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POW/MIA Databases & Documents (Federal Research Division: Customized Research and Analytical Services, Library of Congress) In December 1991, Congress enacted Public Law 102-190, commonly referred to as the McCain Bill. The statute requires the Secretary of Defense to make available to the public--in a "library like setting"--all information relating to the treatment, location, and/or condition (T-L-C) of United States personnel who are unaccounted-for from the Vietnam War. The facility chosen to receive this information was the Library of Congress (LoC). The Federal Research Division (FRD) created the PWMIA Database, the online index to those documents. The microfilmed documents themselves are available at the Library of Congress or borrowed through local libraries. In March 1992, the U.S. – Russia Joint Commission on POWs and MIAs (USRJC) was established by direction of the Presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation to serve as a forum through which both nations seek to determine the fate of their missing servicemen.

Cuban missile crisis The Cuban missile crisis — known as the October Crisis or The Missile Scare (Spanish: Crisis de octubre) in Cuba and the Caribbean Crisis (Russian: Карибский кризис, tr. Karibskiy krizis) in the former USSR — was a 13-day confrontation in October 1962 between the Soviet Union and Cuba on one side and the United States on the other side. The crisis is generally regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict[1] and is also the first documented instance of mutual assured destruction (MAD) being discussed as a determining factor in a major international arms agreement.[2][3] After the US had placed nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy, aimed at Moscow, and the failed US attempt to overthrow the Cuban regime, in May 1962 Nikita Khrushchev proposed the idea of placing Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba to deter any future invasion attempt. Earlier actions by the United States Balance of power Soviet deployment of missiles in Cuba (Operation Anadyr)

Karl Ulrich Wikis / Postal Service Challenge OPIM 651 - Innovation, Problem Solving, and Design - Fall 2010 On October 12, I participated with Jack Potter (Postmaster General and CEO) and Paul Vogel (President, Mailing Shipping Services) in an innovation workshop aimed at identifying opportunities to revitalize the U.S. Postal Service. While many of the opportunities identified that day were promising, I felt that our group of 60 innovators in OPIM 651 might be able to add significant value to their innovation process. The challenge is immense. Each of you is responsible for delivering one Powerpoint slide clearly articulating an innovation opportunity for the postal service. Your slide should be self-explanatory, compelling, and carefully designed. The Postal Service is a public institution that is losing billions of dollars per year. Those of you who are not citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. are particularly valuable participants. The following document was prepared by the postal service to highlight its challenge.

Background Burner - Instantly Remove Backgrounds from Images and Photos - Bonanza For General Use The Background Burner is the easiest way to separate the subject of your picture from the background. When you send us a picture, our technology will isolate the object you were intending to capture and melt away the cruft. What's better, every time you use the tool, it learns from your results. Possible use cases: Make cards, brochures, or other graphic design Design a picture for your Twitter or Facebook profile (add new background as you see fit!) For Marketplace Sellers Marketplace sellers are our speciality - images with a clean white background can increase sales conversion by 300%.1 When you sign up for a free seller account on we'll automatically prepare Background Burns for every item that you sell. We also provide the ability to upload images in batches from the "My Bonanza" page for Bonanza sellers. For Platforms Wish that the Background Burner was built into eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or some other selling platform of your choosing?

Penn World Tables 6.3 (189 countries, 1950-2007, 2005 as base year) The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 189 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2007. The European Union or the OECD provide more detailed purchasing power and real product estimates for their countries and the World Bank makes current price estimates for most PWT countries at the GDP level. Please note that CHASS only provides access to the data; we are not involved in the collection or maintenance of the data. Please cite the data as follows: Alan Heston, Robert Summers and Bettina Aten, Penn World Table Version 6.3, Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income and Prices at the University of Pennsylvania, August 2009. Starting Points: Alphabetical List of Countries PWT 6.3 / National Accounts Alphabetical List of Countries PWT Previous editions Other Resources

Vocabulary: Political Words Every clique has its own language — an insider's jargon that people outside the group don't always understand. Filmmakers talk about "panning" and "fading." Retailers talk about "floor sales" and "back orders." Politicians have a language of their own too, and it often appears in media reports about politics. What exactly do politicians mean when they talk about a "lame duck" or a "rubber chicken"? Big Government: A negative term, used mainly by conservatives to describe government programs in areas where they believe government shouldn't be involved, especially those that spend money on social problems. Bipartisan: A cooperative effort by two political parties. Bleeding Heart: A term describing people whose hearts "bleed" with sympathy for the downtrodden; used to criticize liberals who favor government spending for social programs. Bully Pulpit: The Presidency, when used by the President to inspire or moralize. Campaign: (noun) An organized effort to win an election. Left-wing: Liberal.

Listing Details E-Postman is a hybrid mail service designed for Her Majesty’s Prison Services allowing electronic transmission of correspondence into and out of a prison. People writing to prisoners can do so on the e-Postman website. These letters are then printed in the prison through the e-Postman system. Prisoners can write letters on pre-printed forms which are scanned into the e-Postman system and delivered either to a physical address or to the recipients email address.This service is provided free to HM Prisons and the only cost is the per letter cost which the prison is providing to the prisoner in the form of weekly free letters or which the prison will then charge on to the prisoner.The system provides large cost savings for the prison around the free letters that each prisoner is given, as well as reducing fraud and improving efficiency in the mail room processes. Documents Service details Pricing Expand Service management Expand Technical information Expand Contact supplier Name Richard Morrison

Understanding IRS 6050W PayPal will ask affected sellers to update their account(s) by providing a tax ID number, if they don't already have one on file. Your tax ID number is one of these: Your Social Security Number (SSN) Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) Your Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Please use the guidelines below to determine which tax ID number to provide. Business Entities with an EIN If you operate through a business legal entity such as a corporation or partnership you will need to provide your company EIN and company name. Sole Proprietors with an EIN If you operate as a sole proprietor using an EIN you will need to provide your company EIN and your own name. Individual Sellers and Sole Proprietors without an EIN If you are an individual seller or sole proprietor and operate under your SSN or ITIN you will need to provide your SSN or ITIN and your name.

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