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ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app. * Notice *- If you cannot find the widget, then please read the FAQ below.- When you're finished using the notepad, an automatic save command preserves your individual note. * Product Description *ColorNote® features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option. - Taking a Note -Serving as a simple word processing program, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. - Making To-do List or Shopping List -In the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you'd like and arrange their order with drag buttons activated in the edit mode. * FAQ *Q: How do you put a sticky note widget on the home screen? Q: Where are backed up notes data on the SD card? Related:  Aide à la prise de notes et à l'organisation

Les meilleures astuces d'Evernote pour Mac, iPh... DOWNLOAD An Android Guide : These Are The Droids You’re Looking For Learn everything you want to learn about Android, for free! This Android Guide”, by author Matt Smith, is another free manual from Outlining the ins and outs of Android, this guide covers basic everything from basic usage to rooting your phone, and is a must-have if you use Google’s smartphone OS. Android is among the most influential operating systems crafted this century. Along with iOS, it has paved the way for mobile devices that offer an unprecedented level of functionality. Currently Android is the most common mobile operating system — and there’s no sign that its popularity will wane anytime soon. Already own an Android device? Table of Contents §1 – Introduction §2 – Home Screen Interface §3 – Multimedia Enjoyment and Management §4 – The Android Marketplace §5 – Tweaking Your Android §6 – Security §7 – Conclusion 1. 1.1 From New Kid to King If you’re reading this guide, it’s likely because you have an Android device. 1.2 A Brief History of Android But wait! 2. 2.1 The Basics

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Evernote - Android-apps op Google Play Capture ideas when inspiration strikes. Find information fast. Share notes with anyone. From meetings and projects to web pages and to-do lists—with Evernote, everything’s in one place. Evernote syncs to all your devices, so you can tackle action items on the go. Use Evernote as the place you put everything … Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote – The New York Times “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag CAPTURE IDEAS• Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, memos, checklists, and to-do lists. ACCESS ANYWHERE• Sync your notes and notebooks automatically across any Chromebook, phone, or tablet.• Start your work on one device and continue on another without missing a beat.• Share your notepads, memos, and journals with your friends, colleagues, or family. Also available from Evernote: $7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually Price may vary by location.

Twitter: synchroniser sur Evernote vos tweets favoris Twitter a la mémoire courte. Uniquement les 7 derniers jours de tweets sont accessibles depuis le moteur de recherche de Twitter. L’une des façons les plus simples de conserver les tweets que vous jugez intéressants ou pertinents consiste à les marquer comme favoris. Des favoris pêle-mêle Ces tweets que vous ajoutez en favoris sont accessibles en tout temps depuis votre profil Twitter. Evernote + ifttt = sauvegarde + indexation Il existe une solution simple qui vous permet de non seulement sauvegarder les tweets marqués comme favoris, mais aussi de les indexer dans un moteur de recherche qui vous permettra de les retrouver rapidement. ifttt est ce service qui vous permet de créer des recettes qui automatisent certaines actions que vous posez sur le Web. Créez votre recette et archivez vos tweets. Liens: ifttt: Evernote:

The Bump App for iPhone and Android | Bump Technologies, Inc. The easiest wayto share. Watch the video » Exciting news! We've joined Google. Read More EverNote Hello *Important* Ver 2.6 userThere is a bug in the program-supplied Evernote, there is a problem that can not log on Android OS1.6-2.2.Bug fixe.Please update. October 23, 2012The authentication method of Evernote using in PostEver will be ended at the end of October. Therefore, the following measures need to correspond by this update. In particular, the application doesn't store username and password any more, user need to login from Evernote website login form. Then, when the approval screen to access to Evernote is displayed, you need to authorize to continue using PostEver. * Once authenticated username and password will be valid for 365 days.Re-authentication will be required only when you first startup after update PostEver, or expiration date has expired. When the browser window is still active after you quit the PostEver, please quit your browser with back key, etc. PostEver is a great solution for quickly digitizing your ideas while on the move.

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Des outils pour Evernote Le Brésil a organisé la plus récente coupe du monde de football et accueillera les prochains jeux olympiques d'été. Mais qui sait que ce pays est le premier du monde à avoir fait entrer dans sa législation la protection avancée des droits civils sur Internet ? Qui sait que l'Uruguay est un pays champion des TICE, dans lequel chaque élève du primaire se voit confier un ordinateur portable ? Que Cuba dispose de l'un des meilleurs systèmes éducatifs du monde ? La modestie des nouvelles sur l'Amérique latine dans nos dispositifs d'informations tient peut-être à la barrière linguistique. Ce dossier nous a permis d'arpenter la toile hispanophone et lusophone, à la recherche d'informations sur les thèmes transversaux qui nous intéressent tous : la pédagogie, l'usage des TIC en enseignement et formation, le renforcement des capacités des plus démunis. Tous les pays ibéro-américains célèbrent entre 2009 et 2021 le bicentenaire de leur indépendance. Illustration : robin2,