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50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing

50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing
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Content Marketing Statistics That Prove Its Effectiveness Content Marketing is the Future. Content marketing is more than just a hot topic. Experts everywhere are calling it the future of marketing and for good reason. In a noisy world, we as consumers have become very adept at avoiding advertising. Click through rates on banner ads are plummeting – in fact you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. The way to stand out in the world (social media, search engines, email, mobile, directories, etc.) is with great content. Content Marketing Stats that Prove the Case Here are some great stats pulled from an even greater online presentation. Go read the full presentation to appreciate the full power of content marketing. How Do I Get Started with Content Marketing? Sadly, I see few local businesses doing content marketing really well, but those that do are wildly successful. Content marketing is not out of reach, it just requires effective tools, a little education and a partner willing to help. Just get started now.

Content Marketing Strategy Stats: 2015 [Infographic] Some great stats on the state of content marketing from the folks over at wyzowl, so I thought I’d create this custom infographic to show the information off. I really wish the folks at wysowl spent some time talking about the respondents and how the data was collected so readers could understand the data better. For instance, data coming from small businesses looks a lot different from enterprise respondents. I still run into resistance when talking about content marketing with potential clients because it’s the most expensive element of my proposal. Crafting a content marketing strategy Think about all that goes into a carefully crafted content marketing strategy: Recommended for YouWebcast: 4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Content Plan Digital marketing goals and how content marketing fits into this goal strategySEO keywordsOptimal timing for post creation — usually before noon for B2B firms wanting to drive traffic. Is content marketing effective? What does content marketing cost?

How to optimise your images for SEO Images are increasingly important to the customer experience and search yet many sites are not optimised to take advantage. In the early days of the web images were typically small and of low quality. We all remember the little animated men at work icons that littered the web in its infancy. However, as users have moved from dial-up to broadband connections, the number, size and quality of images on the web has increased significantly. The following graph shows this rapid increase: Some facts about images: 100bn images are captured and made available online each year.750m camera equipped mobile phones are sold each year.100m digital cameras are sold each year. Images are important to search. R.J Pittman, Google Director of Product Management, Feb 2009: Image search makes up about 5.7% of all Google Searches and 5% of all search is image related. However, very few websites are optimised to take advantage. So what can be done to capitalise on this free traffic? Cookieless domain Image filename

This Year, Forget Links and Build Connections via Content Marketing Less than two years ago, we wrote a post called Link Building and Content: The Right Combination for Getting Found Online. Since then, Google’s algorithm has become more refined and SEO tactics even more complex, but the advice we offered then has yet to go out of style. Good content, it seems, continues to withstand the test of time. In fact, content marketing is now one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. Curata reports that 77% of B2B marketers plan to increase content production in the next 12 months. 55% plan to increase their content marketing spend during those same 12 months. And 38% are already publishing new content on a weekly basis – if not more! So much effort is being put into content, and for good reason. Recommended for YouWebcast: 4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Content Plan Yet 70% of marketers lack an integrated content strategy. The advice is simple: Publish great content.Share it.?? The problem is: everyone in marketing has read the same advice. 1. 2. 3.

Link Building Services, Thematic Link Building, One Way Link Building Techmagnate is a leading link building company India. With over five years of experience in link building services, we have helped several websites in the U.S., U.K., Australia and India achieve top rankings in search engines. We offer thematic one-way link building, focusing on quality links that actually deliver. Why Link building services? One way link building helps build Link Popularity which is a crucial piece in the SEO process. Why choose Techmagnate for link building services? Unlike most link building companies, we follow stringent quality guidelines. Pure thematic link building from websites related to your business.Focus on quality links from websites with good content and high Page Rank.All links are built manually with targeted keywords in the anchor text.We do not build paid links.We do not indulge in spamming or building links from adult/offensive websites. The link building process Link building and Link Popularity In brief, your Link Popularity Rating is a combination of:

26 Ideas for Your Travel Blog | Copywriting for Hotels & Travel half a year of interesting, inspiring blog content Whether you’re a hotel, travel agency, tour operator, or other hospitality vendor, your travel business blog should always be engaging. Your goal is to nourish relationships with past clients and to build new connections with potentials. And to do that, you have to produce what’s known as “evergreen content.” Like a cypress tree, evergreen content stays fresh and interesting year-round. It’s timeless. Understanding evergreen content is one thing, but producing it is quite another. List Posts: Everyone loves a good list, and travelers are list fanatics. If you enjoyed this post... Get 'em all! Sign up to receive regular blog updates, PLUS: Free travel copywriting & marketing guides – available only to subscribers!

What are Important SEO Ranking Factors? Search Engine Marketing Blog Backlinks and anchor text are two of the most talked about search engine ranking factors. But what about the other important factors? We may not think about internal links, social mentions and local citations as much, but they all make up the pieces of a very big pie. More than anything, Google always seem to be pushing the idea of “quality content“. We previously discussed that here. Although this vague piece of advice won’t help on its own, it’s something to always keep at the back of your head. If you haven’t taken a look at 2013′s local search ranking factors, you can do so here. Social signals are another mysterious factor of search engine rankings. Let’s face it. The underdogs of ranking factors can’t just be pushed aside.

A solid content strategy is crucial in the converging media world | Media Network Just a few short years ago, the three fundamental types of media – paid (advertising), earned (social and PR) and owned (content) – coexisted peacefully. Each stayed, so to speak, in its own room. More recently in the house of marketing, the walls are falling and media types are converging. What type of media are Facebook and Twitter: paid, owned or earned? The answer, of course, is a resounding "yes, all of the above". This holds true for other new forms of media as well. • Native advertising? Paid, owned, and earned media? At the core of converged media – of all media – is content. This essential and central role is why the term "content marketing" has risen to the fore in recent years. Advertising used to dominate messaging because it dominated spend. This newly converged media workflow has caused companies to re-examine hierarchies between marketing types, and then erase them. "Why does this make sense? Read other stories like this:

CMS Development, CMS Website Design, CMS Web Development When you need to focus on business development and operations, the last thing you need to worry about is how your website looks and functions; or the fact that you’re not well-versed with programming or web design. Enter Content Management Systems, or CMS’. The advantage of a CMS platform is, quite literally, being able to manage all of your web content without spending a lot of time on back-end development. Two of the most popular open source CMS’ in the market today are Joomla and Wordpress. And we have a team of developers with specializations in each. Enlisting with a Wordpress or Joomla CMS developer saves you valuable time and resources that you may not be able to dedicate for web development and establishing infrastructure. Techmagnate’s CMS developers are fully-trained and equipped to handle all of our clients requirements, including being able to customize on open-source platforms. Technologies We Work With: JoomlaWordpressCS-CartDrupalMagento

Well said, content marketing is totally based on quality which is going to be very competitive for those who are just starting the content marketing. by sanjanasinghh Sep 26