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Lamassu — Bitcoin ATM Machine

Lamassu — Bitcoin ATM Machine
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Palate Home Smart Grill StormTag - A Bluetooth Weather Station. On Your Keyring. by Jon Atherton What if you could be part of a team that changed the way our climate was analysed? We’re about to start a 2 year worldwide project to perfect crowd sourced weather data, and we need your commitment to help us. Wouldn’t it be great to carry a weather station on your keyring? Not only do you get a great weather station for yourself, but your StormTag will contribute meaningful data that is open for scientific analysis. Stormtag is set to revolutionise weather data collection, and as our App collects that data we’ll begin to provide you with some weather predictions in real time, even without an internet connection. StormTag will help everybody who has an interest in the weather and climate. How does StormTag work and what does it do? Imbalances in air pressure cause wind and weather. For example, a sustained DROP in pressure is a sign of more chance of rain, while a sustained RISE in pressure is a sign of less chance of rain. Thanks! Project Risks: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Home Page | Drop QLEEK - Your Digital Life in the Real World The campaign is over, click here for exclusive future updates. Version Française plus bas et traduction des contreparties Grow your collection to a unique piece of art! Qleek is a beautiful way to tell who you are and what you like. It allows you to feature your most beloved songs, photographs and videos in your living room, your office or your store. We think you’ll love it! Qleek incarnates your music, videos and photographs using wooden hexagons we call Tapps. Tapps might be your Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, Instagram feed, podcast series and pretty much any online content. Because you can customize both its content and its cover, everyTapp is unique, personal and withstands the test of time. The real Tapp is the one that you make yourself, the one that tells who you are and what you like, the one with your Content and your Cover. Put photographs of your latest trip to Asia in plain sight for your friends. How do I get Tapps? You can order new Tapps though our website. Who We Are

Nomiku – Immersion Circulator and Sous Vide Machine Avea Avea connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring additional gateways or bridges. But it doesn't stop there: once you have chosen a light scene, the smart LED lightbulb will take care of the rest, not requiring a constant connection to your iPhone or iPad. Connect more than one Avea, and they will automatically coordinate their lighting to create an even more immersive atmosphere. Brain-Linked Prosthetic Arm Wins FDA Approval As Our Bionic Future Looms DARPA’s initiative to build a prosthetic arm that’s fully controllable via a wearer’s mind has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (via Verge), a key green light that will let it edge closer to wide-scale production and distribution. The next step is to find someone to build the device, and then it can start helping amputees cope with the loss of their limbs. The so-called DEKA-arm uses tech similar to that employed by the MYO armband, detecting electrical impulses in the upper arm before the sever point and interpreting that info to translate it into a gesture. Unlike the MYO, however, this isn’t about turning a regular arm movement into an interface interaction on a computing device – instead, it translates directly to what the movement would’ve been in a natural human arm had the electrical impulse had room to run its course.

Korner - Home Security Anyone Can Use and Everyone Can Afford | Indiegogo At under $100 and setup under 2 minutes, this is truly built for everybody. Introducing the First 1-piece Door/Window Sensor - works better, looks great! A security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it. Priced for everyone: Normally - $59 up front, $39/year Indiegogo campaign - Under $100 and no annual fee for life Easy enough for anyone: Our window and door sensors, or Tags, stick easily to your door or window! Supporting Women's Shelter Part of our mission is to bring home security to those who need it most, but who could never previously afford it. To that end, we have established a partnership with Domestic Abuse Women's Network, or DAWN (, to provide survivors of domestic violence with a free home security system. If you would like to support this initiative, look for our perk that allows you to purchase a system on behalf of DAWN. The corner-piece of our patent-pending innovation - The Tag. Why Did We Create Korner?

FingerReader Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Meng Ee Wong, Pattie Maes, and Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara. "FingerReader: a wearable device to explore text reading on the go". To appear in the proceedings of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). 2015 ACM [PDF] Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Connie K. Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Connie K. seneoPro® | biozoon Die seneoPro®-Texturgeber gehören zum smoothfood-Konzept, welches von den renommierten Heimköchen Markus Biedermann und Herbert Thill konzipiert wurde. Sie ermöglichen eine neue Art der Ernährung für Menschen mit Kau- und Schluckbeschwerden, die keine normale Kost zu sich nehmen können. Die vier verschiedenen Texturgeber ermöglichen die Umsetzung sogenannter Kostformen, zu welchen luftige oder stabile Schäume Gele oder angedickte Flüssigkeiten zählen. Durch diese kann den Betroffenen eine angepasste und ausgewogene Ernährung ermöglicht werden. Die Pulvermischungen der seneoPro®-Reihe ermöglichen eine universelle Umsetzung, sodass sowohl pflegende Angehörige als auch professionelle Köche und Pflegepersonal die neuen Kostformen einfach herstellen können. Finden Sie hier unseren Produktflyer. Gerne können Sie die neuen Kostformen auch bei unseren smoothfood-Seminaren kennenlernen. /

UniKey | The Evolution of the Key is Here - As Seen on Shark Tank PebbleBee – Welcome Ion: A Music Detecting Mood Light with Bluetooth Low Energy by lava ION's genesis began with our first Kickstarter project, Ember & Torch (Bluetooth Low Energy development boards) back in June of 2013. One of the demonstrations for Ember that we built was an app-controlled LED lamp. We demonstrated Ember, Torch, and the LED lamp at Social Media Day Detroit 2013. We quickly discovered that visitors were more interested in where they could purchase the lamp than Ember & Torch. Due to this overwhelming positive response to the lamp, we knew it was time to take it to the next level and create a consumer product. When setting out to build ION, we wanted to create something fun and beautiful. Throughout the last nine months, we've developed 3 different designs of ION, and each time we've raised the bar. ION's magic comes from 40 multicolor LEDs. We designed Ion to be controlled by smartphone, but also wanted users to interact with it by touch. It’s one thing to command Ion yourself, but what if ION could put on a light show to your favorite music?