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Cooking Korean food with Maangchi: Korean cooking, recipes, videos, and blog

Cooking Korean food with Maangchi: Korean cooking, recipes, videos, and blog

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How to Make Your Own Soy Milk Contrary to popular belief, soy can be a healthy food choice for the masses. In Korea and Japan, most households enjoy soy in many forms daily. The key is knowing how to prepare it for optimal digestion and nutritional benefit. If you've never made your own soy milk, I highly recommend that you give it a try. Cheesecake Recipes - Easy Cheesecake Recipes at Whipped, mixed, baked or frozen, at one point or another, most of us have lingered in our love affair with cheesecake. Here, we have 15 suggestions that might pull you back into a dangerous remission, glistening in all their creamy glory. We've got something for everyone, from raspberry-swirled to peanut butter-flavored; from no-bake fruitcake to bite-size bars; from tiramisu to pie.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Jiro’s Student Does His Master Proud Daisuke Nakazawa, one of the chefs featured in JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI, now has his own restaurant, Sushi Nakazawa in New York. New York Times food critic Pete Wells gave it four stars and declared it the best restaurant of 2013. Read Wells’ review here. The History of Sushi MACCHERONI CHEESE - OSTRO This version of maccheroni cheese has absolutely no resemblance to the iridescent yellow packet stuff you get from the supermarket. Instead, it is a wonderful mix of cheeses and good quality pasta, topped with a crunchy crumb. The use of four cheeses makes this version so complex and balanced and the Taleggio really shines. Whilst you could omit the crumb and just finish of the dish for a few minutes under the grill, the crunchy topping really makes it a complete dish, and gives it a great texture. Served with a salad of dressed leaves, this makes for a perfect midweek meal or a lazy weekend lunch.

Scandikitchen: Scandinavian Food Scandinavia is a big place, and filing our whole food culture in a box marked “pickled herring” isn’t going to cut the (dill) mustard. There’s a lot of talk in the press about something called the Nordic Diet. It all stems from a study about how eating the Nordic way can be very beneficial for your whole being. Read more about the actual Nordic Diet here (Link to be added here – need to write it too – wooo hooo – feel free to have a stab?) Scandinavian food is a bit like us, really: no nonsense, direct and occasionally your face. It is what it is.

No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars Oh how I love a treat that can be whipped up in about 15 minutes. My boys and their buddies couldn’t get enough of these Chewy Oreo Bars we had as an after school snack this week. Sometimes my spontaneous recipe creations turn out to be the most fun, lol! Chandra malai kofta – vegan recipe Chandra malai kofta vegan recipe. Photograph: Vanessa Rees Kofta, if you don't know, is an Indian meatball, in this case a vegan one. Malai means "cream". And Chandra is my middle name. Zoe Nathan Muesli Recipe - Heather Taylor's Favorite Zoe Nathan Meusli Heather Taylor Shares The Ultimate Breakfast Recipe The ultimate recipe for the tastiest breakfast from Heather Taylor and Huckleberry’s Zoe Nathan! I’ve never been one of those people who can skip breakfast (or any meal for that matter). Even if it has to be something totally quick and easy, I make myself a proper meal every single morning. Most days, I have a smoothie or some variation of a fried egg on a tortilla. But on Sunday mornings, when the pace has mellowed, I like to make more of a production of the whole breakfast ritual.

This website is really boss, lots of recipes and videos, probably the best site about korean food since the beginning of the internet. by yogurtito Mar 17

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