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Syria: The shaping of a nation, then and now In the early 20th century, Syria was part of a region redrawn by outside forces. Today the 3-year-old uprising against the government of President Bashar al-Assad is generating the outlines of zones of control that could result in the partitioning of the country. The modern map of the Middle East was created by Europeans less than a century ago. Today, the conflict in Syria is calling into question the viability of those borders, which were frequently drawn with little regard for local communities. On the eve of the outbreak of World War l, most of the Middle East was part of the Ottoman Empire, itself an extension of the Islamic caliphate founded in the 7th century. A secret understanding between the British and the French to share the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire after World War I carved the region into two zones of influence.

Firefox : Extensions / page de démarrage et recherche : Tutorials Windows Firefox permet l'ajout d'extensions. Ces dernières permettent de modifier le comportement du navigateur et d'ajouter des fonctionnalités. Certaines extensions plus ou moins néfastes permettent de modifier la page de démarrage, le moteur de recherche et autre : PUP/LPI : Potentially Unwanted Program/Programmes potentiellement indésirablesou comportement sur des sites - exemple les : Virus Facebook. Ces dernières peuvent ralentir l'ordinateur et Firefox voir générer des plantages.Maîtriser les extensions est donc important. La page suivante donne quelques informations sur la maitrise de ces extensions sur Firefox qui est résumé ci-dessous : ... s-firefox/ Méthode 1 : Nettoyage Automatique : Réparer/Réinitialiser Firefox La réinitialisation/réparation de Firefox créé un nouveau profil, mais ce dernier garde vos données comme : Nouvelle interface : Cliquez sur le menu en haut à droite de la barre d'adresse Sélectionnez "informations et dépannages" En vidéo

Current Events Classroom About Current Events Classroom The Current Events Classroom is a collection of timely and relevant brief lesson plans that assist K-12 educators in teaching news topics and other issues of the day. Each lesson helps students analyze the topic through an anti-bias, diversity and social justice lens. What is the DREAM Act and Who are the Dreamers? Summary The DREAM Act (short for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) was a bill in Congress that would have granted legal status to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children and went to school here. Grade Level Common Core Anchor Standards Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Learning Objectives Download PDF Elementary School Lessons Who Am I? Toys and Gender (PDF)Holiday season is a time of year when children and families think about buying toys for children. What is Marriage Equality? Middle School Lessons What is Marriage Equality? High School Lessons Who Was César Chávez?

How About Orange Films For Action: Watch And Share Films Made To Inspire Action For A Better World 60 bricolages avec des rouleaux de papier toilette Les rouleaux de papier toilette sont un classique des bricolages pour enfants. Il faut dire qu’on peut en faire 1001 choses différentes et que c’est une manière simple (et pas chère) d’occuper les enfants. A la maison, je garde systématiquement les tubes en carton vides afin de bricoler avec les garçons. J’en ai une caisse pleine dans mon « armoire à bidouilles ». Les animaux en rouleau de papier toilette Parmi les bricolages les plus répandus, c’est l’animal qui remporte le plus vif succès. Un lapin (et son panier) à faire par les plus grands,des lapins version plus simple,une pieuvre trop mignonne,un renne très « nature »,des animaux de la forêt vraiment très jolis. Des chauves-souris rigolotes,un papillon à décorer comme on veut,un serpent avec un peu de découpage,un serpent en attachant plein de rouleaux ensemble,une araignée qui ne me fait pas trop peur. Les personnages en carton Après les animaux, ce sont les personnages qui ont la côte. Les accessoires Les jouets 100% récup

Know the News Home | Login/Register RSS / Podcasts Close Home > Get Involved > For Educators > Know the News > Remix the News News Challenge Remixer Menu Watch and Rate Login | TIME Edge | Current Events and Literacy for Middle Schools TIME Edge is the premier digital news source developed specifically for middle school students. Build student literacy skills with close-reading assignments. Get ideas for tying history and science lessons to current events. “TIME Edge allows me to connect what my students are learning in social studies to current events in an engaging way, while promoting literacy and 21st-century learning skills.” Get TIME EdgeStart your free trial today TIME Edge launched in the spring of 2015 to bring relevant current events and primary sources to middle school classrooms. Learn more about getting TIME Edge for your classroom.

About this Collection - Country Studies | Digital Collections | Library of Congress Contains the electronic versions of 80 books previously published in hard copy as part of the Country Studies Series by the Federal Research Division. Intended for a general audience, books in the series present a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of select countries throughout the world. Most books in the series deal with a single foreign country, but a few cover several countries or a geographic region. Each book was written by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, who sought to adhere to accepted standards of scholarly objectivity. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets If It Were My Home Topics Index Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election | Berkman Klein Center Executive Summary In this study, we analyze both mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 United States presidential election. We document that the majority of mainstream media coverage was negative for both candidates, but largely followed Donald Trump’s agenda: when reporting on Hillary Clinton, coverage primarily focused on the various scandals related to the Clinton Foundation and emails. We find that the structure and composition of media on the right and left are quite different. Our data supports lines of research on polarization in American politics that focus on the asymmetric patterns between the left and the right, rather than studies that see polarization as a general historical phenomenon, driven by technology or other mechanisms that apply across the partisan divide. The analysis includes the evaluation and mapping of the media landscape from several perspectives and is based on large-scale data collection of media stories published on the web and shared on Twitter.