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The Engagement Effect: Human Performance Improvement

The Engagement Effect: Human Performance Improvement
What is Human Performance Improvement? The Human Performance Improvement process is very similar to Human Performance Technology. HPI provides you with a systematic process to follow on what can often be a not-so-systematic path. In addition to identifying human performance gaps and their possible solutions, this standardized approach offers the ability to measure the success of your efforts and eliminate the guesswork that follows when a performance gap must be evaluated. HPI is results-based and systematic. Rather than focusing on a ‘wants-based’ or ‘needs-based’ approach, HPI follows a ‘results-based’ approach to improving performance, distinguishing it from many HRD (human resource development) activities. The Human Performance Improvement process is very similar to Human Performance Technology. Top HPI for Your Business The process of analyzing performance begins with a analyzing your business, which allows you to focus on the goals for your business. HPI Begins With Your Goals

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Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Programs - ATD Mason Holloway has an extensive professional background, including 15 years in senior management and consultative positions working in business consulting, business operations, sales, and human performance improvement (HPI). He is a senior analyst, performance technologist, and experienced practitioner of the HPI processes. He has demonstrated skills and expertise in assisting companies in meeting and exceeding aggressive and competitive organizational goals and improving overall business results through HPI processes. Holloway's clients have included The U.S. study finds walking improves creativity Stanford Report, April 24, 2014 Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person's creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. By May Wong

Problem-based Learning Explained for Teachers + 6 Great Books to Read Problem based learning ( PBL) is a teaching strategy that involves the minimum amount of direct and formal instruction characteristic of lecture based teaching. In a PBL model, students are provided with complex problems to work on and during the process they get to learn the lesson content and theoretical knowledge underlying the problem. In other words, unlike traditional content-based teaching where the primacy is put on the delivery of content and the imparting of knowledge to students, PBL foregrounds problem-based activities as a way to stimulate students cognitive skills and engage them in hands-on learning. PBL is a student centred and process-oriented approach. It puts a premium on the process leading to understanding. Its main objective is to prepare students for real world scenarios where they would have to deal with a variety of problems.

Stop Thinking Goal, Think Practice I’m a big advocate of clearly defined goals and goal achievement. To my surprise, I think I may have been misplacing some of the emphasis. It’s not always about the goal. The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers After 18 months of struggling to get traction with two product ideas, Segment started its turnaround. What followed was a two-year stretch of growth from four to 60 people, thousands of new customers and $44 million over several rounds of financing. What was the trigger for such a significant inflection point? In the lead up to the sea change, Co-founder and CEO Peter Reinhardt and the team at Segment started to heavily lean into qualitative feedback tools like live chat widget Olark. It was embedded on each page and everyone from the newest hire to the co-founders were constantly learning from everyone using their product. It’s hard to pin all this momentum on tools, but knowing how to leverage them is at the core of Segment’s business.

Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Preconceptions Lateral thinking puzzles that challenge your preconceptions. 1. You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus: 1. Some Very Good Resources for Teachers Professional Development December 8, 2015 Below are two great resources for teachers professional development. Both of these platforms have been featured in separate posts in the past. Teachers can use them to access a wide variety of professional development resources including: tips on how to better integrate technology in your instruction, lesson plans ideas, webinars, training events and many more. 1- Microsoft Educator Community Microsoft Educator Community is a new platform from Microsoft created specifically to help teachers and educators collaborate with each other, grow professionally and make a better use of technology in their teaching. Some of the things provided by Microsoft Educator Community include:

Consulting and Organizational Development Recently a student asked me what the primary differences in skills were required between a consultant and a trainer. I thought about it and told her this story….. When I was working in the OD firm, Block Petrella Weisbord, I was on the consulting side of the business with Tony Petrella and Marvin Weisbord. An Entrepreneur's Guide to Compliance Understanding your role in compliance and staying ahead of federal regulations is challenging, but it’s infinitely preferable to the fines and other costs associated with non-compliance. Creating a culture of compliance in your organization, even if it’s just you, isn’t something that you can deal with in the future, or assume is the domain of only larger organizations. In the current business climate, every organization, regardless of size, is held accountable for compliance, and regulators are examining compliance plans and policies more closely than ever.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills Have you ever thought of yourself as a problem solver? I’m guessing not. But in reality we are constantly solving problems. And the better we are at it, the easier our lives are. 10 Things Teachers Professional Development should Never Include Today, however, and as I was leafing through my Twitter feeds I came across this great read posted in remixteaching. This is basically a short 2 pages PDF created by Laura R. Thomas ( who is actually the director of the Antioch Center for School Renewal in Keene, N.H. In this article, Laura provides 10 bad things your professional development plans should not include.

Transforming a group of diverse individuals into a high-performance team is a monumental task. Although teams have both strengths and weaknesses the ability to constructively exploit the strengths while improving upon the weaknesses is a challenge that most organizations will ultimately face. Accordingly a group that transcends these difficulties will eventually go on to develop the attributes that will effectively allow it to become a high powered team. 6 Simple Tricks To Make More Money From Your Blog Are you getting traffic to your blog, but still struggling to make a good income? Blogging is a great career option but only if you do it the right way. Of course, everything starts with providing great content to your readers and steadily growing your traffic. Once you have decent traffic to your blog and a loyal audience, it’s time to focus on the revenue. You may have heard a lot of people say that your blog revenue is directly proportional to the traffic coming in, but that’s not really true.