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Peerless Drawings of Karla Mialynne

Peerless Drawings of Karla Mialynne
The artist Karla Mialynne lives and works in the United States. In order to create highly realistic drawings, she uses colored pencils, acrylic paints and markers. Carl puts her illustrations on her Instagram account. You can see these wonderful paintings, along with pencils and markers that are needed to create the images. I propose you to enjoy Karla Mialynne’s amazing drawings and get inspired Related:  artists

|WSSS|RSCHN| Next Install Theme Secret works of art on the edges of book pages In the world of art, anything and everything can be your canvas. Recently, the University of Iowa discovered a four-volume set of books from 1837. These books contain ‘fore-edge paintings’ – works of art that can only be revealed when you fan the pages part-way open. Fore-edge paintings go as far back as the 10th century, often depicting symbolic designs. Later on around 1750, the subject matter changed to landscapes, portraits, and religious scenes. Many of these paintings can be viewed online through the Boston Public Library. Via Fore-Edge Paintings: The Secret Works of Art Hidden Inside Book Pages

A New Octopus Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye Artist Keng Lye whose work we explored earlier this year recently completed a new painting that blends sculpture and layers of acrylic paint to create this near lifelike red octopus. Lye often uses an egg shell to form the body of his cephalopods which then merges seamlessly with alternating layers of resin and acrylic to create an incredible sense of depth and dimensions. If you liked this, also check out the work of Riusuke Fukahori. All photos courtesy the artist. (via My Modern Met)

Insane Makeup Turns Models Into 2-D Paintings Of Famous Artists When we think of face painting, we usually think of clowns, county fairs and this turtle-loving zombie kid. We certainly tend not to respect it as an art: instead, it's considered a dabbling at best, the sort of medium best left to teenage girls raising money for charity during a parade by painting children’s faces. But as Russian make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan shows, there's nothing trivial about face painting. The human countenance can be an unparalleled canvas, and accounting for its contours takes great skill. For proof, look no further than Kutsan's latest series, 2D Or Not 2D. One beauty might be caked with so many metallic pastels as to resemble a Basquiat print, while another might be covered in Ben-Day dots after Lichtenstein, or even be fractured into panes like a Mondrian muse. It is truly breathtaking technique, but 2D Or Not 2D isn't Kutsan's first collaboration with Khoklov. To see more of Kutsan's incredible work, see her website here.

TwoPoints.Net | Flexible Visual Identities & Editorial Design Game of Thrones / by Nigel Evan Dennis Stunning Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich shoots phenomenal portraits of Siamese fighting fish (betta). The intimate photos are perfectly lit in clear water and look as if the fish are floating in midair. See much more here. (via DDN JAPAN) Design Seeds® | find your palette #ededed #e8dcca #b08a61 #66503c #6b636a #aba2a4 Find The Palettes You Love seasoned tones posted 04.27.14 comments 1 geode tones posted 04.25.14 comments 0 sponsored links culinary color posted 04.25.14 comments 1 geode brights posted 04.22.14 comments 0 dried tones posted 04.14.14 comments 3 bundled hues posted 04.09.14 comments 1 nature hues posted 03.07.14 comments 0 color comfort posted 12.01.13 comments 2 bountiful tones posted 11.28.13 comments 1 thanksgiving hues posted 11.28.13 comments 2 pear tones posted 11.25.13 comments 5 breakfast hues posted 11.24.13 comments 3 next page >>> ShareThis Copy and Paste

EROTIC DRAWINGS BY GUSTAV KLIMT | lichtblik lichtblik about drawings by mailbertjacobs Share this: Like this: Related Drawing-for-Two-Emblems-for-Ver-Sacrum-Gustav-Klimt. Gustav Klimt Farm Garden With Crucifix Schilderij The Tree of Life, 1905 by Gustav Klimt Published: October 15, 2013 Filed Under: Uncategorized Leave a Reply « Previous Post Next Post » Blog at Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Build a website with %d bloggers like this: