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The 30 best photo apps

The 30 best photo apps

Le docu "French Touch" de 1999 réédité par Arte en streaming Samedi soir, la chaîne Arte programmait en dernière partie de sa soirée consacrée à la culture électronique un documentaire datant de 1999 sur la French Touch nommé… French Touch. Ce reportage, réalisé par Alexis Bernier et Philippe Lévy, permet de redécouvrir l’ascension du mouvement à travers des interviews d’artistes, des extraits de concerts et de clips vidéo, ou des réflexions sur la musique. Tour à tour, on croise dans ce documentaire Laurent Garnier, Cassius, Mr. Oizo et même Thomas Bangalter des Daft Punk derrière les platines d’une rave party. -> À lire : “Gesaffelstein a le potentiel pour être demain à la place des Daft Punk” Top 10 Free Photo Apps for iPhone The camera on the Apple iPhone has the ability to capture extraordinary image quality and virtually as much photo detail as a professional camera can, making it arguably the number one ideal platform for developers of free photo apps. Why not spice up your iPhone photos with some different effects, filters or editing techniques? Some of the very best photo apps are exclusively available only on the iPhone, so it’s easy for iPhone users to create and enhance beautiful photos with just a few taps of the touchscreen. 1. Instagram Photo © Burbn, Inc. Every iPhone owner should have the Instagram app installed, at least so you can share your photos with your friends. 2. Photo © Nik Software, Inc. Among all the nifty photo apps available and the convenience of taking high quality photos with your iPhone, Snapseed has to be one of the top options out there. 3. Photo © Yahoo Yahoo's very own Flickr app for iPhone has been updated with some pretty amazing features as of late. 4. 5. Photo © Adobe 6. 7.

Top 3 Android Image Editing Apps That Adds Jazziness To Your Ordinary Photos – Technology-gig A decade ago, mobile phones merely played their role in connecting people. It was used for making phone calls, sending text messages, drafting and sending emails. But soon the manufacturers began installing digital cameras into mobile devices and a quantum leap occurred. This revolution encouraged everyone to carry a supremely high-definition digital camera in their pockets, possessing the capability of capturing and editing amazing panoramas at the swift touch of a finger. Though all Android smartphones come with a stock camera application allowing you to snap and save your photos, it lacks in offering the effect and filters to spruce up your ordinary photos. Adobe Photoshop Express – With Adobe Photoshop Express, photo editing is just fast, fun and cool. Do you like editing your images on your Android device? Like this: Like Loading...

25 Best Social Networking Platforms to Start your own Service Social networking websites have been around since the mid-90’s, but in recent years, social networking has exploded across the web. The Web 2.0 initiative has made modern social networking sites increasingly popular and easier to use than the initial wave of sites that launched in the 90’s. It’s super important these days to have a presence on social media sites. Did you know that Facebook in 2009 had more than 300 million users, and roughly half of these logged in every day? Advertisement A social networking service focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities. Lets take a look at how easy it has become to create a new social networking service. 1. SocialEngine is community software that you install on your own web server, giving you 100% ownership of your social network’s user data and content. 2. Sorceforge is the world’s largest opensource software development web site. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Calendrier 2014 à imprimer PDF et Excel - Accès rapide : format annuel, semestriel ou mensuel. Calendrier 2016 à imprimer Nos calendriers sont libres de droits, peuvent être directement téléchargés et imprimés. La majorité des calendriers sont vierges, et le format Excel vous permet de faire le ménage. Calendrier 2016 semestriel Nous vous proposons ces calendriers semestriels à imprimer, l'un vierge, l'autre avec le numéro des semaines, et enfin avec les fêtes et saint du jour. Calendrier 2016 mensuel Le top pour réaliser vos plannings et noter vos rendez-vous, nos calendriers mensuels sont également disponibles en téléchargement ci-dessous. D'autres thèmes sont disponibles sur la page des calendriers mensuels. Le Zapping iCalendrier Comment imprimer son calendrier ? Tout nos calendriers sont compatible avec les impressions en jet d'encre ou en laser. Vous pouvez aussi faire tirer des calendriers dans les boutiques d'impression de votre ville. Où trouver d'autres modèles de calendrier ?

Poshlight - Surreal special effects image blender, instantly posh your photos! The 10 Best Free Photo-Editing Apps for Android When cell phone manufacturers began installing digital cameras into their devices some 15 years ago, a quantum leap occurred regarding the device’s functionality. Before this revolution, a cell phone’s role in anyone’s daily life consisted of merely making phone calls, sending text messages, and drafting emails. Today, everyone has a supremely high-powered digital camera in their pocket or purse, capable of taking stunning panoramas at the swift touch of a finger. Related: 22 photo apps to supercharge your iPhone camera Though what good is a smartphone camera without the proper applications to get the most out of your photos? The best apps for taking photos The Best Instagram One of the world’s most popular photo applications – and the world’s most popular photo-sharing social network – remains one of Android’s greatest resources for capturing all of life’s picturesque sunsets, peculiar landscapes, and delicious dinners. Download now from: Google The Rest Google Camera Google VSCO Cam Google

ClipBucket V2 - Ultimate & Free Video Sharing & Social Networking Script,Free Youtube Clone Script. | HotScripts Social Networking Don't ever buy anything from them. Here is a copy/paste of a support ticket when I called them out on having broken code in their premium themes: You have got to be kidding me here. When a user is logged in, the user's avatar doesn't show in the top left of the home page. No I'm not giving you access, you don't know what you're doing. How dare you sell something that is in such as mess as this, Want my respect? Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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