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Domains and domain email made simple - Hover

Domains and domain email made simple - Hover

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Cross-platform Data Replication Software, Real-time Data Sharing Easy, automated data sharing between databases in real time MIMIX® Share™ makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across multiple databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms. With automated, real-time data sharing you can improve business efficiency and decision making by keeping your databases in sync and enabling access to information when, where and how it is needed for queries, reports, business intelligence, data warehousing and more. Modernizing legacy systems and consolidating your database infrastructure is also made easy with MIMIX Share’s powerful, flexible transformation and replication capabilities.

10 Images That Changed the Course of Science (And One That Is About To) To understand this you need to understand quantum theory a little better. It's not that orbitals invalidated the stick-and-ball models of chemistry at all. If anything orbitals explained to us why the bonds are arranged as they are in stick-and-ball models. Prior to quantum theory, we only knew the geometry and patterns of those bonds by experiment. Django with Mysql and Apache on EC2 — The Usware Blog - Django Web Development By : Shabda Raaj What is EC2 Unless you have been living on Mars these last few years, you are sure to have heard of EC2. Amazon's cloud offering, it offers infinite scalability. Using EC2, you can bring up any number of machines online at minutes notice, and after you are done with them, bring them down. How does EC2 work?

Brackets Blog - The Free, Open Source Code Editor for the Web Brackets 31 is big. It’s a release we have been working on for months, the result of countless hours of research, iteration and testing. We’re excited and proud to release Live Development for HTML — as you code, HTML changes are instantly pushed to browser without having to save or reload the page. Windows users will also find a significant UI update as Brackets embraces its darker side. Improved support for SASS, more linting options and better search results round out the top features. Augmented Reality with #Processing - Tutorial by Amnon Owed All of the visuals in the above video were created using NyArtoolkit for Processing. NyARToolkit is an augmented reality toolkit built with 100% pure Java. It is derived from ARToolkit-2.72.1.

Philip Roche » Simple Django install on Amazon EC2 I set up an amazon ec2 instance this weekend and as I knew I’d bedoing it again I noted the steps performed. Hopefully they’ll be of use to someone. Firstly you need to set up an EC2 account. I’d also recommend downloading () which makes it easier to manages instances, volumes andelastic IPs. Also install the so you can start and stop instances etc.

Web Design Tools: Best 10 for Creating Responsive Websites There has been a complete shift in the way websites and web apps are created these days and the new age web design tools are playing a key role in this. The need is to create designs that are interactive, engaging and serve devices of all sizes with seamless user experience. Creating responsive websites is now the prerequisite for web design, and modern web design tools create responsive websites out of the box without the designers even have to think about it.

8 Awesome Mashups Made Possible by APIs This series is supported by PayPal X Innovate 2009, PayPal’s first dedicated developer conference. Register for $49 with the code ppblog3 or join us at $50 if you are a student. We here at Mashable are big fans of mashup services — it's our name, after all! And at the heart of almost all of these mashups is a term you'll see frequently thrown around related to web services: APIs, or application programming interfaces. The Year That Was Tom Scocca, Managing Editor of Deadspin, Slate Columnist, and Author of Beijing Welcomes You In this chain-reaction year—disaster, war, revolution, and death chasing one another around the globe—the pepper-spray assault at Cal-Davis was nowhere near the biggest event. Instead, it was small enough to be intelligible.