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NSA surveillance: how to stay secure

NSA surveillance: how to stay secure
Now that we have enough details about how the NSA eavesdrops on the internet, including today's disclosures of the NSA's deliberate weakening of cryptographic systems, we can finally start to figure out how to protect ourselves. For the past two weeks, I have been working with the Guardian on NSA stories, and have read hundreds of top-secret NSA documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden. I wasn't part of today's story – it was in process well before I showed up – but everything I read confirms what the Guardian is reporting. At this point, I feel I can provide some advice for keeping secure against such an adversary. The primary way the NSA eavesdrops on internet communications is in the network. Leveraging its secret agreements with telecommunications companies – all the US and UK ones, and many other "partners" around the world – the NSA gets access to the communications trunks that move internet traffic. TAO also hacks into computers to recover long-term keys. Trust the math. Related:  Informatique

The 6 Most Humiliating Public Failures by Celebrity Psychics The frustrating thing about psychics, mediums, and fortune tellers is that they're still able to make a pretty goddamned comfortable living, even in 2013. Their inability to provide empirical evidence that what they do is anything other than a scam to prey on the gullible seems to have had little effect on their bottom line. Still, there have been little victories along the way, and cameras have been there to capture the hilarity. #6. Richard Nelson/ Contrary to what you might assume, the people most hostile to claims of supernatural powers are magicians. Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images"Let the naivete flow through you." If you're too young to remember, Geller found fame with mind-reading tricks and, more famously, mind-powered spoon bending. With this in mind, Carson surprised Geller on the show by presenting a table full of assorted spoons and knickknacks, rather than letting him bring his own props, and gave Geller free reign to pick whatever trick he wanted to perform. #5.

The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back | Bruce Schneier Government and industry have betrayed the internet, and us. By subverting the internet at every level to make it a vast, multi-layered and robust surveillance platform, the NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. The companies that build and manage our internet infrastructure, the companies that create and sell us our hardware and software, or the companies that host our data: we can no longer trust them to be ethical internet stewards. This is not the internet the world needs, or the internet its creators envisioned. We need to take it back. And by we, I mean the engineering community. Yes, this is primarily a political problem, a policy matter that requires political intervention. But this is also an engineering problem, and there are several things engineers can – and should – do. One, we should expose. We need to know how exactly how the NSA and other agencies are subverting routers, switches, the internet backbone, encryption technologies and cloud systems.

Pack De Portabilisation Framakey Retour à la liste des applications portables Dans le but de pouvoir accélérer la mise en ligne des applications (et bien entendu d’augmenter le nombre d’applications disponibles sur le portail francophone des applications portables libres), l’équipe Framakey vous propose de télécharger le Pack de portabilisation Framakey. Il s’agit d’un ensemble d’outils (libres et portables, évidemment !) qui facilitera la vie des développeurs bidouilleurs souhaitant portabiliser des applications. Depuis la FK 1.12 et l’adoption d’une structure similaire à celle de, le pack a été proposé en version 9.x et a subi une grande refonte. Suite à la sortie de la version FK 2.0 et dans l’idée d’encore plus automatiser le processus et de vous faciliter la vie, le pack est maintenant proposé en version 10. Il se décompose comme suit. Les outils indispensables : RegshotPortable, pour vérifier la discrétion d’une application comme les traces laissées dans la base de registre et le profil. Les outils accessoires :

Revisiting the Ban on Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs : Harvard Health Policy Review With HIV infection rates persisting at high levels in the United States, it’s time we faced the facts. Science and policy are disconnected. In the United States, the sharing of contaminated needles during injection drug use accounts for 7-14% of new HIV infections each year.1 Syringe exchange programs, which facilitate the trade of used syringes for free, sterile replacements, have been shown to substantially reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission through needle sharing.2 But in 2011, only two years after a landmark decision to allow federal funding for syringe exchange programs, the ban was renewed as the process of a political compromise on a general spending bill. Just as they did decades ago when the original ban was instated, public health officials continue to denounce the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs as a policy that is counter to what science tells us is a sensible and cost-effective public health strategy. References: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Recycle a Bicycle Into an Elevator There's repurposing, and then there's repurposing like a BOSS. That pretty much sums up the ecological efforts of treehouse builder and eco-icon Ethan Schlussler. The Sandpoint, Idaho, resident says he's in the process of finishing construction on a treehouse he built 30 feet in the air. Wanting to devise a way to save himself from "climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day," Schlussler came up with a brilliant way to save himself the trouble. Using an old bike, he rigged a system of pulleys to it, effectively turning it into a pedal-powered elevator. The process also required that Schussler modify the old cycle, cutting off the large sprocket in the front and welding it on the rear gear. MakeZine reports Schlussler's one-person treehouse is almost complete, "I will be building walls and insulating it in the next few weeks, and eventually I intend to live (or at least sleep) in it."

N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web The agency has circumvented or cracked much of the encryption, or digital scrambling, that guards global commerce and banking systems, protects sensitive data like trade secrets and medical records, and automatically secures the e-mails, Web searches, Internet chats and phone calls of Americans and others around the world, the documents show. Many users assume — or have been assured by Internet companies — that their data is safe from prying eyes, including those of the government, and the N.S.A. wants to keep it that way. The agency treats its recent successes in deciphering protected information as among its most closely guarded secrets, restricted to those cleared for a highly classified program code-named Bullrun, according to the documents, provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor. Beginning in 2000, as encryption tools were gradually blanketing the Web, the N.S.A. invested billions of dollars in a clandestine campaign to preserve its ability to eavesdrop.

Cybook Gen3 Tips and Troubleshooting Here is where to go to find help with your Bookeen Cybook Gen3. [edit] Tips [edit] User's Manual Download the User's Manual [edit] Contact Address: Bookeen, 6 rue du Tage, 75013 Paris, France Phone number: 0033 1 45654256 Email: [edit] Firmware Versions You can check your firmware build number by going to the library view, opening the menu, click on Advanced, click on About. [edit] 1.0 Build 476 Build 476 was the first 1.0 firmware when the CyBook Gen3 became available for ordering at the end of October 2007. delphidb96 reported testing the 1.00 firmware with his pre-production CyBook Gen3 on 31st October 2007. [edit] 1.0 Build 538 Build 538 was released ca. To get build 538 you had to write to Bookeen and ask for it. [edit] 1.0 Build 674 Build 674 came installed on the new version CyBook Gen3 with 512MB internal memory, which appeared in early May 2008. [edit] 1.0 Build 681 Build 681 also came installed on some of the new version CyBook Gen3s with 512MB internal memory.

D.J. Fluker should have been paid by Alabama D.J. Fluker celebrates after Alabama’s win in the 2012 SEC Championship.(Photo: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports) A Yahoo! Sports investigation alleged Wednesday that five SEC football players, including former Alabama and current San Diego Chargers rookie offensive lineman D.J. Fluker received payments from an intermediary for agents and financial advisers while they were still active college athletes. The report says that a series of transactions that included cash payments, money for hotel stays for Fluker’s family and furniture were found, including an invoice that appeared to total $33,755 in expenditures. While those numbers and Fluker’s involvement remain alleged, here are some more certain numbers. In the 2011-12 fiscal year, Alabama football made $82 million in revenue and $45.1 million in profit. D.J. Today’s other winners:A couple of Gamecocks fans: These guys pulled off a fantastic prank on their Clemson loving friend.