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The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details

The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details
Dan Saffer, like many designers, likes to quote Charles Eames. But unlike many designers, Saffer—Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design—wrote a whole book inspired by one of his favorite Eames quotes: "The details are not the details. They make the design." So what is a "microinteraction," anyway? These atomic design moments, Saffer argues, are what whole products, and even whole systems and "wicked problems," ultimately boil down to. When microinteractions succeed—even invisibly, which is how most of them do—they make an emotional difference that’s greater than the sum of their tiny parts. And that’s what’s tough about designing these micro-moments: They can be so subtle and fleeting that ultimately their success or failure may come down to personal taste. In the end, Saffer’s mission is less about defining what kinds of microinteractions are "good" or "bad" than about providing a useful way to pay attention to them and iterate on the process of creating them. Related:  octaluk

The Rapidly Disappearing Business of Design By almost every measure, 2014 was a breakthrough year for design and big business. Any list of highlights would include John Maeda joining the ranks of Kleiner Perkins as a partner, Jony Ive re-asserting Apple’s product vision and IBM rapidly building the largest design team on the planet. Beyond all of the hype, we can measure the rise of design in terms of dollars invested by major corporations in design talent. In 2014, design went to the bank! The recent departure of Todd Simmons—the top creative at arguably the most celebrated brand agency in the world, Wolff Olins—for the leadership team at IBM is a fitting bookend to the year. So, you might ask yourself why leading design firms are contracting or exiting the business just when it has become more relevant than ever to corporate America. Adaptive Path, a bay area pioneer in User Experience Design (UX), recently exited the business, finding greener pastures as the in-house design agency for Capital One. Robert Fabricant's About

Myths busted about Web Design and User Experience - Octal Info Solution UK Web design is a crucial factor when you intend to pass on a information to users through online presence or web platform. Design of business website drops an impression on your users about personality of your business. If you are searching for any product over internet, then several suggestions will be displayed by search engine. We generally click on some website displayed by search engine in search result but stop at only that website which serves better designing experience. There are several things to consider about web designing and user experience when you have a sketch of web design in your mind. Below mentioned are some misconceptions about web designing and user experience that everyone need to consider before designing any web page. Your visitor likes to read This is very common myth among webmasters and web designers. Number of clicks is important When it is product related website, then navigation matters a lot. Fewer Scrolls Design is only about looks Responsiveness in design

How to Craft your Mobile Web Strategy - Octal Info Solution UK Instant access, one touch communication and screen responsiveness have something in common. These features come naturally to your mind when you thing about mobile web. Mobile web development takes care of these ideas and many more around the realm of mobility, to give you the personalized handy gadget feel across all responsive affairs of interaction with your mobile device. Well, for something that important, you need to be much focused with your proceedings and craft real ideas doing justice to its kind existence. Avoid scaling down your desktop site This is the first thing you should do to get on the right track with your mobile website. Focus on User Experience Mobile has its purpose to serve. Structure the content right Placing the compressed version of desktop content on your mobile website is not going to work. Related Posts 6 Stages for Building a WebsiteDesigning a website is more of a function.

How Robust Management Can Help In Rapid Mobile App Development There were days when app development was considered too far to be an easy-to-reach solution. Businesses would get in a catch-22 situation while taking their decisions on how to go about it. Change is inevitable and with time, things became more approachable and gettable. With the availability of different development choices and easy resource options, mobile app development has become really a term to reckon with. Surely, with the change in the models that have become more relevant and the processes that have become advance, getting your app developed is now quite a normal thing that even a business with limited budget can go for. If you look deep into the fact, most of the enterprise applications just need to cater a limited number of users that come under their utility radar. To manage such requirements and to conduct the ground-level exercises to decide on what is needed to cater to a certain class of audience through an app, robust management is needed. Related Posts

iPad Application Development & Apps Design UK | Call +44-20-81447964 With fast changing tablet figures and highly compelling results shown by the Apple's iPad, it's important to take the technology seriously and we do that quite resourcefully at Octal. We are completely on with the iPad technology. We have full-featured labs to help us think and do it better with all the temperament that iPad needs. Our experiments and approaches are all tuned in with getting the right iPad solutions through iPad's latest offerings. We are quick-handed with custom iPad development, iPad games, porting services and enterprise solutions for iPad. Focusing on the high-end functional properties like map-kit, pass-kit, API integration, in-app purchase feature, retina display, accelerometer optimization, we bring the best out of your iPad endeavour.

Website design and development process - Octal Info Solution UK There are numerous steps in web design & development process, from gathering information to creation of website and finally its maintenance. The exact process of website development may differ from developer to developer but basics are remain same. It’s a very complex task and requires series of steps to follow. Octal Info Solution is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web development company with offices in US, UK & Singapore and development centre in India offers web and mobile development services at global level. Related Posts 6 Stages for Building a WebsiteDesigning a website is more of a function.

SaaS Testing Methodology & Development Process - Octal Info Solution UK SaaS is a software delivery model hosting business applications, varying from customer relationship management (CRM) services, human resources management services, content management systems (CMS) or accounting services, on the cloud. Through Cloud Computing, virtual services are delivered as well customers reduce costs normally associated with hosting data on physical servers and machines. SaaS has seen tremendous boom in the past few years with both customers’ and businesses’ enjoying easy access to and consumption of online data. While developing a SaaS application, product or platform, it’s best to make it cloud-friendly and it must be easily scalable. It must support multi-tenancy, i.e. delivering online services to multiple customers and subscribers on a single server or software instance. Related Posts Website design and development processThere are numerous steps in web design & development process, from gathering information to creation of website and finally its maintenance.

Are you mulling over App marketing? Find the right approach to develop and market your app - Octal Info Solution UK As you start thinking about creating a mobile app for your organization, several questions will start hounding you, like whether the decision right for your company? In fact sometimes you might even question if the idea for the app is even a good one and once you have gotten the app developed how people will get used to it. But the thing is, once you reach at the right platform, things will become quite easy for you. All you need to do is zero upon the right resource who has enough experience in creating apps for various clients and dozens of industries such as finance, marketing, social networking, health, entertainment, tourism, hospitality, among others. Here is how you need to start: To start with, just write down your idea and make sure that you convey it in the clearest of its form. During the process, you might think whether outsourcing is the right idea or not, but that certainly is. Here we present what your marketing strategy for the app must comprise of: App Store Marketing