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TeachingEnglish. TeachingEnglish. TeachingEnglish. TEGL4: Teaching websites and apps (Responses) - Google Sheets. TeachingEnglish. Skip to content You are here Home » Professional development » Teachers Planning lessons and courses Planning single lessons and longer course outlines is an important part of professional development.


This professional practice involves defining aims/learning outcomes that meet learners’ needs and the course objectives, selecting and developing engaging activities, resources and materials which correspond to the aims of the lesson. Learn English Online. TeachingEnglish. Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar - Apps on Google Play. Do you want to change habits?

Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar - Apps on Google Play

Track goals? Accomplish new year's resolutions? Goal Tracker & Habit Calendar will help you by keeping track of your progress. It is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret: ”Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. Why to use Goal Tracker & Habit List:All free. "Sow a thought and you reap an action;sow an act and you reap a habit;sow a habit and you reap a character;sow a character and you reap a destiny. " Czech translation.French translation thanks to Michael Stringham.German translation.Hebrew translation thanks to Yuval Melamed.Hungarian translation.Korean translation.Polish translation thanks to Szymon Łabędziewski.Portuguese translation thanks to Michael Stringham.Russian translation.Spanish translation thanks to Javier Pérez.Turkish translation.

Docs: Free Online Documents for Personal Use. : the collaborative whiteboard platform for distributed teams. ClassroomScreen. ClassroomScreen. Introduction to grammar. 10 things I do with my Mini-WhiteBoards – chiasuanchong. It all started when a co-tutor on the CELTA suggested that I borrow some mini-white boards for an input session on boardwork.

10 things I do with my Mini-WhiteBoards – chiasuanchong

My trainees had so much fun drawing pictures of varying degrees of artistic proficiency to convey meaning of the words ‘prawn’, ‘chess’ and ‘aubergine’ while I was also able to provide a much more hands-on practice session of organizing collocations, using mindmaps, and marking phonological features. I decided then to invest in my own set of mini-whiteboards and they have been a hit in the staffroom since. I now use it for both teacher training, English teaching and even exam preparation classes. See here for some cheap mini-whiteboards you can purchase for your classroom. Here are some of the ways I use them in a General English and in an IELTS exam class. 1.

MR_safer_internet_day_resources.pdf. Make Videos and Animations Online. Create your own video easily - Animoto. Skype in the Classroom - Skype in the Classroom (Preview) Teaching kids space the sun moon stars and planets lesson plan. Space - the sun, moon, stars and planets. TE LP Nov 14. What's your name?

Introduction: For a listening lesson to be successful, the learners need to be engaged with the audio.

What's your name?

It might not always be possible to motivate all the learners in the class to the same degree but the important thing is to use an audio which all of the learners can, in some way, relate to. If you are in a position where you can choose an audio, ask yourself ‘Will each and every one of the learners recognise this? Will they be able to say something about it? Will they have an opinion about it?’ This month’s lesson mainly focuses on developing listening skills but other skills are integrated too, with opportunities for speaking, reading and writing. Topic: Names - an integrated skills lesson with the main focus on listening Aims: To develop students’ listening skills To engage students in a classroom discussion To encourage students to think about the cultural significance of names Age: Teenagers and young adults Level: A2-B2 Time: 60 minutes + Materials: 1. Access the audio here. Carnivores vs herbivores lesson plan.

Carnivores vs. herbivores. Introduction This lesson focuses on the difference between carnivores and herbivores.

Carnivores vs. herbivores

Students watch the video Triumph of the Herbivores, available from BBC Earth, about how herbivores escape being eaten by carnivores and then do one of the suggested follow-up activities. Topic. Introduction to grammar. Introduction to grammar. General English - Magazine. April Fool's Day is celebrated on 1 April in many countries around the world.

General English - Magazine

On this day, people traditionally play practical jokes on each other and have fun trying to make other people believe things that are not true. April Fool's traditions In the UK, jokes and tricks can be played up until noon on 1 April. After midday it's considered bad luck to play a trick. Anyone who forgets this and tries a joke in the afternoon becomes an 'April Fool' themselves. So, what kind of jokes do people play? In France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and French-speaking areas of Canada and Switzerland, the 1 April tradition is known as the 'April Fish'. April Fool's Day in the media Some newspapers, TV channels and well-known companies publish false news stories to fool people on 1 April.

On April Fool's Day 1998, the American hamburger chain Burger King announced that it had created a left-handed hamburger. LearnEnglish Magazine April Fools Day. Films and entertainment answers 2. Films and entertainment exercises 6. Writing practice problem page answers. Writing practice problem page worksheet. By Teachers, For Teachers... English vocabulary flashcards for kids. Flashcard maker. Ways to use images. Speaking games.