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4 Ways Bring Gamification of Education To Your Classroom

4 Ways Bring Gamification of Education To Your Classroom

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Ben Bertoli's ClassRealm Is Gamifying the Classroom My GeekDad colleague James Floyd Kelly and I teamed up to do our investigative report on Ben Bertoli, who teaches sixth grade math, science and language arts in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben’s launching ClassRealm, his project to gamify education through a customizable classroom management system built on role playing themes. Here is Bertoli’s official Kickstarter description: In simplest terms ClassRealm is a customizable web-based tool that can be used by teachers, students and parents to track student achievements, provide students with entertaining and educational adventures, as well as improve their overall academic performance. The site has been up for 2.5 to 3 months but will be launching publicly soon. By Nicolars Nyambe Tembwe The increasing need to improve education outcomes has led many countries in the world to embark upon various programmes to reform their education systems. In view of the challenges that teaching and learning face in the world of globalisation, there is a need for schools to become more proactive in the delivery of their services to learners by maximising the strategies that will ensure that effective learning takes place.

COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM: How one Wissahickon teacher uses comic books to connect with his students - Ambler Gazette By Dutch on Twitter Wissahickon High School social studies teacher Tim Smyth uses comic books in his class lessons. BOB RAINES -- DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA LOWER GWYNEDD >> A few years ago, Wissahickon High School social studies teacher Tim Smyth, a by-the-book AP instructor who had earned himself a reputation among students for being “very challenging,” did something unexpected. He started handing out comic books in his classes — lots of comic books.

Creating a PLN Skip to content Building your PLN Know it or not, you already have some sort of Personal Learning Network or PLN! It could be your colleagues, family, students, friends – whoever! Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement A while back, I was asked, "What engages students?" Sure, I could respond, sharing anecdotes about what I believed to be engaging, but I thought it would be so much better to lob that question to my own eighth graders. The responses I received from all 220 of them seemed to fall under 10 categories, representing reoccuring themes that appeared again and again. So, from the mouths of babes, here are my students' answers to the question: "What engages students?" 1.

Model United Nations Workshop Basic Facts The Department of Public Information is planning a Workshop in New York in mid-November 2015. More details will be posted soon. This workshop is being organized in conjunction with the 2015 World Federation of UN Associations International Model UN (WIMUN) that will take place in New York from 10-14 November. WIMUN is completely based on the UN4MUN approach. 65+ Sites To Find (FREE) Amazing Public Domain Images :) Crappy stock images can… …hurt your brand image. They can provide a bad user experience, destroy conversion rates and cheapen the value proposition of your business or offer. Not only that, the process of finding copyright free, high-quality, high-resolution free images can be a time-consuming, laborious task. They’re either too tacky, expensive or simply way overused. Worse is that the majority of the images on the Internet are subject to copyright restrictions and are protected by law, which means you can’t just download any image you fancy and slap it on your website.

Engagement Vs. Compliance The “Rule of Two Feet” I recently attended a conference that asked attendees to follow the “rule of two feet”. Throughout the conference day, if you found yourself in a session that didn’t apply or interest you, it was fine to pick up and move to another session. The presenter would not be offended, but would realize that the session was not a good match for that particular person. The probing question that came up throughout the day was “If students could utilize the ‘rule of two feet’, would they choose to stay in our classroom, or move on?” UN4MUN Workshop Recap: 4 Big Differences Between Model UN and the Real UN Is Model United Nations supposed to be a simulation of the real United Nations? To someone outside of the MUN community, the answer may seem like an obvious yes — this is, after all, the “model” UN. But to those who are part of the MUN community, you know that the answer is not so obvious — this is actually one of the biggest questions facing the activity. MUN may have strictly been a simulation of the UN when it first started over sixty years ago (longer, if you count the Model League of Nations). But MUN conferences today feature simulations of non-UN-related organizations.

Google Forms: Formative Assessment Tips If you use Google Forms for formative assessment quizzes here are some tips for managing the resulting spreadsheet. When organizing data it is important that your data match. Trying to sort data by student name can be sketchy when students type in their own name. They might use “Robert” one day and “Bob” another. They may simply misspell their name. While I do not need the students ID number it is harder for students to get creative in how they fill it out. Awaken the Learner, Tips Awaken the Learner To effectively prepare learners for success, teachers can emphasize cognitive skills in addition to content in their classrooms. Teaching knowledge has always been an essential component of the American school system, but recent instructional standards have also highlighted the importance of teaching cognitive skills. Cognitive skills, such as generating conclusions, problem solving, experimenting, and decision making, are thinking processes that promote a deeper comprehension of complex ideas. Teachers can directly teach cognitive skills to assist students in challenging, refining, and repurposing their understanding of lesson content.