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Ma vie formidable de prof 2.0 : médiatiser, organiser des sorties, évaluer Un taux d'absentéisme record, mais je ne suis pas inquiet Comme chaque jour, nous commençons la classe par un selfie. Ce n'est pas que nous soyons narcissiques, mais nous avons remplacé ainsi les feuilles d'émargement ou l'appel qui précédait le cours, il y a encore quelques années. C'est plus rapide, plus fiable, mais j'avoue qu'après dix mois, je ne connais toujours pas le nom de mes élèves... Je dois reconnaître que la classe n'est pas bien remplie. On a serré les tables pour se sentir moins seuls. Depuis quelques mois, je n'ai plus que quelques apprenants qui viennent au cours. Les élèves absents suivent la formation sur un écran de chez eux, de la terrasse d'un café ou même de la salle de classe... Etre prof 2.0, c'est laisser aux élèves le choix du média : en réel, en vidéo, ou en podcast audio... De temps en temps, les deux élèves présents lèvent un bras. Une sortie au musée Cet après-midi, pourtant, nous partons au Musée d'histoire naturelle avec la classe. Virtuel ou réel ?

Classroomscreen - Timers, Names, and Noise Meters A couple of weeks ago my Practical Ed Tech weekly newsletter was all about timers and random selectors. A reader named Erin replied to the newsletter with a suggestion to try a tool called Classroomscreen. I'm so glad that she suggested it beccause Classroomscreen is fantastic! Classroomscreen is a service that lets you create a homescreen on which you can place reusable countdown timers, stopwatches, noise meters, random name selectors, and more helpful classroom management tools. The noise meter lets you set a sensitivity level and have an alarm sound when the room gets too noisy. The random name selector lets you enter a list of names and save it for unlimited reuse. In addition to the timers, noise meters, and random name pickers, Classroomscreen also offers handy tools like a digital whiteboard, a calendar, a task list, and a QR code to share the whole screen with your students. In this short video I demonstrate the key features of the free Classroomscreen plan.

TextureKing - Outil d'amélioration de mise en page (fonds texturés) RAW Converters Comparison - nomadlens 1. Methodology I’ve been a user of Adobe Lightroom since Version 1. I have other RAW converters: I used DXO Optics Pro from version 4 to 6 but ended up being too lazy to manage the workflow issues; I picked up Irident Developer many years ago in a special offer but never used it until recently when I acquired a couple of Foveon sensored Sigmas; I dabbled with Lightzone for a bit when it was a commercial program as I liked its refreshingly different toolset, though in the end I preferred to do the sort of things it does in Photoshop; and I have Aperture but almost never use it because the crossover in its functionality is so similar to Lightroom. In the end, then, Lightroom became a default but not through any major conscious choice. Comparing RAW Converters A RAW converters comparison is notoriously difficult and whilst I have tried to be as neutral as possible I can’t make any claims to scientific objectivity. Further subjectivity creeps in at every step. The Converters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Visual QR Code Generator - Visualead The Best Free Online File Converters for All Your Formatting Needs Advertisement Have you ever received a file or created one of your own that needed to be in a different format? Whether it’s from PDF to DOC, JPG to BMP, or MP3 to WAV, documents, images, audio and video files can be converted easier than you think. The Mega Guide to Media File Conversion Tools in Windows The Mega Guide to Media File Conversion Tools in Windows Wondering how to best convert that media file? This is your guide out of the media file jungle. We compiled the most relevant media file conversion tools and show you how to use them. Each of these free online services is ideal because they provide various types of file conversions in one spot. Just pick the one you like best from this list and you’re covered. 1. Before you even try your first file conversion on, you can quickly check for supported file types. Select your target format from the drop-down box in the applicable section. 2. 3. 4. Zamzar supports over 1,200 file conversion types for most any need.

SlidesCarnival - Templates gratuits pour PowerPoint et Google Slides Crappy Vs Snappy | Mine Photos Sudbury Ontario Canada Note: If you share this page or my crappy vs snappy photos you must credit Why not have some high impact "key images" in your archives to be used in marketing situations that obtain high visibility like magazine articles, e-articles, tradeshow booths or news coverage? Oh sure, you can do your own photos, but would you let a photographer run your scoop? There is a huge difference between crappy and snappy. When placing your products into industry magazine, impact is the eye catcher. Mining Industrial Equipment Rentals should look at updating their images. This scenario was SCREAMING "Impact!" Something as simple as this can have that "Wow Factor" Another Crappy Vs Snappy What a difference a little lighting makes. Refurbishing before/after images should be handled the same way.

Natural Next Step: Podcasting for Relationship Building They know and trust your voice. They feel like they already know you. Your podcast is just the natural next step in your ongoing relationship. You already have at least two-thirds of the structure you need: your blog, your audience. The other third would be your email autoresponder series. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Radio Tales When is the last time you listened to the radio, as in AM/FM? Personally, I don’t listen to AM/FM radio much these days at all. They play what the people want to hear. A few months back, I’d watched a movie about an up-and-coming singer who was a favorite with the people but had a hard time convincing the local radio station that his music was worthy of airtime. As his promoter and the station owner watched him record a song, the station owner emphatically rejected the notion, citing James Brown’s strange lyrics (Please, please, please!) In the final analysis, the promoter convinced the station owner by proving, “THIS is what the people want to hear!”

12,000 iconos gratis Este paquete de iconos tenia tiempo con ganas de compartir son todos los iconos que he logrado descargar de un año a la fecha son mas de 12,000 iconos en formatos: PNG, TIFF e ICO Todos de muy buena calidad y varios son los mismos que en algun momento he publicado en el blog, estan divididos en 3 archivos, dos de 100mb y uno de 60 mb. Las tematicas son varias desde iconos de deportes, pasando por iconos para proyectos web, iconos sociales, iconos de tecnologia, etc… Descargar iconos: [googleBowl] TemplateMonster - Templates gratuits pour PowerPoint Professional Powerpoint Templates for Cool Presentation Ideas TemplateMonster is proud to present Great PPT Templates collection – excellent design product featuring a batch of pre-made slides to kickstart an effective professional presentation. All you need is browse through the categories to discover the perfect idea to highlight your content. Make a run at Free PowerPoint Templates to learn how to use and modify them in a test-drive mode. PowerPoint isn’t the only tool available to create presentations, check some similar products – Google Slides Themes or Keynote Templates. About Microsoft PPT Templates PowerPoint Templates are basically the ready-made presentations that only require texts changes. TemplateMonster and PowerPoint Templates The audience of TemplateMonster has been waiting for PowerPoint Templates for quite a long time which makes this product very special. Presentation templates fit for any powerpoint: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 About Microsoft PPT Templates

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