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The Law of Attraction - Beyond The Secret...The Moses Code

The Law of Attraction - Beyond The Secret...The Moses Code
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Your Inner and Outer Dimensions: Balancing Science and Spirituality We have to be in touch with both the outer and the inner dimensions. We have to become aware of our spiritual aspects. The way we think and how it affects our life. Science itself cannot do that for you. Science has limitations. Humanity needs both science and spirituality. We have to become well balanced. Monks are introverted, in the sense that their eyes are closed to the outside world. The West on the other hand is doing the opposite. Science advanced in the West where spirituality has disappeared, and Spirituality advanced in the East where Science has disappeared. Become in touch with both your inner and outer dimension, they work hand in hand. Money is one of the greatest inventions of man. But don’t cling to money.

Let It Ripple | Mobile Films for Global Change Pathway To Self-Actualization What is Self-Actualization Self-actualization is a term that is used regularly in many psychology theories, often in different ways. It was originally introduced by theorist Kurt Goldstein to mean the motive to realize one’s full potential. As he says, it is a being’s chief motive: “the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive… the drive of self-actualization.” Carl Rogers, one of America’s most influential psychologists, believed that it is the most healing force in psychotherapy, is a “man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities… to express and activate all the capacities of the organism.” Abraham Maslow further discussed self-actualization and brought it most fully to prominence in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. “”What a man can be, he must be. Self-actualization in simple terms is to become your best self. How to Become a Self-Actualized Person The most important step is finding out who you are. Characteristics of a Self-Actualized Person

(49) ‫My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران‬ به دبستان میرفتیم. زمانی که ابراز احساسات یک دختر به معنی تبهکار بودن بود. بعد از انقلاب بود ...هر روز صبح دم در مدرسه بازدید بدنی میشدیم ...در جیبهایمان, کیف هایمان , لای کتاب ها, افکار و قلبهامان بدنبال نشانه ی از عشق بودند. Seeing these young girls singing… seeing their body language and expression of love means that there is hope. Watching this video made me warm inside my soul because I see that the love inside 1000´s girls like me didn’t die and went on through the hearts of Persian girls ... We have a long journey to achieve gender equality in our society, but there is hope. #آزادی‌یواشکی #mystealthyfreedom ادامه ...

We have the option of preventing our doom. It's How to Build Self-Discipline Discipline is freedom. You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. In fact the opposite is true. As Stephen R. Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment. Work on an idea or project after the initial rush of enthusiasm has faded awayGo to the gym when all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch TVWake early to work on yourselfSay “no” when tempted to break your dietOnly check your email a few of times per day at particular times In the past self-discipline has been a weakness of mine, and as a result today I find myself lacking the ability to do a number of things which I would like – e.g. to play the guitar. If you struggle with self-discipline, the good news is that it can be developed. 1. Discipline means behaving according to what you have decided is best, regardless of how you feel in the moment. 2.

Holographic Universe Workshops We are all core receivers. Jay Weidner | Alchemy and the End of Time, Offplanet Radio, Aug. 22-2012 Existential Crisis and How to Overcome it An existential crises is that point in our lives where we encounter the absurd as a formidable opponent. It has crept into our lives, uninvited, and challenging the very meaning of existence. The crisis is strong: it can take away the colors of the world around us making it dull. Time, rather than a friend can become the enemy, and life, rather than a blessing, turns into a problem. Crisis occur either when the answers to our fundamental questions are found or not found, either way, it poses a challenge that involve the whole of our being. We face questions like: what does it mean to be alive, what does it mean to be existing as a human being? Existential is a philosophical current captured mainly in literary works, which revolves around how we experience life with our human condition, that is, life as we live it, alongside with the good and troublesome parts. The premises few of the philosophers talk about are brave ones, usually stressing on liberty and dealing with nothingness.

Butterflies are Free to Fly: Holographic Universe Workshops The Holographic Universe Workshops are a five-part series of movies based on live workshops delivered all over the world for the last four years by Stephen Davis, author of Butterflies Are Free to Fly – A New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution. They are designed to examine how quantum physics and recent scientific experiments are radically changing our understanding of life, our reality, and our spirituality. You can watch each part live, via streaming video, or download them as .avi movie files to play on your computer, using whatever movie program you have. (If you haven’t seen the 5-minute video invitation to these workshops, you can watch it on YouTube.) Here are the links to each workshop… Part One – 86 minutes long Part Two – 78 minutes long Part Three - 74 minutes long Part Four – 75 minutes long Part Five – 103 minutes long Go back Home

dropping knowledge :: Table of Free Voices The SECRET for Undetectable Mind Control Unless you understand how reality is manifested, your destiny and the destiny of the planet will be in the hands of the ruling elite who do understand it. “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Living in the third dimension can be a blissful experience when you have power, health, wealth, comforts and freedom. That's what the ruling elite have manifested for themselves while the rest of the world struggles with poverty, disease, drug dependency, debt and servitude. The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is not only one world government. Notice how successful they have been at manifesting a Utopian 3rd dimension for themselves – money, yachts, private jets, castles, resorts, racehorses, corporations, gold, gems, servants and everything they desire. You are part of their manifestation. The Universal Law of Attraction What do you think about? “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Related Posts

How to Identify Your Passions Passion is the fuel that can power you toward the realization of your dreams. To live a truly satisfying and purposeful life you need to know what your passions are so you can fill your day with them. Have you found your passions in life or are you still searching? Many people struggle to connect with their deepest core passions. It has become increasingly common for people to feel like they can’t really identify their passions or that they don’t know how to incorporate their passions into their daily life. It is also possible that you might already be living a life of passion without even recognizing it. Could that be true for you? If you want to discover your passions, the following questions will get you started. Many people wonder, “How do I know what my passions are?” 1) Does it make you feel good about yourself? 2) Would you do it for free? 3) Do you lose all track of time when you do it? 4) Do you talk about it to anyone who will listen? Your passions are waiting!