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Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial

Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial
What you've all be waiting for... an ear cuff tutorial! I've been making ear cuffs for over a year, but unfortunately haven't had the time to make some of the insanely complicated designs I've dreamed up. This, however, is a very simple ear cuff that takes only a few minutes to master! Ear cuffs (also known as ear clips, cartiliage cuffs, ear vines, and more) are fabulous for people who don't have pierced ears-- or pair them with other earrings for a "double piercing" look. All you need is pliers and some wire (the pictured wires are 20ga blue silver plated copper and 20ga enameled copper in various colors). Begin with 3 inches of wire. Fold at one inch. Fold again, creating a little zigzag. Twist the ends into swirls and pinch the swirls until they touch the center wire. You will need a mandel to form the ear cuff correctly. Push the ends down... The tips of the ends will still be straight. Tada! This brown ear cuff fits both ears. This ear cuff is for the left ear. Related:  creation alucrafting

Earcuff TUTORIAL!!! (on BIG demand) - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS I started making ear cuffs half a week ago, and already LOTS of people were asking me to make a tutorial.I made two.One on the basic cuff, just to get the hang of it, and one more expanded, where you can use your own imagination. What you need: The 18g wire can also be 20g 1. Cut from the 18g wire a piece of 2,5" Bend the right end 3/4" 180° upwards. Do the same with the left end, downwards. Make a loop to the right with the round nose pliers out of the upper end. Do the same with the lower end, to the left, in opposite direction. Bend the side parts backwards around round nose pliers or a pencil. Ready! 2. Cut from the 18g wire a longer piece f.e. 5" Bend the right end 180° upwards. Bend the left part 180° downwards, but see that the middle part is app. 1" Finish the upper end by making curls and loops with the round nose pliers. Bend the lower part 90° downwards in the middle. From this point I turned the piece around. Bend the wire further to hold the bead in it's place. Done!

UO Wire Heart Necklace/Bracelet Tutorial This is yet another super easy, super quick tutorial. This dainty wire heart bracelet from Urban Outfitters is great for summer; the gold and silver tones look great against tans! Plus, it's lightweight and you can layer them with other necklaces. The original is a bracelet, but in the tutorial I make both a bracelet and necklace. You can make whatever you want, just cut the chain accordingly. The copper heart is my bracelet, while the silver heart is the necklace. You can also vary the shape of the heart by using different forms to bend the wire around. I am not a "heart" person; I was thinking of making these to wear myself in lightning bolts, diamonds, half moons or any other cool symbol! Let's get started! Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: Cut a length of wire, 1 foot is plenty. Step 3: Right next to the point in the "V", on the outside of the "V", place your pen/pencil. Step 5: Find the center of your bracelet/necklace chain, and split it into two equal lengths. Finished!

How to cut glass | JADERBOMBJADERBOMB I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. FINALLY! I want to warn you. It’s best to triple your yarn because it will burn longer! Soak it GOOD! I like to tie my yarn where I want my glass to “cut” then quickly pour polish remover over the string again. Get a big bowl with ice and water ready. VERY IMPORTANT! Slowly turn your bottle. You can’t let the flame go OUT then dunk it in the ice water. YAY!!! I reallly hope you enjoyed this tutorial because I had ALOT of requests for it! © Copyright jaderbombllc, All rights Reserved.

Ear Cuff Tutorial: The Double-Loop Technique It's been a bit since I've done a proper tutorial, hasn't it? Don't worry, I'll be doing some craftsy ones soon-- but fellow jewelers are in luck today! I've photographed the making of another kind of ear cuff (which I'm calling the "Double-Loop" because you kind of loop it twice... For those unfamiliar with ear cuffs, they are awesome and comfortable pieces of jewelry that simply wrap around the cartilage of the ear-- no piercings required! Before you begin, I recommend that you check out my tutorials on the basic ear cuff and the swirly ear cuff. Now then. We are creating a left ear cuff. This particular design is a bit more understated than the other ear cuffs because the decorative swirls are limited to the bottom of the cuff! You will need: - 8 inches of 18 ga wire - needle-nose pliers - (optional) beads, other wire for decorative wrapping, headpins to add dangles, etc. Cut a length of wire at least 8 inches long. Bend it at the three inch mark. Did that make sense?

How To: Make Origami Stars Origami stars look tricky to make. There are several steps to follow in order to make a cute mini origami star. Maybe in the first attempt you will fail, but you will get better on the second. They can be made from every kind of paper. You can make them from magazines, book paper, music sheet etc. Step 1: Cut 1 cm strip off a A4 sheet of paper. Step 2: Tighten knot and press flat. Step 3: Fold short - end of paper down towards center of the star. Step 4: Fold long - end of paper up. Step 5: Flip paper around so long - end of paper is pointing down again. Step 6: Fold long - end of paper up and to the left. Step 7: Flip paper around again so long - end of paper is pointing down. Step 8: Repeat: fold the paper up keeping it aligned with the edge below. Step 9: Keep folding the long - end of the paper until it is too short to continue. Step 10: Hold the pentagon along the edges as if you were holding a coin. Once you've made the wishing star, you can make more.

Mobius Flowers Earrings How to: OPEN AND CLOSE JUMP RINGS To Open a Ring Use 2 pairs of pliers to hold the sides of a jump ring with the opening at the top (12 o’clock). Hold the ring steady with your non-dominant hand while you rotate the wrist of your dominant (writing) hand, twisting the pliers tip towards your body. Never open up the loop by pulling it side to side—you won’t get it back into a true circle. To Close a Ring Use 2 pairs of pliers to hold the sides of a jump ring with the opening at the top (12 o’clock). Pull the ring ends back together by rotating your wrists and exerting a bit of inward pressure. The goal is to have the two ends lined up exactly, with no space between them. Move the ends back and forth by small amounts to adjust the fit. Spend the time to close each ring carefully—this will be the mark of a professional finish to your work.

Tassel Earring DIY I have a lot of earrings, but always seem to forget to wear them. But lately I have been in the 'earring wearing mood', and that called for a new crafty tutorial featuring earrings! I found these tassels on sale in a store that sells about anything (xenos for the Dutch people among us). And I am sure that they are not supposed to be worn in someones ear, but I just saw so much earring potential in them that I decided to buy them :) Here's how I made the tassel earrings: Easy right?!

Wooden Gems Try This: Wooden Gems Today's tutorial will set you back a couple of bucks and ten minutes, and in the end, you'll have a handful of little gemstones ready for whatever projects your imagination can scheme up. Read on for the easy step-by-step and few ideas for how to put these little beauties to use. MATERIALS: wooden rectangles, pencil, fine tip paint brush, craft paints in colors of your choosing, black, and white ONE: Begin by sketching the facet lines as shown. TWO: Mix up six shades of the color of your choosing using black and white paint. THREE: Use the fine tip brush to carefully paint inside your sketched facet lines. Try out some other colors and use them in all sorts of, keychains, napkin rings.

Make Your Own Ear Cuffs | Savvy Practicality Lately, we’ve been making ear wraps or earring cuffs here at SavvyPracticality. You can easily make your own earrings that wrap around your ear using beading wire and chain nose pliers. Watch the video below to see how we transform a length of wire into a fun and flirty fashion accessory. [suffusion-widgets id='3'] To make your own DIY ear cuff you will need 20 or 24 gauge jewelry or beading wire, seed beads and a jewelry pliers kit which includes chain nose, round nose and side cutting pliers. These products can be purchased in the jewelry craft section of any store. Flapping Paper Butterfly I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook. Growing up, I had an aunt who lived in Canada. I made my butterflies into Monarchs, but you could use different materials to create any sort of colorful butterfly. Materials: You’ll need heavy cardstock, 24 gauge wire, silicone rubber bands (I found mine in the hair aisle at Walgreens) needle-nose pliers, scissors, tape, a paintbrush, a black marker, and a white ink pen. Step 1: Measure and cut your wire. Step 2: Find the center of the longer wire. Step 5: Find the center of the shorter wire, and wrap it around the base of the paintbrush. Step 8: Draw the shape of your wings and cut them out. Step 11: Tape each wing to the body of the butterfly. Thanks for the chance to finally figure out how these darned things are made, Melanie! See more awesome from Amelia on The Homebook

Coiling Gizmo Projects – How to Make a Flower Coiled Wire Bracelet with Beads This coiled wire flower bracelet is the only accessory you'll want on your wrist all spring and summer long. The tutorial provides pictorial step by step guides in constructing the bracelet using coiling gizmo projects. All you need are just some copper wires and some beautiful beads or accessories to decorate it. Now, let's start to learn how to make a wire coiled bracelet! Materials needed in coiling gizmo projects: 10MM Pale Green Glass Pearl Beads 0.5MM Purple Copper Wire 0.5MM Red Copper Wire 0.5MM Green Copper Wire 0.5MM Blue Copper Wire 1.5MM Aluminum Wire 1MM Aluminum WireToggle Clasp 10MM Jump rings Instructions for how to make a coiled wire bracelet: Step 1: Make the coiling gizmo projects 1st, cut off about 15cm 1.5mm aluminum wire, and then use a 0.5mm blue copper wire to wrap around the aluminum one 10~12cm; 2nd, cut the excess wire and remove the aluminum wire from the blue coils; this is the basic wire work; Step 2: Make the flowers for the coiled wire bracelet Well done!

Tangerine Chandelier Earrings It hardly seems fair to call this one a “tutorial”, because it’s SO easy, and fairly self-explanatory. But now that spring is (nearly) here, I have been itching to add some color to my wardrobe. And because shopping isn’t easy when you feel gigantic, I settle for adding some color to my accessories instead. And speaking of feeling gigantic – this is what I’m talking about. Okay, back to jewelry, though. You only need a few things to make up chandelier earrings: Beads you love – and disc beads like these work beautifully. Your chandelier bases will dictate how many beads you need – I only used 16 (leaving me a lovely stash for future projects). All you have to do is open your jump rings, add a bead, and attach them to the loops on your bases. When you’re done, just attach an earring wire to each base. It was more difficult trying to get a proper photo while is was raining buckets outside than actually making these beauties. (You’re looking for the raindrops, aren’t you?

DIY Painted Feathers I’ve always loved the idea of painting fake feathers, and with festival season underway it seemed like the perfect time to do it. I originally thought of these purely as decorations but then it occurred to me that they’d be a great finishing touch for a festival outfit. This is a great activity to do outside on a warm sunny day, and once you start it’s slightly addicting! What you need: fake feathers, paint (I used acrylic paint), and a paint brush. I got this paint from Utrecht and I love it. I added a little bit of water to the paint before applying to the feathers, and they absorbed the paint almost like watercolor. After the entire feather was covered I added some dots and lines with white paint. Get as creative and colorful as you want with the feathers! I wanted to add in some of the smaller brown feathers to my arrangement, so for those I kept it simple and painted them in colorful ombre shades. Arrange your feathers on a wall as beautiful spring artwork! Photos by Julia & Brigette.

How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds Well, this is really something that all crafty hands would like to do! 3D Paper Diamonds we have discovered on this creative, British website called “”. Kate, the designer of all those cool, paper stuff, provides a printable template for this geometric jewel shape. It can be used either as a garland, toy, or as a wonderful gift box for jewellery. Since I have got Minecraft fans at home, I am pretty sure, Simon and Dorian will take up this project soon. They say blue diamonds are the most precious to dig out while playing. I assume, this particular paper craft will suit your taste, and you would want to start as soon as possible. For the full tutorial and template of 3D Paper Diamonds, click the link. Tools: ScissorsNeedleRuler Supplies / ingredients: A4 sheet of paperGlue-stickPrintable template

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