaper, kitchen paper, cotton wool, vice, hacksaw. How it works Laser printers and photocopiers use plastic toner, not ink, to draw images. Arduinoponics Hello, Just wanted to share a new project I started. It's using the Arduino to control a hydroponics setup I made. There are pictures here: The Arduino sketch was initially just very simple to control a pump for a few seconds every 10 minutes. I adapted it though to use Firmata so that I could later add temperature and light sensors so those things could be logged to some computer that acts as a 'server' to support the hydroponics setup.

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