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Molecular Workbench

Molecular Workbench
Three Views of MW Senior Scientist and Molecular Workbench Developer Charles Xie, Researcher and Manager Amy Pallant, and Technology and Curriculum Developer Dan Damelin describe the history of Molecular Workbench and our vision for the future. Watch the Video undefinedundefinedundefined Selected Curriculum Modules Transistor

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on iTunes U Take NSDL With You Wherever You Go NSDL provides access to audio, video, and other multimedia resources for science and math education through Apple's iTunes Store. iTunes U is a free service that gives users of iTunes access to audio and video from leading educational institutions. The Beyond Campus section of iTunes U includes museums, public radio and television stations, and other non-profit educational providers. There is no cost to use or download materials from NSDL on iTunes U. Content is added on a regular basis, so NSDL projects and other providers who have multimedia materials that may be appropriate for inclusion in the site are encouraged to complete NSDL's Contact Us form. With NSDL on iTunes U, you can:

OnLineLabs ChemLab There is a fee for this one, but it is well worth the price! They are truly interactive and you can design your own simulations! Go to the downloads page for a free evaluation trial Dartmouth ChemLab This site has some very good interactive virtual labs plus a terrific interactive periodic table! Virtual Chemistry Chemistry and Physics applets and phylsets from Davidson University.

Pictures of Science: 700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration - NYPL Digital Collections Collection History This digital collection draws upon the materials selected for an exhibition called "Seeing Is Believing," held in the Library's Gottesman Exhibition Hall, October 23, 1999 - February 19, 2000. Natural history materials were included very selectively in that exhibition; however, natural history materials have their own separate presentations in NYPL Digital Gallery, devoted to plants and to animals respectively. Background The digital presentation reprises the exhibition's overarching premise: pictures, as Leonhart Fuchs noted in the introduction to his great herbal of 1542, "can communicate information much more clearly than the words of even the most eloquent men." The exhibition posited three categories of scientific images.

Free Resources Close If you are trying to view the videos from inside a school or university, your IT admin may need to enable streaming on your network. Please see the Internet Filtering section of our Technical Requirements page. DVDs AND OTHER COPIES Videos on this page are not available on DVD at this time due to licensing restrictions on the footage. What are some examples of online simulations for science labs? Printable Version Sometimes it is difficult for students with disabilities to participate in experiments and other science lab activities. Online simulations can help these students participate in science exercises with more independence than may be possible in the traditional lab setting. The following list, although not comprehensive, provides examples of available science simulations.

Science Behind The News The National Science Foundation in partnership with NBC learn bring you the first story in this new series examining the science of political polls and random sampling As disease-causing bacteria becomes increasingly resistant to antibiotics, scientists like Erin Carlson from Indiana... Imagine if engineers could build a computer to be millions of times faster than anything that exists today, yet so small... "The Los Angeles Police Department is using a new tactic in their fight against crime called "predictive policing." It's a... In the search for the next groundbreaking tough material, scientists like David Kisalus from the University of California, Riverside... FREE Download: 2012 AuthenticSTEM Guide Here it is! The 2012 AuthenticSTEM Guide to STEM Education Resource. This guide includes resources that support each of the 8 keys to Education Reform through STEM. Please note that the free guide is made available to you at no cost, and is mainly made up of affordable resources that can be utilized almost immediately. Please feel free to share with anyone you feel may benefit from the information. Who It’s For

Classroom Games Icebreakers Apr10 How to Play Icebreaker Questions Click here for instructions Educational Idea Sheets - Resource Area For Teaching Idea Sheets are hands-on experience guides linked to core curriculum topics. Every Idea Sheet is cross-referenced to one or more of the curriculum subjects listed in the Content Standards. Use this Idea Sheets Search Tool to rapidly pinpoint activities that are perfectly suited to the grade level, subject area, and content standard you want to cover. Idea Sheets are based on readily-available, low-cost materials such as cardboard tubes, bottle caps, old CD's, etc. You can also Search Idea Sheets by Standards. Molecular Workbench Three Views of MW Senior Scientist and Molecular Workbench Developer Charles Xie, Researcher and Manager Amy Pallant, and Technology and Curriculum Developer Dan Damelin describe the history of Molecular Workbench and our vision for the future. Watch the Video

Science Classroom Science Discovery Days (Student worksheets provided) Scientific Method Unit & Safety Rules (Unit notes, worksheets, and lab ideas provided) Consumer Challenge (Student worksheets provided) Old Wives Tales Investigation (Student worksheets provided) Silly Science (Classification) (Student worksheet provided) Mystery Bags Film Canister Fun Bioglyphs (Student worksheets provided) Pottery Pieces Innovative Inventions - Internet project (Sites from the Kid Zone) (Student worksheet provided) Inventor's Challenge - Internet project (Sites from the Kid Zone) (Student worksheet provided) A Journey Through Time -Internet project (Sites from the Kid Zone) (Student worksheet provided) Science A to Z Puzzle (Student worksheet provided) Super Scientist Challenge (Student worksheets provided) Also check out ... Metric Mania - An assortment of lessons and links for the metric system! | Back to top | Science Discovery Days (T. (Trimpe) Tomm, Havana Junior High, Havana, IL)

Molecular Workbench provee gratuitamente simulacros visuales e interactivos para el aprendizaje y la enseñanza de las ciencias naturales. Es una herramienta de modelado que permite el diseño y monitoreo de experimentos mediados por dispositivos digitales, los profesores pueden crear sus propios modelos para la enseñanza y es Open Source. by academytic Jun 5

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