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Sanjana Singh works at Techmagnate as an SEO professional but spends a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. Shes the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing. You can follow her updates on Twitter: @sanjana_seo.

6 Ways To‌ ‌Improve‌ ‌The‌ ‌User‌ ‌Experience‌ ‌On‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Website‌ Slow sites with a confusing interface that provides information in a sophisticated manner make up for poor user experience.

6 Ways To‌ ‌Improve‌ ‌The‌ ‌User‌ ‌Experience‌ ‌On‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Website‌

To have a steady flow of happy visitors, you need to continuously work on the website and improve and upgrade the content regularly. It is precisely what a web design company will help you achieve by employing their expertise and experience to make your website more efficient. What is UX Design? To improve the user experience or UX of your website, you must understand what the UX design is. Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency – Some Tips. Even then, there are many aspects of the business that are important and you do understand them, but you are bot able to handle them yourself.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency – Some Tips

That is why there are various departments in an organisation. There are some other aspects, which need a dedicated and dynamic team that may not be easy to maintain in-house. For such departments, the work is best outsourced to people who also know their business. How Digital Marketing Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website? - sharmadaksh001. Web Design Principles That Are Crucial to Know For 2020. The right web designing is what takes you to the next step of engaging the leads and motivating them to convert once they reach a particular website.

Web Design Principles That Are Crucial to Know For 2020

Every good website designing company India understands the importance of providing the right kind of vibes to these leads and conveying all the relevant information effectively so that they get motivated to take the desired action. For companies working in the same domain, offering similar products and services, it’s only the website designing that becomes a differentiator.

Here are some of the web designing principles that can be crucial in conversing with visitors and engaging them. Create Secure Websites Security plays in everyone’s mind these days. Simplicity Will Appeal Keeping the website simple with minimalistic elements that are relevant will work in 2020. Maintaining Uniformity Is Important Whether it’s the landing page or the product pages, maintaining uniformity in tab styles, font style, headers, footers etc. is essential. 7 Google SEO Best Practices To Help Your Small Business Get Noticed. Published on May 4th, 2020 With the release of a flurry of Google’s algorithm updates, getting top rankings in Google’s search engine results has become a tough task.

7 Google SEO Best Practices To Help Your Small Business Get Noticed

Even though you can get instant top search engine rankings using some black-hat SEO techniques, those results won’t last for more than 1-2 months. Creating tons of shady backlinks will no longer serve the purpose of getting good SERPs at the moment, and it’s merely a waste of time and efforts if you fail to recognise this simple fact. SEO Habits That You Must Incorporate. SEO is not limited to being off-page and on-page.

SEO Habits That You Must Incorporate

This is where the businesses limit themselves and keep it superficial. If you want to get the most out of your SEO strategies, you will need to come out of your shell and make some major changes to your habituated SEO strategies. Some of the changes that can make you better at SEO without much extra effort are listed below: Carry Out Deeper and More Extensive Research Do extensive SEO research regarding the best keywords to use to understand what the competitor is doing and the impact of the links that are being created to generate traffic.

While not losing focus from the importance of keywords, it is also necessary for an SEO company India shift the attention towards the audience and what they need. Keep Measuring Planning a strategy is good, implementing is better, but if you do not understand the impact of the strategy, you have no idea whether it is doing what it is supposed to. Develop a Learning Habit. 4 useful tips for working with web designers. The right web designing is integral for having a reasonable conversion rate, and thus people often hire a website designing company in Chennai, Delhi, etc. for the job.

4 useful tips for working with web designers

If you have done the same, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind while working with them. Doing Your Homework Is Must It is essential to do your homework so that you find the right web development company in Chennai whose attitude and aptitude align with that of yours. It always pays to ask recommendations from friends, colleagues, and social circles and go through the reviews and ratings of the agency. Digging a little deep into their work quality by getting in touch with their old clients also helps in understanding them better.

SEO and Website Design – Why One Is No Good Without the Other? - The performance of a website is highly dependent on how you design it and optimize it for SEO and SEO strategy cannot be successful unless the website has been optimized for it while keeping in mind the needs of the consumers.

SEO and Website Design – Why One Is No Good Without the Other? -

Do you see how the two are interdependent and one cannot be effective without the other? Hence, when a website design company Delhi works on one, it must simultaneously work on the other as well. While some aspects of each can be independent of the other, there are some key aspects where they are very much interconnected and care should be taken to ensure that action on any of these must not harm your business prospects by affecting the other. The elements where the two often interact are: Basics of SEO for Small Businesses.

Regional SEO Tips for a Better Strategy. 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important. Digital marketing is something that consumers come face to face hundreds of times in a day without realizing what it is.

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important

So, before you can understand why a digital marketing agency in Pune could be important for your business, you will need to understand how and in what forms you can use digital marketing. What Constitutes Digital Marketing? Digital marketing encompasses various aspects of a business that are carried out online, starting from its online presence through a website and the activity it carries out to be found by its consumers (SEO) to social media presence and online ads that it uses to create awareness about its products and services. It also includes several other online channels such as e-mails, text messages, digital television, mobile applications, podcasts, electronic billboards, ads on social media, radio and more. Get in Touch with Your Audience. Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips.

Digital marketing is a vast domain, which includes devising and implementing marketing plans, dealing with social media management, email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), blogging, Reputation Management, Video Marketing and much more.

Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips

It is the requirement of every business that wants online visibility. Some companies try to handle it in-house, but outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency in Pune, Delhi, or wherever you are comfortable with might be a wiser decision. Here are three reasons that justify outsourcing completely. 6 SEO Mistakes That Lead to Wastage of Money. The process of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not a one-time wonder.

6 SEO Mistakes That Lead to Wastage of Money

It requires constant effort to stay at the top of the SERPs and hence the key investment in SEO is that of time and money. Both these resources are highly valuable and should not be wasted by SEO services in India. To ensure that these are used judiciously, you must avoid making the following mistakes. Not Having Clarity About Goals Unless you define your goals clearly, you will not have a clear route planned and you will end up investing money randomly.

Choosing the Wrong Metrics to Measure There are many metrics used to analyse the performance of an SEO campaign, but you cannot and must not measure all metrics. Not Having Clearly Defined Roles With clearly segmented department and roles, organisations still face massive challenges in running themselves, so imagine if everybody is doing what they want to. Action Before Planning. Life After Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency. If you have just stepped into the realm of digital marketing, chances are that you have hired a digital marketing agency in Chennai after doing a lot of background research about their work. You also might have just changed from one to another. Now that you have got into this association, you are likely to have a lot of new experiences. You will probably feel excited about the whole process. You might even feel anxious about the validity of your decision. 8 SEO Marketing Trends Entrepreneurs Must Know In 2020 — TechPatio.

Though there are many things that do not change in SEO, such as keywords, backlinks, optimisation for all devices etc., there are things that are not constant and keep changing. These trends are what make the SEO market so very dynamic. To keep up with the changes, every SEO company in India needs to alter its plans, look at other means to keep its clients on top of the results page. Some of the key trends that have started showing signs of becoming important for the new year are: One-Stop-Shop Google and other major search engines are attempting to provide their users with the desired information without having to visit any website. Featured Snippets. Enterprise Websites and Their Need for Enterprise SEO - Plasticrypt.

Understanding Enterprise Websites and Their Need for Enterprise SEO. There is no direct link between an enterprise and an enterprise website. While an enterprise is a really big organization that could be classified as a global 2000 or a Fortune 1000 company, it is not necessary that they have an enterprise website. Similarly, a small organization could have an enterprise website. Let’s first understand what an enterprise website is. What Is an Enterprise Website? Learning from the Competition – How to Get Better Traffic beyond SEO. The traffic that you get to your website is the first point to getting a deal and you put in all kinds of efforts to increase the same. This traffic could be a result of a search carried out on Google, a link on another website or blog, advertisements - organic and paid, social media, referrals and more. You ensure that all the channels that could drive traffic are covered, including optimization of the website, the content, the loading speed and the keyword usage.

The strategy can be planned in consultation with a digital marketing agency providing SEO services in India. Plan Your SEO Strategy with Dedication. Digital Marketing Agency Helps to Grow Business - Plasticrypt. If you intend to establish an online presence for your business, you must be aware of the term digital marketing and must have heard about a digital marketing agency in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi or any other place.

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term that takes care of online marketing that is of paramount importance for the growth of a business. For this, the agencies make use of various strategies, tools, analysis, etc. and help your business become visible to your targeted audience. Digital marketing is no mean task and requires skills, tools, techniques, and expertise. It’s difficult for business owners to take care of digital marketing needs as they generally don’t have the skill, knowledge of SEO requirements and the bandwidth to do it. Top Web Design Ideas that Can Improve Conversion Rate. 6 Tips to Create an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Business in 2020.

5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional SEO Services Is Important. Everyone who does business online understands the importance of visibility and high rankings in SERPs. 7 App Marketing Strategies for Gaining More Users. As an app developer who has managed to design an app that could make a difference either by being useful or entertaining or both, you would surely be looking forward to seeing how people receive it. You would be hoping for a positive response and would want to reach the maximum number of users.

With millions of apps fighting for the same attention, it is surely not going to be easy. What You Need to Know About the Latest Local SEO Trends? February 25, 2020. 4 Crucial Web Design Secrets to Attract More Visitors. Website Designing Tips for Better Business Sales - Wowtechub. BlogBeats - Geo-Time-tagged blogging platform. 8 Best Tips to Manage your Web Development Tasks Like a Pro. The Role of B2B SEO Techniques in Growing Website Traffic. 6 Popular Ecommerce SEO Trends of 2019. Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Successful Web Design Business. How to Promote YouTube Videos for Greater Traffic? Great Website Designs – Tried and Tested Ways to Drive Results.

3 important things to consider before hiring SEO services in India. Best Practices for Responsive Web Design 2018 with Infographic. Local SEO Tips to Use for A High Rank on Google. How SEO Helps To Compete In The Age Of Changing Technology. Get Higher Traffic and Sales with These Web Designing Tips. Ecommerce SEO Services, Ecommerce SEO Company, Ecommerce SEO India. Why Is Local SEO Important? How Will Impact Your Business? - Sanjana Singh.

Top 6 Benefits of an Interactive Website for Your Business. 5 Things to Know Before Developing an eCommerce Website. How to Efficiently Manage Web Development? Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Channel. How to Create an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your ... Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site. Top Things to Consider While Selecting Website Theme. Pocket. Video Marketing Services, YouTube SEO Marketing & Optimization Agency. Its time you need to outsource your SEO for business. The significance of Digital Marketing Strategy for today’s businesses. Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Successful Web Design Business. How to Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms in 2019. What is the Difference Between AMP and PWA. Instagram vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Snapchat: Which is Better for Business Marketing.

Why Responsive Web Design Service Is So Important? Ankita Sharma's blog. Mobile App Marketing Services, App Marketing Agency India. 12 Point Local SEO Checklist for 2019. Best Ecommerce SEO Tips for 2018-19. Video SEO Tools 2018 with YouTube Video SEO Best Practices. Digital Marketing Services Delhi NCR, Digital Marketing Agency in India. More Tips & Guidance on Online Reputation Management. The Best Hotel Reputation Management Services. Remarketing: A Smart Way of PPC Advertising. Prime Online Reputation Management Services In India. How to Make PPC Campaign For Online Business.

Top Tips on Online Reputation … How to Work Out PPC Conversion Rate? - How to Manage your Company Brand Value in Digital World? – article directory. Paid Search Advertising Services, Search Advertising Company India. PPC Mumbai, PPC Services Company in Mumbai. Remarketing Services Company India, Google Remarketing Agency. Hospital Reputation Management Services, Online Healthcare Reputation. Online Reputation Management in India. ORM Services Company India, Best Online Reputation Management Service Delhi.

Techmagnate - Best PPC Services company in Delhi

Yahoo Updates Answers For Social And SEO Value. Inbox (127) - sanjana.techmagnate - Gmail. Ecommerce Website Development Company in New Delhi - Techmagnate. Writing a Good Ecommerce Website Development Brief. 4 Lessons in Ecommerce Website Development to Learn in 2014. How to protect corporate data from angry ex-employees. How to Make Google Your Best Friend - SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs.

The post giving you tips to optimize multiple pages, keyword groups and improve visibility and traffic of your eCommerce site. – sanjanasinghh

Learn SEO and Beat Your Competitors with Your Own Website. Outsource SEO, SEO Outsourcing, Outsource SEO Services.

Outsourcing an SEO service from India is the cheapest option and after Google's aggressive algorithm updates Indian SEO services providers especially Techmagnate, have completely changed their link building strategy and I take this as a good omen for the SEO industry and its clients. – sanjanasinghh

Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase Conversions.

Get the knowledge of SEO basics like meta description helps to catch attention of reader. Headline of a landing page is also a SEO basic facts and your headline should be simple & catchy. – sanjanasinghh

Local Businesses Don't Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing.

Content Marketing plays a vital role in new trends of SEO. Small businesses must realize that content is not simply articles or infographics but each and every aspect of your business. – sanjanasinghh

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Learn Online Marketing to Survive.

If you are an entrepreneur you must remember that social media is not where people research about products or services; instead, it is a platform where people come to form and share their opinion. So, make sure you have active profiles and make relevant updates. – sanjanasinghh

Best Practices for On-Page SEO to Follow For 2014.

Google has announced more updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird and lots of changes occurs in SEO. According to new updates you have to update youe website like Page Titles, Page Description, Body headlines and so on. The article giving you information of On-Page SEO strategies. – sanjanasinghh

Local Listings, Local Business Listing, Business listing services.

By creating a Google+ page and optimising Local listings, businesses can have greater control over how they appear in local search results. Local listing with positive reviews helps you to grow your business rapidly. Get quick listing of your local business in Google local search results after using Techmagnate local business listing services. – sanjanasinghh

SMO Packages, India Social Media Packages, Social Media Packages.

Are you looking for increasing visibility & linkability of your website in the social media platforms, Techmagnate helps you to reach your target market and also help your brand to get the maximum impact from your presence. Don't be late choose the best Techmagnate SMO package which suits you according to your need & budget. Techmagnate SMO Plan helps you create a powerful online brand that is synonymous with users and target new customers through continuous content updates. – sanjanasinghh

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm. Best Practices For Maximizing Your Local Search Engine Optimization.

The article giving you thought to build your buisness and get some new tips like how to publicize your business/brand. Feedback and reviews assumes critical part, If you get positive reveiws from your clients it will help you to expand visibility of your brand. – sanjanasinghh

Link Building Services, Thematic Link Building, One Way Link Building.

If you are looking for pure link building services for your website and exact related to your business. I would like to recommend you Techmagnate Link Building packages which are really helps to increase ranking in a limited time period. – sanjanasinghh

What are 'nofollow' tags and when should they be used in SEO?

The nofollow tag is a way publishers can tell search engines not to count some of their links to other pages as “votes” in favor of that content. Using nofollow keeps bad sites from appearing to get credit from you. – sanjanasinghh

Best Ways to Build an Audience Through Trust. How to Use Amazon S3 for Hosting Your Website. Website Designing India, Web Design India, Web Design Company India, Website Designing Delhi. Link Building has been Dead After Hummingbird?

After Hummingbird updates Google move away from just informative searches to more graph based searches. Google has started to adapt the search results to a more conversational kind of query. This is a further development in semantic keyword research. – sanjanasinghh

Crucial Factors for SEO Success in 2013.

No single SEO factor will guarantee search engine rankings. Having a great HTML title won’t help if a page has low quality content. – sanjanasinghh