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Technology - Steampunk - How to Make Instructables

Technology - Steampunk - How to Make Instructables
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fairy The Steampunk Workshop | At the intersection of Romance and Technology. 8 Useful Web Tools You Would Not Want To Miss Online web tools are great because they can save your time and you do not need leave your browser. As our daily lives evolve into online sphere, having right web tools on your hand can certainly be convenient. In this post you will find some useful web apps that are not only useful, but also easy to use. 1. Convert Files Easily convert different file formats. 2. Are you a power searcher? 3. Simply create thumbnails in different sizes right from your browser. 4. Have you ever wondered if you could record your screen right from your computer without any software? 6. Another handy tool for project mangers, designers and developers. 7. If you maintain multiple websites and wanted show feeds between you websites, Cyclur will get the job done with knowing too much coding. 8. Filpping Typical is a useful online utility for web designer to preview a text in different fonts. DevCheatSheet A collection all kind of cheat sheets for different markup and scripting languages on the web.

Copper Plating & Etching Altoids Tins UPDATE: There's some great information on this page and it's comments, but I've recently published a far more comprehensive article here: Etching Tins with Salt Water and Electricity With this project I wanted to try a number of new things: Magazine pages as cheap toner transfer mediaCopper electroplatingEtching Altoid tins with a salt water solution The copper plating met with mixed success, but the other two methods resulted in some nice pieces. Note: blue vitriol and muriatic acid are archaic names for copper sulfate and hydrochloric acid. Magazine pages for toner transfer: While looking for information on transferring toner using a fuser assembly from an old laser printer I ran across several websites where people suggested using glossy magazine pages for transferring printed circuit board images to a copper substrate. Preparing the Altoids tins turned out to be harder then I predicted. Next we: Copper Plating Altoids Tins: From the picture below, this appears to work. Foom!

Steampunk To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook. Download » Welcome to the Steampunk ebook, a collection of awesome do-it-yourself steampunk projects from! The Instructables editors have chosen some of our best do-it-yourself steampunk technology projects to help you prepare for the retro-Victorian future. Don your goggles, fire up your steam-powered tools, and get inspired to make some of these awesome projects! Instructables is the most popular project-sharing community on the Internet. 10 Predictions for Web Development in 2011 As a class, developers have had a fantastic year in 2010. We've made headlines, grabbed the limelight, been vilified and glorified beyond all reason and gotten paid pretty nicely along the way. And the bubble of consumer web apps just continues to swell, so there are no signs (yet) that 2011 will bring anything short of grandeur for the web and mobile development communities. Looking ahead to what the coming year might hold, there are a few sure bets and a few speculations we'd like to offer. Some are, as noted, almost certainly bound to come true. With that in mind, here are 10 things we think the world of hacking will hold in 2011. 1. Even the most brainless of "social media gurus" could tell you this one. Now, as tablets begin to creep into the market, we're having to craft new experiences for those, as well. Almost every developer worth his or her salt will have to become increasingly adept at developing for the myriad form factors set to dominate the gadget market in 2011. 2. 3. 4.

Steampunk Finger Stylus I use a touchpad GPS regularly at work and lost the pen stylus a long time ago; it was inconvenient anyway trying to hold the stylus, GPS unit, and drive an ATV at the same time. So I made some finger stylussss?Stylii? from old water jug handles for work. For this Instructable I added some extra parts for fun Steampunk styling. Step 1: Cut Handle Out of Water Jug This is simple, just cut out a small section from the handle of the jug. Step 2: Plain Stylus Finish Briefly hold the tip of the stylus in a flame to round it and keep it from being scratchy. Step 3: Paint and Hot Glue Extra Stuff Getting a sense of Steampunk style takes a little intuition and internet browsing for ideas.

Tips for Frugal Jewelry Making Renew, reuse, recycle, and save money is a popular mantra for all aspects of our lives, and these ideas relate to jewelry making as well. In addition, Earth-friendly and sustainable concepts can save you money on jewelry supplies while it forces you to think more creatively. Here are some tips to help you become creatively frugal when it comes to jewelry designing. Use Found Objects A bead can be anything with a hole in it. Comparison Shop Even if you’ve been purchasing from the same vendor for years, don’t feel shy about shopping around. Team Up and Buy in Bulk The more you buy, the better your price - usually. Garage Sales and Thrift Stores Most garage sales and thrift stores have at least a few pieces of jewelry for sale. Go to a Hardware Store I like to visit my local hardware store in search of hidden treasure. Use What You Have First On that same note, one frugal concept is to try to use what you already have in your stash.

Steampunk The ultra technological world born from hackers & maker culture has helped inspire a Jules Verne themed steampunk bazaar full of brass computer accoutrements, leather fly-boy goggles, and ray-guns made from candle holders that should help equip you well enough to fight off an attack from a wayward Eastern Block airship, a corset wearing phantasm from yesteryear, or just your everyday future warriors who refuse to acknowledge that an imaginary life in the past is better than living in the reality of today, or dare I say, the curious gaze of tomorrow. The retro futuristic world of steampunk is thriving on Instructables, and with this guide, it can thrive in your life too. By request: My take on goggles.Often times after piloting my steam dirigible, I arrive at my destination only to find my eyelashes and eyebrows have collected a mass of gnats, fleas, and small birds. ... Well lets put it this way, ive always had this thing about traveling through time, and having a time machine.

Custom Labels and Stickers | Printed Labels and Stickers | Product Stickers – Lightning Labels Cheap and Easy to make Steampunk Keyboard After looking at some of the fancy retro keyboards at Datamancer's Site and the nice tutorial over at the Steampunk Workshop, I really wanted to make one myself. Unfortunately, I lack the tools/space and money to get and cut brass, and I'm not confidant enough to do so with any other metal. Also, I did not like the idea of spending $60+ for two sets of old typewriter keys. So I went looking for other ways to make one. It was at this point that I found stickers of old typewriter keys and realized another way I could make my keyboard "look" like it had old typewriter keys Thus I present a way to make a steampunk/typewriter looking keyboard for under $50 that the average person can easily make him/herself Tools Used: Screw Driver - both Philips and flat head will most likely be needed Dremel Tool - with plastic cutting blade Pliers - Needle nose work best for the finer cutting Small saw for cutting the scrap wood Materials Used: A Keyboard - DUH!

GS1 compliant UPC barcodes for all retail items. Miss Betsy's Steampunk Monitor If you visit the google library in these days, the librarian will find plenty of articles and depictions of so called "Steampunk Monitors". In my imagination though, I envisioned the creation of a device that could show static but also moving pictures generated by means of computation and modulation of waves generated by my ingenious new invention.... (Any resemblance to devices used in "City of Lost Children" is purely coincidental). I also wanted to add "loudspeakers" (E. The device will be able to reproduce sound and static/moving pictures and will be powered by another invention of mine , based on the works of my fellow researchers Nikola Tesla, using hyper-condensed steam applied to a turbine by the same name, Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta and Michail Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, able to produce alternating current in the amount of 110 Volts. The glass storing containers and part of this generator will be visible atop the base cabinet.

How to Blow Glass: 21 Steps Edit Article Blowing Glass Off-HandLampworking Edited by Aboatman, Krystle C., BrettCapewell, Nicole Willson and 36 others Glassblowing is the art of creating glass sculptures by manipulating molten glass. Glassblowing was first developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. Ad Steps Method 1 of 2: Blowing Glass Off-Hand 1Gather the molten glass. 12Anneal in order to cool off. Method 2 of 2: Lampworking 1Use lampworking for smaller glass objects. 9Allow the mandrel to cool off a bit before taking it to the annealer, rotating all the while. Tips Remember to flash the entire piece in the kiln or glory hole while you are working on it; this prevents cracks.Wet your hand before gathering glass. Warnings Glassblowing is very hot, as in 2000-plus degrees hot!