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A THIN LINE, MTV's sexting, cyberbullying, digital dating abuse campaign :

A THIN LINE, MTV's sexting, cyberbullying, digital dating abuse campaign :

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8 anti-bullying resources for schools and classrooms We’ve gathered anti-bullying resources, apps and tools to help you promote a bullying-free school and district environment. ClassDojo and Making Caring Common (MCC), a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), announced an initiative designed to help millions of students worldwide learn about the power of empathy. Through the collaboration, ClassDojo and HGSE MCC created an original series of animated, short films along with discussion guides that will be available to all teachers, parents, and students on ClassDojo. Chartwells K12, a food service provider, has trained thousands of cafeteria workers to spot and stop bullying in a place where it most frequently happens–the lunch line and cafeteria. Chartwells’ workers are trained to look for unexplained injuries, changes in demeanor, frequent complaints of headaches, stomachaches or feeling sick, which can indicate a victim of bullying. The-No-App empowers the victims of bullying and their parents.

Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" Digital Book for Teens by Linda McCarthy from Official Microsoft Download Center Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space Teen Book _All Chapters.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book _All Chapters.xps Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 01_Protect Your Turf.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 02_Know Your Villains.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 03_Nasty Ware.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 04_Hackers and Crackers.pdf Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Help Save The ENDANGERED From EXTINCTION! The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Rare photo of the elusive tree octopus The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) can be found in the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula on the west coast of North America.

Friends . Bullies someone else. No matter what situation or form it comes in, bullying can make you feel depressed, hurt, and alone. It can keep you from enjoying the activities and places that are part of your life. Anonymous Alerts – Anti-bullying App and Bullying Incident Reporting Student anti-bullying app Anonymous Alerts® anti-bullying app and safety reporting system is simple, secure and enables students to quickly report incidents related to bullying, cyberbullying, student depression, family problems, self-harm, drugs, gang-related issues, harassment, weapons on campus or unusual student behavior which may warrant immediate attention by school officials. The reporter of the incident can establish anonymous 2-way communications™ with school officials. Anonymous Alerts® encourages those who feel vulnerable or less confident to speak up without fear of reprisal. Student anonymous report submissions

Getting started – For families – Safety Center – Google As a parent or guardian, you know what feels right for your family and how your kids learn best. To help your family navigate through new technologies, gadgets, and services in an ever-changing online world, it helps to get practical advice. That’s why we continuously talk to safety experts, parents, educators and communities around the world – to keep a pulse on what works. Together, we can help nurture a community of responsible digital citizens.

Cyberbullying guidance for schools Cyberbullying: Understand, Prevent and Respond Guidance for Schools Cyberbullying is a form of bullying, and research reveals it has increased to affect 12% of young people in this country. This Guidance is designed to support schools in preventing and responding to cyberbullying. The Guidance comprises of four main sections below. This work has been assisted by a range of experts in this area who formed part of an Advisory Board, as well as the voice of young people on this subject area.

Welcome to the Web Thank you for visiting 'Welcome to the Web'. By working your way through this web site and taking part in the exciting challenges and activities, you will learn all about the Internet. Good luck! What’s It All About? Click the images to the left to view the data that can be collected, analyzed, and used to formulate and evaluate school policy. Managing all of your bullying-related data in one spot....saving administrators time and effort!! We at MostBeastlyStudios realize how important tangible data and numbers can be for school districts, particularly as it pertains to highly controversial topics such as bullying. In addition, we recognize how busy school administrators are. Therefore, we have developed a tool for the collection and analysis of data from reports submitted through the BullyBox, as well as subsequent investigations carried out by school personnel.

A Bullying Quiz Printer-friendly version Objectives: Understand how evidence regarding behavioral patterns might challenge personal beliefs and assumptions about social behavior Use evidence about bullying behavior to inform daily decisions regarding social interactions and understand the necessity of making personal decisions in bullying situations Use factual information to consider consequences and alternatives of personal behavior choices IntroductionEven students who have experienced bullying might be surprised by the statistics and studies about bullying. It's important for adults, student leaders and other educators to raise awareness about the prevalence of bullying and its detrimental effects for all involved. The frequency with which students admit to bullying might surprise students who feel alone and isolated due to the wrath of a bully.

Surf Swell Island Activity from Disney Printables Wreck-It Ralph activity book From the arcade into the craft room, hit the reset button on your little artist’s creativity!Wreck-It Ralph pencil toppers Make it the best school year ever with these Wreck-It Ralph pencil toppers.Wreck-It Ralph stickers Share these stickers with your friends. Cyberbullying Toolkit An Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators This free toolkit has the resources schools need to take an effective stand against cyberbullying. Rely on it to start your year off right. Each occurrence of cyberbullying hurts students, disrupts classrooms, and impacts your school's culture and community.

A digital safety education resource produced by MTV, to educate teenagers about the possible repercussions of their digital activities. by sdmitri20 Nov 24