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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a .NET developer. In 2002, Microsoft developed a powerful framework that gave developers a chance to innovate their programming by working on different languages in a single platform.

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a .NET developer

Today, .NET is easily one of the most widely used frameworks for website and app development in the world. The whole credit goes to its flexibility, ease of use and secure environment for development. Every programmer who has hands-on experience in the most widely used development apps can leverage .NET to his or her advantage. It speeds up the entire development process while reducing all the unnecessary complexities involved in programming at the same time.

This allows them to come up with more innovative and unique ideas that would otherwise be lost while handling the complex coding process. Today, finding a .NET developer isn’t exactly like finding a needle in a haystack. So, what’s the right way to find an ideal .NET developer for your website or app development? Command on C# or VB.NET Code Refactoring Abilities 3. 4. Top 8 Features That Define Your Productivity App Development. Productive apps are the latest, trending topic of the mobile app industry but do you really know that it is not something new and unique.

Top 8 Features That Define Your Productivity App Development

The Productivity software has been present in our market from a pretty long time. A Productivity app is just the better, sophisticated, more efficient, and effective version of the software’s that exist in the present market. They are the latest, updated adaptation for making your working ecosystems’ more simplified and reliable. App personalization – Need of the hour. In rapidly-evolving mobile app world, it is pertinent for the app owners to upgrade their apps and keep abreast with latest trends lest they will lose user engagement.

App personalization – Need of the hour

As a matter of fact the modern day app user is simply spoilt by choice and it seems that his demands are increasing with passing time. Apart from the advanced features and brand new trends, app companies also have to concentrate on offering a personalized experience to the users if they want to ensure their continuous engagement. Basically, user retention is a huge issue which is faced by the app owners. The app owners are forever under this pressure to make better their apps by means of constant improvement in app design, alteration in graphics and induction of brand new interesting features. Hire Android App Developers & Programmers in UK. Social Networking App Development- Features and Technology Stack. How Do You Develop a Social App?

Social Networking App Development- Features and Technology Stack

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more social media apps are adding to the list every day. If you are a social media app developer and want to do something different- beware the job is highly demanding. With so many social media apps already on the market, which of course are quite different from each other; you have to think out of the box and develop something new and catchy.

Today social media has not only become a fashionable trend but also a necessity to stay active in the digital world. How much does it cost to develop an IoT mobile app. IoT is a big name and is holding a really great part of the today’s industrial landscape.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT mobile app

Probably, it is one of the technologies that target the automation in just the right manner. The opportunities and functionalities offered by the IoT principles are huge and thus, there is absolutely no reason left, that why business should consider IoT app development as the major component of their activity execution lifecycle. Coming to the major concern, lots of entrepreneurs and the business persons thinks, in fact, researchers about the actual cost that is likely to be incurred while IoT app development.

Well, the answer is as difficult as the development of such apps, but eventually, we have outlined the basic parameters and the components that will play a major part in deciding the cost of the IoT based mobile app. So, coming to our very next concern: The cost, but before going into that, idealize about the basic fundamentals that are listed below. Which one to Select for Developing the Backend: Firebase or Ruby on Rails? Of course, selecting the backend technology stack is not an easy challenge to combat with.

Which one to Select for Developing the Backend: Firebase or Ruby on Rails?

Whether it is for Android or iOS, complicated or uncomplicated; the backend support must be strong enough to protect your overall app integrity. Coming to the next crucial point, one has to also focus on the cost that will be incurred in using the desired one. Now since each of them comes with their own set of pros and cons, here we will be discussing, the one that must be chosen from the Firebase and Ruby on Rails. Yes, which one to use and why to use and what are the required project conditions that can be met by these technologies will follow in the post. In recent times, when the Firebase and its API were launched, a lot of buzzes was created about it, but then after some time, few of its disadvantages were revealed.

Upgrade Your Taxi-Hailing App Like the Uber App. Taxi-hailing apps like Uber had not been so popular until 2010.

Upgrade Your Taxi-Hailing App Like the Uber App

Since the launch of this classic application, many doppelgangers have also risen up to provide services to the ultimate users. Taxi-hailing apps have become competitive to give the customers some services that had been already being provided by the prevailing apps. Taxi services like Uber are feeling the heat of competition with the new apps being launched every other day. However, the demand is also raising high with the fickle customers who keep looking out for better options. Magazines & Newspaper App Development: Extend The Reader Base Of Your News. The latest, trending way to public awareness and gaining knowledge are the magazine and newspaper apps on your smart phone.

Magazines & Newspaper App Development: Extend The Reader Base Of Your News

We are always checking our phones, watching shows and playing games but in this process, we often forget to keep ourselves informed and on top of the current affairs of the world. These magazine and newspaper apps sneak in the important information into our smart phones and help us to remain aware of our society and the happenings that are taking place in the world.

With the rapid rise of technology, news being made all over the world is usually conveyed rapidly to us on television, radios, and internet. Newspapers and magazines provide that same, old news to us the next day. Top 8 Features That Define Your Productivity App Development. Top 5 Features For Your Enterprise Mobile Apps. In this technologically advancing world, mobile has become an important and dependable part of our daily life.

Top 5 Features For Your Enterprise Mobile Apps

From our day to day chores to official business operations, mobile not only makes our work easier, but also helps us to remain more productive and efficient. With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, various business organizations are realizing its importance for escalating their development and growth. Mobile applications have become a crucial equipment in their process of deploying their business operations in a much improvised manner. Large business organizations are using this prevalence of mobile apps to manage and improve various organizational processes. Mobile enterprise assists in managing the workforce efficiently, helping establish a better customer service, and staying up to date with employee performances and management.

With the help of integrated mobility, corporate data can be easily accessed by the employees from anywhere in the world. Essential Features For Your Travel and Tourism Mobile Apps. Apps like Make My Trip, Goibibo, Tripadvisor, etc. are the big giants when it comes to travel and tourism apps and a majority of people have either one of them installed on their mobile devices.

Essential Features For Your Travel and Tourism Mobile Apps

Travel apps have facilitated the tourism industry in a large way. Let’s consider an example. Imagine you are out on a vacation and you want to know the best local restaurant to eat. What will you do? You can either contact your local tour guide or you can ask your hotel staff to guide you through the same. 7 Design Stages Of On-Demand Cargo Delivery App. The popularity of on-demand cargo delivery apps is at an all-time rise. These delivery apps are meant for, connecting the customers with an array of service providers, thus making life simpler and more comfortable. Currently dominating the market, these apps are extremely easy to use, just like hiring a cab, private car or a bike. Nowadays, the market is replete with several cargo delivery apps that feature eccentric designs and functionalities.

But if as a developer, you come to think of it, it is rather perplexing to build a proficient and fully-functional cargo delivery mobile app. Points to consider while Converting a Web App to a Native Mobile App. It all seems to be in antiquity when everyone wanted a website. Today, the ever growing popularity of smartphones has made native apps extremely handy for accessing all sorts of information. What leads to your Mobile app failure even before it’s launched? Often it happens that despite you putting in your best efforts in the Mobile app development process still things take a bad shape that may lead into the failure of an app. In that case, everyone is held responsible for the app collapse as considerable, time, effort and money was invested in its development. Meanwhile, it’s not always a bug or a flaw, that can be remedied, that leads to the failure of an mobile app.

There are a few common categories of problems that can certainly add up in the app failure. It is necessary to grapple the entire idea about these issues as it will help you in proceeding intelligently for looking into the signs where things might take a nasty turn. Defining failure. Let’s Explore Some of the Amazing Smart Home Devices. How will it sound if we say that you could connect all the devices that you owe, use, monitor and control to the Internet? Doesn’t it sound exciting? Well, yes not just computers and smartphones, but you can connect just everything right from the clocks, lights, doors, speakers, bells, cameras to refrigerators, windows, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils this automation ecosystem covers up you all. These devices could communicate, send information and can process the information in the right manner.

Well, Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for us that plays the key role and is one of the fundamental components that had modified the ecosystem of home automation and smart homes. Top Reasons Why Hybrid Mobile Application Are Best For Your Business? It is the time when applications are being continually developed with the two most prominent being native and hybrid apps. The world of technology is indeed divided between the two as some favor native while others prefer Hybrid, which is a combination of native and mobile web apps. Both of these platforms have their own merits and demerits still they garner an amicable level of attention in the perspective of mobile app development.

Often when native and hybrid web apps are being developed in different forms of technology, most of the people fail in figuring out the differences. What further adds to the confusion is that hybrid apps have mixed elements of native and web elements. By now it must be clear that both the technologies have its pros and cons, so here, let’s try to find which works best for your enterprise. First, let’s find the difference between three types of apps: Native ApplicationsWeb ApplicationsHybrid Applications. Create Your Own Photo Editing App Like Retrica. With social media gaining quick traction, there is a constant need for editing your photos and videos rapidly without involving into much effort.

A Dating App For Redefining User Expectations. How Much does IT Cost To Make An App Like Instagram From Scratch. Instagram, an app founded with the fundamental purpose of sharing your photos and videos with your friends and family, has today taken the entire globe by storm. I guess explaining more about this widespread app won’t be necessary, as I am sure you must already know it. Statista reveals that Instagram has 88.48 million active monthly users in the US alone. Crazy, right? Is a Mobile App Right for Your Enterprise? App development for the mobile market originally concentrated on the entertainment and gaming fields. However, now, with the growing popularity of apps, a glut of business enterprises is also embracing mobile apps.

It comes as no surprise that recently, business apps have emerged as the second-most popular category in the Apple’s app store. Mobile Apps For your Event Planning. Partying and socializing has become an inherent part of our everyday lives. We all wish to go out, meet new people, delight in a nice fine dine and have fun. How Often Should You Update Your App?

You need to know before hiring mobile app developer firm. Let's find out the wrong ingredients in your iphone app Recipe. The App store is replete with millions of apps for various needs. Apps provide help for health issues, banking solutions, shopping and to even spy on your spouse. Top 6 Reasons Why People Uninstall Apps From Their Phone. As per a statistical study conducted by Uninstall. io, it is being seen that 94% of the users uninstall their mobile apps within 30 days of its installation. Even if you spent thousands of dollars developing an app, it can only reach the pinnacles of success if the users stick to it. And let me tell you, user retention is not that easy. Mobile apps for every industry. Robust mobile applications are becoming an effective business tool for the modern mobile savvy generation. The partnership between the industry and technology is becoming stronger with every passing day.

Why is a Mobile App Landing Page vital for the success of your app? An Overview- Mobile App Development Lifecycle. On-demand delivery apps assist in overcoming delivery. Lets get started with your first Mobile App. Weather App Development Benefits. Right Strategy for a Successful IoT Application Or Product. Things to consider before develop a social media app.

How to Find the Best App Developers for Your Project. I have an Idea For An App. What to do Next. Google Fit or Apple HealthKit: Which one is better? Must considerable factors for SMEs while developing a mobile app. IOS 11 VS Android O. A To-Do List For A Successful Mobile App. How to Build a Live Streaming Video App. How Free Apps Can Make Money. How To Convert iOS App To Android? Avoid all the Retail Mobile App Development Issues with these ways. Develop Successful iOS app for your business.

Why Mobile Apps are dominating the today’s market?

How to Create a Messaging App like Telegram. Best Testing Tools for Mobile App Development – Octal Info Solution UK. Mobile App Localization. Difference between Native App & Web App. How to Improve Your App’s User Experience. So, It’s Time To Make your App Icon Stand Out. Select The Best Pricing Model For Your App Development. Lets Find Out Budgeting Mistakes For Mobile App. ENSURE THE SECURITY FOR YOUR ENTERPRISE APP. Advantages of Mobile App Deeplink. So, let’s find out the Best App Developers for your Android App. Micro Apps: One of the Trends to Watch Out For. Mobile Apps- An Essential Digital Strategy For Small business.

Top Benefits of having a Mobile App. How to choose your pricing model for an App. How an Android app development companies grow business. Benefits of App Monetization. How To Save Money On Your App Development Project Smartly. Increase Website Engagement Using These WordPress Plugins. Right ways that contribute to make your Travel App a success – LineshJose.Com. How Front-end and Back-end Web Development make a difference? Everything you need to know about iPhone Games Development via Developer’s Guide. Use these extraordinary and effective apps as you travel the world. What Should You Go with? In House or Outsourcing Mobile App Development. Will automobiles be the next mobile app platform? Extraordinary Features that make your Mobile App easily Engage Users. Is Mobile Backend as a Service Vital to Develop Mobile Apps? Making secure payments is now easier with Next-Gen technologies. Best Strategies to be successful in Digital Marketing.

Effective Ways to Create a Secure Mobile App for Providers. Forget Downloads; Now Re-engagement Drives Revenue. Significance of Responsive web design for B2B websites. Is Hybrid Mobile App Development right for you? Easy tips to protect your business systems from hackers. Create a Highly Effective WordPress website. Essential factors that make website a huge success. Right metrics to evaluate success of your enterprise mobile application. How to Develop an Amazing Mobile App Prototype. Top iOS Features That You Get During iPhone Apps Development. Are These Common Issues Bothering Your Customers? How to Generate Easy Profits Using Mobile Apps.

Do you need to update your app every month? Top eCommerce Influencers Share Their Thoughts On Customer Evangelism. What Are The Aspects Needed To Be Taken Care Of In The Life Cycle Of A Software Development? PHP Tips that every developer must go by. Web Design Tips to Have a Wonderful Website. Essential aspects you need to take care of while developing a mobile strategy.

Responsive Website vs. Mobile App, which are better? Things you need to take care of for Mobile app localization. How a user acquisition strategy is vital for your app’s success? Best tools for developers to execute Android application development process. How to effectively develop and secure your mobile app? Are you looking for a new eCommerce platform for your business? Trends that Shape Up the Customer Experience in 2016.