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Creative Commons Graphic

Creative Commons Graphic
Creators enrich the web with their creations but without licensing others to use and in some cases add up to that work, innovation will never develop. This is where the importance of a licensing body such as Creative Commons comes in handy. Creative Commons is a non-profit that helps sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge via free legal and technological tools . These tools are not alternatives to copyright laws, rather they work alongside them. To help you better teach your students about Creative Commons and how it works, here is a handy graphic that visually captures the main important things students need to know about Creative commons. Enjoy source:

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Digital footprint One of the great things about being online is the ability to share videos and photos with your friends and seeing their response. Everything you post online combines to make your digital footprint. Remember that what you share with your friends may also be viewed by people you don’t know. CV multiformat : Doyoubuzz lance une nouvelle version Doyoubuzz a lancé son outil de CV en ligne en septembre 2008. La plateforme compte aujourd’hui 600.000 utilisateurs en France et une version US a même été lancée en 2010. Cette semaine la start-up nantaise a déployé la nouvelle version de son outil qui permet de créer, de personnaliser et de diffuser son CV en quelques clics, notamment vers les CVthèques de plusieurs sites emploi comme RegionsJob. Cette nouvelle version apporte son lot de nouveautés sur le principe du CV multiformat : grâce à cet outil, votre CV est exportable facilement en format Word, en pdf, mais aussi en version papier et mobile. Julien Maleinge, Business developer et cofondateur de Doyoubuzz, nous présente les principaux changements. Qu’est-ce qu’un CV en ligne sur le web apporte aux candidats ?

Digital Citizenship Graphic Digital citizenship is " the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use."It is the combination of technical and social skills that enable a person to be successful and safe in the information age. Just like literacy and numeracy initiatives which provide people with the skills to ' participate in the work force, digital literacy has become an essential skill to be a confident, connected, and actively involved life long learner.' I personally recommend that teachers and educators should, throughout the entire school year, devote special sessions to just teaching students about Digital Citizenship. Students need to learn how to act appropriately while using the net and there are several activities and resources to help you do that with them.

Nine Elements Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. 1. Online Reputation Infographic You don't have to be running for president to care about your online reputation. Almost everything you do online is easy to track, especially when you're using social media sites. This infographic shows you how to manage your "e-reputation," perhaps saving you some embarrassment, or even your career. Gathered by digital marketing firm KBSD, it's a treasure trove of tips, techniques and information about what companies and individuals are looking for inside your personal profiles and social information, and what you can do to show off your best side to those who might want to find out unflattering things about you. It's not too late to protect yourself and polish up your online image.

Facebook! – 5 top tips for safe social surfing When Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg it was originally intended to be used as an internal network, exclusive to Harvard University students. Since then social media has developed at a break-neck pace, enabling us to be more connected than ever before. However there are some dangers that we all need to be aware of so here are some handy pieces of advice. Integrate them into your school curriculum today!

Five-Minute Films "Digital citizenship" is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of important issues. Broadly, it's the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology. But specifically, it can cover anything from "netiquette" to cyberbullying; technology access and the digital divide; online safety and privacy; copyright, plagiarism, and digital law, and more. Cyber Safety Tips Thanks to our friends at Family Lives in the UK, they have provided us with this great Cyber Safety Tips Fact Sheet! I hope you find this information helpful! You can learn more about Family Lives by visiting them online here.

Enjoy this useful infographic produced by Knowthenet called Manners Matter. And they do, especially when it comes to teaching students proper digital citizenship skills. Resources such as this are a terrific way to share what’s important about technology with today’s digital learners!