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How to Build a Live Streaming Video App. How many times have you encountered a situation where you wished to have your camcorder by your side so that you could broadcast anything live there and then?

How to Build a Live Streaming Video App

Well, thanks to the rapid progress of mobile phones that you no more need a camcorder for this. Since, there is a mobile app for everything. The future of live streaming apps is becoming is thriving at an exponential rate. Apps like Periscope, Instagram, Facebook Live, Steamago and more have made this live video streaming extremely stress-free and a one touch operation. This concept of live streaming is not new, however, in the current times; it is witnessing a complete upliftment. Benefits of Having a Live Streaming Video App A hike in mobile video viewing has significantly contributed to the growth of live streaming apps. Now is the time to embrace this emerging trend of live streaming video apps and so as to stay ahead of the pack. Better Exposure Urgent Offers and Notices Tangible Content. How Free Apps Can Make Money. With more than 4 million apps floating in the app store markets, the competition is just getting tougher with each day.

How Free Apps Can Make Money

In the first look, this app store market may appear over saturated with all possible categories of apps available. As a matter of fact, most of these apps are available for free. If you go by the recent statistical figures, you will know that this app market is still growing. The revenues from mobile apps in 2016 are 16% higher than in 2015. How To Convert iOS App To Android? Converting a mobile app from iOS for Android is not as daunting a task as it may look at the first glance.

How To Convert iOS App To Android?

On the other hand, deciding upon the best platform for your app is undeniably a hard activity. Each platform comes with its own set of pros and cons. With that being said, it is generally seen that developers usually embark upon the iOS platform to get started. This is primarily because iOS platform is more lucrative and developer-friendly. Avoid all the Retail Mobile App Development Issues with these ways. Since the time retail mobility solutions have come to the fore, it virtually eradicated the traditional methods that were used in retail marketing.

Avoid all the Retail Mobile App Development Issues with these ways

It is an evident fact that the retail industry is welcoming newer trends with each passing day, however, what you also can’t ignore the fact that there are a good number of consumers who didn’t have a good experience in this arena of marketing. Eventually, the poor experience leads to the app deletion by the user, thus putting a question mark on this entire retail mobile app development process. Even a minute mistake can cause an app’s debacle It goes without saying that every retail mobile app development process involves a lot of planning, efforts, and cost, and even slight carelessness shown towards the retail app can lead to the failure of entire retail app development effort.

Often it also tends to be the case that the regular consumers of yours for whom you are developing the app may not necessarily be an app user. Develop Successful iOS app for your business. Today mobiles have secured a special corner in our lives.

Develop Successful iOS app for your business

Without any doubt, these handheld devices are just everywhere nowadays and there is no region that is being spared from mobile proliferation. Earlier in the times as we entered the digital era, web presence was a vital requirement for making the businesses flourish and active. Now today it is the era of mobile and smart phones and it’s no surprise to see that companies are getting eager to get hold of the vast audience presence on mobile devices.

Why Mobile Apps are dominating the today’s market?

How to Create a Messaging App like Telegram. Telegram has evolved as one of the hottest messengers available nowadays.

How to Create a Messaging App like Telegram

It offers a notable example, exhibiting how the platform marketplace has progressed. The creators of Telegram mastered in developing a speedy and robust mobile app having a powerful developer community around it. Despite the fact that Telegram’s competitors such as Line, WhatsApp, Signal and more, are securing more active users and number of downloads on Google Play, developers still choose Telegram as their role model. Best Testing Tools for Mobile App Development – Octal Info Solution UK. The mobile app development is an ever-evolving stream with new ideas and technologies flowing into it every day.

Best Testing Tools for Mobile App Development – Octal Info Solution UK

The introduction of new languages and advanced frameworks has simplified some tasks for the developers and coders. Mobile App Localization. You create a mobile app that does fairly well at addressing the needs and demands of your users.

Mobile App Localization

It exhibits every feature that serves the users with adequate utility. All in all, you have acquired a mobile app that is able to successfully establish a brand name, getting the maximum out of your mobile app endeavor. But what if your potential audience is unable to comprehend the information who seek to communicate. And thus, you are unable to reach them right in their comfort zone. Difference between Native App & Web App. The mobile world is expanding at a dynamic speed with new ground breaking technologies that are being introduced at every other day.

Difference between Native App & Web App

Currently there are many different terms and methods used in the software industry. If you intend to enhance your business application then it is very important to determine as to which mobile app development platform is best for you. You will have to choose a platform which can efficiently deliver a robust mobile experience to the users. Choosing between Native App and Web App can be sometimes quite confusing. Thus, it is important to understand their basic difference. How to Improve Your App’s User Experience. In order to create an innovative and conquering iPhone or android app that stands out in this combative marketplace, you need to immaculately understand how a user experiences mobile apps.

How to Improve Your App’s User Experience

All of you must have heard of the term “UX, i.e. User Experience”, which is aimed at developing apps that are simple to use, rather than those meant for pure aesthetics. The primary concept of UX is driven by the app design based on user’s needs and preferences, in regard to its overall performance, functionality and usability. Even the smallest of the details play a big role in regulating how the customer experiences your app. So, It’s Time To Make your App Icon Stand Out. It’s often said that never judge a book, a movie or a packaging by its cover, instead explore it, isn’t that exactly what we all do? In a world where the number of app downloads is exponentially thriving, you really have to be unique from the other apps to stand the competition. The app icon is a crucial part of the overall user experience and its design should no longer be considered as an afterthought once the actual app has been developed. The icon design is very important as its the first mode of getting connected with the public.

It needs to convey the value offered by the app and therefore, everything should be chosen correctly and with total perfection. So, to help you out, we have assembled some essential tips that will surely help you to improve the design of your mobile app icon so as to make it shine out amongst the rest. Avoid Text. Select The Best Pricing Model For Your App Development. According to a leading mobile app development company, two of the pricing models that are most commonly used are Time/ Material and Fixed Price contracts pricing mechanisms.

These two are the most renowned practices followed by service consultants while pricing their development services. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages to both the parties involved, i.e. the client and the consultant. Some consultants prefer Time and Material pricing mechanism to avoid the downsides of Fixed Price while some companies may opt for adopting a fixed pricing strategy. Both these, pricing structures have their own individual pros and cons and should be implemented in accordance with the development requirements. Lets Find Out Budgeting Mistakes For Mobile App. Despite the rising prominence of smartphones and the count of business enterprises that are discerning its importance, it is astonishing how little is fathomed about what it takes to create a feature-packed, user ready mobile app.

A plethora of enterprises are not intelligent enough for accomplishing the task of mobile app budgeting. As a result, they notably underrate – the resources, time and budget required for building a utilitarian product. So, according to our experiences, the biggest mobile app budgeting mistakes committed by developers are: Ignoring UpdatesNot Budgeting for App MarketingFocusing Solely on UIFollowing the Website Costing ModelIgnoring Cross-Development Involvement.

ENSURE THE SECURITY FOR YOUR ENTERPRISE APP. The growing popularity of mobile devices has led to a constant rise in the number of competent apps. Increasingly, business enterprises are required to devise efficient ways to ensure that all these apps are absolutely secure. In the following post, we shall look at 4 best methods of protecting the user’s security within a mobile app. Enterprise App Security Today, the mobile internet usage is clearly dominated by efficient apps. Advantages of Mobile App Deeplink. Mobile Deep Linking makes use of a uniform resource identifier (URI) that helps to link up specific pages or specific locations right within a mobile application. This feature is developed to provide users an utmost ease of use. Deep linking enables the user to get directly routed to the app content in diverse ways. With deep linking, one can get automatically connected to notifications, email, SMS and other social media platforms.

So, let’s find out the Best App Developers for your Android App. A sudden hike in the usage of smartphones and tablet devices has created a huge demand for proficient app developers. Micro Apps: One of the Trends to Watch Out For. With as much as 2 million apps available on the Apple and Google Play Store, there is absolutely no doubt why micro apps are quickly gaining traction. Each one of us downloads at least 50 apps on our mobile devices, but actively use just 4 or 5. Mobile Apps- An Essential Digital Strategy For Small business. Nothing can bring down the marketing power of a well-designed and innovative app. Top Benefits of having a Mobile App.

Today, each one of us walks with the best thing in our pockets- Yes, Smartphones! The core functionality extended by these highly utilitarian devices is much more than making phone calls. They permit us to run a host of applications that perform almost every conceivable task. Today, business houses from all parts of the world are engaging themselves so as to offer a prodigious range of products.

As a result, they have successfully shifted from the corporeal world of handing print media, brochures and leaflets to the field of mobile. How to choose your pricing model for an App. How an Android app development companies grow business. Nowadays, almost all business houses are going in for developing a competent mobile app that addresses customer needs and inquiries, handles sales, etc. Benefits of App Monetization. How To Save Money On Your App Development Project Smartly.

Increase Website Engagement Using These WordPress Plugins. In today’s digital world you can easily make your presence felt by juggling relevancy and offering valuable information to your customers. It’s necessary for you to understand the needs of your audience and find ways to meet them as this helps in offering the best service. However, past content and relevancy, audience / website engagement is also crucial.

Right ways that contribute to make your Travel App a success – LineshJose.Com. How Front-end and Back-end Web Development make a difference? Everything you need to know about iPhone Games Development via Developer’s Guide. Use these extraordinary and effective apps as you travel the world. What Should You Go with? In House or Outsourcing Mobile App Development. Will automobiles be the next mobile app platform? Extraordinary Features that make your Mobile App easily Engage Users. Is Mobile Backend as a Service Vital to Develop Mobile Apps? Making secure payments is now easier with Next-Gen technologies.

Best Strategies to be successful in Digital Marketing. Effective Ways to Create a Secure Mobile App for Providers. Forget Downloads; Now Re-engagement Drives Revenue. Significance of Responsive web design for B2B websites. Is Hybrid Mobile App Development right for you? Easy tips to protect your business systems from hackers. Create a Highly Effective WordPress website. Essential factors that make website a huge success. Right metrics to evaluate success of your enterprise mobile application. How to Develop an Amazing Mobile App Prototype. Top iOS Features That You Get During iPhone Apps Development. Are These Common Issues Bothering Your Customers? How to Generate Easy Profits Using Mobile Apps.

Do you need to update your app every month? Top eCommerce Influencers Share Their Thoughts On Customer Evangelism. What Are The Aspects Needed To Be Taken Care Of In The Life Cycle Of A Software Development? PHP Tips that every developer must go by. Web Design Tips to Have a Wonderful Website. Essential aspects you need to take care of while developing a mobile strategy. Responsive Website vs. Mobile App, which are better? Things you need to take care of for Mobile app localization. How a user acquisition strategy is vital for your app’s success? Best tools for developers to execute Android application development process. How to effectively develop and secure your mobile app? Are you looking for a new eCommerce platform for your business? Trends that Shape Up the Customer Experience in 2016.

Make your WordPress site appealing with a Parallax Theme. Right Ways to Manage a Virtual Web Development Team. Game-changing Technology Trends in the Tradeshow Industry. Several web development platforms you can go for as a WordPress alternative. Things You Need to Take Care of While Hiring WordPress Developers. Testing Mobile Applications is no more a tedious task. 10 Things to Be Avoided in PHP7. Which platform is better for you: mobile apps or mobile websites? Introducing the top trends in healthcare mobility. Smartwatch Development - Is it True that Smartwatches Means of Problem? Did you know about these hidden costs of building a mobile app? Push Notification Tools to Easily Boost Mobile App Engagement. Tips to Make Money Out of Your Mobile App. Essential Steps for the Success of Mobile Games Success. How mobile technology is transforming our lives?

What are the General Mistakes Made while Designing a Logo. Right ways to choose the best mobile platform for your app. 10 Best Frameworks for Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps. What sets Wearable App Market apart from Mobile App Market? Implement these effective tricks to have your Android Phone use Less Data. Exploring the best 10 open source Android app development frameworks. How To Create Exceptional Apps Mobile UX Designs? Why Cross-Platform Browser Tools are Preferred Mostly. Avoid your Web Business Fall Through by Considering these 10 Mistakes. Is It Hard To Make A Choice Between Custom Sales Apps and Readymade Solutions? Enterprise Apps play a vital role in the growth of your business.

Use the most-effective 10 Onboarding Tips for great mobile app experience. Enterprise Apps play a vital role in the growth of your business. Reach new heights with engaging iPhone Application Development & Trends. 5 Latest Mobile Technologies That Will Steal the Show. List of top-ten Android Games of 2015. WordPress is making a great change to the eCommerce industry - Octal Info Solution UK. Several benefits of Zend Framework in PHP Development - Octal Info Solution UK. Why you should go with PHP for website development? - Octal Info Solution UK. Swift: Why should you go for this programming language by Apple? - Octal Info Solution UK. How ASP NET Development can make your Dynamic Pages attractive? - Octal Info Solution UK.

Have you experienced these Enterprise Mobility Challenges? - Octal Info Solution UK. Are you concerned about customers leaving your application? - Octal Info Solution UK. Effective ways to monetize your app! - Octal Info Solution UK. Code Igniter Web Development: Have you tried this PHP framework? - Octal Info Solution UK.