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pyjs is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development Platform for both Web and Desktop. With pyjs you can write your JavaScript-powered web applications entirely in Python. pyjs contains a Python-to-JavaScript compiler, an AJAX framework and a Widget Set API. pyjs started life as a Python port of Google Web Toolkit, the Java-to-JavaScript compiler. pyjs Desktop allows the exact same Python web application source code to be executed as a standalone desktop application (running under Python) instead of being stuck in a Web browser. For Free Software platforms, most Linux Distributions now come with pyjs and pyjs Desktop pre-packaged: Debian/Testing, FC13, ArchLinux and Gentoo. For Windows, pyjs Desktop uses MSHTML.

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Pyjamas 0.8.1 Pyjamas Widget API for Web applications, in Python Current Release: 0.8.1~+alpha1--------------- This is the 0.8.1~+alpha1 release of Pyjamas. Kontact The Kontact suite is the powerful PIM solution of KDE. It lets you handle email, agenda, contacts and other 'personal' data together in one place by delivering innovations to help you manage your communications more easily, organize your work faster and work together more closely, resulting in more productivity and efficiency in digital collaboration. Documentation for Kontact is also available . How to get Kontact Since Kontact is written in portable Qt technology, it is available on many different operating systems: GNU/Linux

PHP 7 Nested Anonymous Classes Tutorial - PHP Classes blog Contents Introduction Return the Anonymous Class Visibility Private Means Private Conclusion Python Webkit DOM Bindings The Python Webkit DOM Project makes python a full peer of javascript when it comes to accessing and manipulating the full features available to Webkit, such as HTML5. Everything that can be done with javascript, such as getElementsbyTagName and appendChild, event callbacks through onclick, timeout callbacks through window.setTimeout, and even AJAX using XMLHttpRequest, can also be done from python. Why is this important - why is it a "big deal"? Browser engines are amongst the most powerful GUI engines available, with the world's top software organisations and corporations focussing a lot of effort into competing to be "the best".

No, Seriously, Why Should I Learn to Code? The geeks have inherited the earth. A couple decades ago if you talked with friends in a chat room, you were cast as a socially-awkward nerd. Doing the same today just means you're a typical Facebook user. Broadband Internet connections and smartphones have taken the Information Age that technically started in the 1970s with PCs and pushed it into daily mainstream life. Along with this culture change is a social anxiety: Should I learn to code? First Bulgarian laptop: the Pravetz legend braces for a comeback - Economy After 30 years, a legend braces for a comeback. In this way the ambitious Bulgarian engineers behind the restart the Bulgarian computer brand Pravetz made during communism, have announced their plans to manufacture a laptop under the famous brand. The news has become vastly popular online and has sparked off a discussion about the revival of the Bulgarian Silicon Valley.

Infographic: The Entire JavaScript Language in One Single Image Chinese-based developer Yusheng, has created a nice graphic that assembles the entire JavaScript programming syntax into one single all-encompassing image. Regardless of what the TIOBE Index says, JavaScript, and not Java, is the hottest programming language right now. This popularity was won very hard, having to fight through a period where the language seemed to have stood still with no new features being released for a period of four years. Despite this, developers rushed to the language, mainly due to the technologies being developed on top of it, and more specifically Node.js. If today some of you want to delve into JavaScript in the upcoming future, there are many tutorials you can find online, all great resources for learning the language's fundamentals from the ground up in a matter of days.

More Impressions of Python (from a Java developer) Jeff Bail has just written an article on his first impressions of Python. I've been teaching myself Python for the last two weeks as well and I generally share Jeff's impresssions. I just wanted to add some more. Compared to Java Ruby vs Python: Choosing Your First Programming Language: Course Report (updated August 2016) So you've decided to switch careers and jump into tech. Congrats! Now, you're probably wondering which programming language you should learn first! Join Course Report and Bloc as we tackle all of your questions about two of the most popular languages taught at coding bootcamps: Ruby vs Python.

Allen-Bradley Allen Bradley Programmable Controller Allen-Bradley PLC installed in a control panel The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is a Milwaukee landmark featuring the largest four-sided clock in the western hemisphere. History[edit] The company was initially founded as the Compression Rheostat Company by Dr.

DZone We’re not sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but today’s mobile users are a hard crowd to please. When they begin interacting with an interface, they very quickly lose patience with anything even slightly below standard, and can have little interest in learning to use confusing or unpredictable UIs. If you’ve ever found yourself so enraged with an app you’re ready to throw your phone against the wall, you’ll understand the need for creating interfaces which are user friendly. We see enterprise apps make the same mistakes time and again - navigation is confusing, inputs and outputs are unclear and users end up feeling alienated from the product. Common data visualization errors include: