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Future: be going to exercises. 2L14 images from the past. Gplans. Jplans. Plans. Millionaire. VerbWheelMain.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Cyberbullying. Survey1. Londontrip. Survey. Police. OM LISTEN-Conversaciones en Ingles-English Listening. Civics Lessons and EL Civics for ESL Students. Learn English Online. 3: Directions.

Directions. Past perfect finish sentences. Past Perfect. What would you do. English grammar lessons. Conditionals Definite & Indefinite Articles Other English grammar lessons can be boring.

english grammar lessons

After going through endless rules, and filling in gap fill exercises, one can begin to lose one's joy! But it doesn't have to be that way. Teaching Tips Start off by trying to elicit the grammar point from the students. A Note about my Grammar Lessons My English grammar lessons use the principle of eliciting the grammar from the students and on doing free practice. I forgot my phone. This EFL lesson is designed around a beautiful short film by Miles Crawford titled I lost my phone and the theme of mobile phones.

I forgot my phone

Students listen to a film and speculate about what is happening, watch the film to check their answers and talk about mobile phone use. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals: Unbreakable: Present Perfect (with Just) This movie is not one I would strongly recommend, but it has good moments.

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals: Unbreakable: Present Perfect (with Just)

This scene is one of them. David's, Bruce Willis's character, touching passers-by make him see what they have just done minutes before that, which is perfect for the students to practice the present perfect tense, using - just - in their sentences. In this exercise they are to write down whole sentences, which makes it more challenging than the other ones I have published on this grammar goal. I hope you like it. Adele's ESL Corner - Your free online English language website. Asking Questions about a Picture Worksheets. English Grammar Placement Test. Present Perfect Tense - English Grammar.

Present perfect - experiences. First Conditional. First conditional exercises - if clauses. English Grammar lessons. Past Simple Games. Grammar games online to practice verb tenses, spelling, reading, writing, conversation, and grammar in use.

Past Simple Games

All of the games have sound, so you can listen and check your understanding, practice conversation, or just listen and repeat. There are 10+ activities with each topic providing a lot of practice for ESL students or just use them as games for kids to learn spelling and vocabulary online. - practice the past tense with spelling, grammar practice games, reading and writing activities.

Practice the past tense using "be + going to + verb" with these fun games. You can practice spelling, vocabulary, speaking, questions and answers, as well s check your grammar with these free online activities for kids. This game focuses on the past tense with four main sections. The questions and answers for this game are as follows.

Other notes: Irregular Past Tense ESL Grammar Jeopardy Quiz Game. Practice Irregular Past Tense using this ESL Jeopardy game.This game is also excellent for classroom teaching.

Irregular Past Tense ESL Grammar Jeopardy Quiz Game

Teachers can engage students in a classroom vocabulary review for elementary ESL, EFL Learners. It can be used to energize a dull class, to review work that was done or simply as a reward for good classroom work. Fun activity to teach action verbs in the irregular past simple tense It is especially useful for teaching ESL intermediate learning and teaching. ESL Fun Grammar Games,Past Simple Jeopardy Betting TV Game. ESL Interactive Fun Games Here we have the games carefully laid out for you.

ESL Fun Grammar Games,Past Simple Jeopardy Betting TV Game

Follow the links to browse the variety of games offered. This is only the directory for interactive games and exercises. Our ESL fun games here include : Snakes and Ladders, Hangman, Spelling games, Wheel of Fortune, TV Games(Betting Game), Mazes, Memory Games, Matching exercises, Sequencing exercises, Picture Quizzes, Catch it and more. These games provide the ultimate fun in practising the following skills: Dictations: free audio exercises - listen and write. Listening. Dictation Exercises for ESL Learners. Grammar. Questions in English. Movie Sites for English Learners : Learn English Through Movies.

The EFL SMARTblog. Reading Strategies and Lesson Plans. Students need to master both cognitive and metacognitive reading skills if they are to read well in English.

Reading Strategies and Lesson Plans

For academic and job-related purposes, students learn cognitive reading skills such as prediction, asking questions while reading, guessing the meanings of unfamiliar words, analyzing themes, and writing a short summary of a passage to demonstrate comprehension of the main ideas. Visit Site Map, Current Lesson for integrated skills reading lesson plans concerning current news topics. Click here for previous Lesson Plans, Business Writing, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar, Charts & Organizers. Resources for Teachers. Reading Strategies Reading strategies help students in their reading comprehension. Miscellaneous grammar. Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study) English listening practice exercises - Sounds English. List of essay topics. List of essay topics includes essays that helps you in learning English, especially writing and speaking: Note: There are approximately 1,000 essays in the list of essays; however there are many more essays especially recent published essays not in the list.

List of essay topics

You are recommended to use the google search box on the top of our site to fully search for the essay you want in the whole site of our own. With the google search box, you can find out the essay you are looking for easily and quickly. * Put the essay topic in the google search box to search for the essay. School:* Do you think that homework should be abolished? * The importance of examinations (uncategorized)* Examination day often makes many pupils worry. . * School life is the most difficult time but it also keeps many joys for us. . * What do you think of the use and abuse of private tuition?

ESL READING COMPREHENSION TESTS for ESL students, English reading comprehension quizzes. ESL Reading Lessons - Home. Learning English with Michelle: Listening. Welcome to the Listening Page If you want to improve your listening, you must listen to English as much and as often as you can.

Learning English with Michelle: Listening

You need to surround yourself with the MUSIC of the English language. You need to do this without subtitles or captions or reading, just to get the feel of the English language. If you start right away with scripts and subtitles, you won't your listening skills, only your reading skills. It takes effort to improve something that is difficult, If you don't make the effort, you will not improve. Topics for Debate in English. Advanced Level Listening: How to Spot a Liar. I noticed that some of you would like more realistic listening practice, so here's another Ted lecture for you to test your listening skills!

Advanced Level Listening: How to Spot a Liar

How are your listening skills? Listening to long English lecture style listenings are an important ability. Students on our university preparation programmes practise listening to lectures, because in American universities, lectures are the main way of teaching. It's a difficult task to listen and take notes for future reference at the same time. Basic ESL Quiz Questions. Adverbs of Frequency Game - Juego de Adverbios de Frecuencia en inglés. PowToon for education online animated presentation software. ESL activities - resources for English teachers. Simple past review. Simple past - part 1. English Exercises - Ejercicios de ingl s - Para aprender o practicar ingl s. Learn English Conversation.

English Conversation – Movies. This is the preparation material for an English Conversation lesson about movies. There are some common terms and idioms that we use when discussing movies and a list of conversation questions that people might ask eachother when talking about this subject. Audio discussion about movies Listen to discussion about movies Transcript of audio discussion Vocabulary we might use when talking about movies The big screen – this is a slang way of referring to the movie cinema.Entertaining – something which entertains; amusing and interesting.Intense – containing strong emotions/feelings or extreme in nature.Thought-provoking – something that makes you think hard.Hilarious - something which is extremely funny. Idioms we might use when talking about movies… Movies for esl learning.

ESL Lesson PLan: Movie/Film. Extra Movie Activities: Crossword: Reviews movie vocabulary. Movie Cloze: Reviews movie vocabulary. Movie Word Search: Reviews movie vocabulary. Welcome to Film review. ESL EFL Teaching Activities, Worksheets, Lessons. The resources section covers a wide variety of topics and grammar points. There are four main categories: General English, Grammar, Questions and Functional Language. All the sections and topics are listed below. There are hundreds of beneficial resources to choose from covering all aspects of language learning. There are grammar and vocabulary resources as well as resources to improve students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

The resources cover all levels of English from beginner through to advanced. You can use these teaching resources to introduce or round off lessons, revise specific structures and vocabulary, extend your lessons or to supplement a course book. Within each section, you will also find complete lessons. Teaching Tenses to ESL Students. Tenses. Learn Languages for Free with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Canciones populares en inglés - SongsAndWords. ELLLO! Listening Games. Shoestoreconv. Listeningquiz1. A Bad Day. Restaurant. Bank. Phoneanswer. Clothesshopping. Level 1. Listening. Listening Lessons Dogs, Dogs, Dogs - Idioms and phrases using the word 'Dog'. Get the phone! - A listening exercise. Listen to the phone conversation and then answer the questions. Listening Exercise: The Birthday Party - A listening exercise.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English. SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language. The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! (You can pause and rewind the video.)Answer the listening comprehension questions below the video.Check your answers. Unit 8 What do you do in the morning. Video Teaching and Video Films. ESL Teaching Videos. Google + Socialmedia. Schedule. 33%20Track%2033. Dictations. English news and easy articles for students of English. English Online - Articles in Easy Understandable English for Learners. Student News. ESL Lesson Plans: Talking Point Worksheets.