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Sanjana Singh works at Techmagnate as an SEO professional but spends a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. Shes the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing. You can follow her updates on Twitter: @sanjana_seo.

Remarketing Services Company India, Google Remarketing Agency. Remarketing is a smart advertising technique which lets you show ads to users who have visited your website earlier.

Remarketing Services Company India, Google Remarketing Agency

It encourages users to return by softly persuading and reminding them with relevant ads. The “reminder” ads are shown based on their search patterns and previous interactions with your website. Hospital Reputation Management Services, Online Healthcare Reputation. As a doctor, medical practitioner or hospital in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to help patients through injury, sickness and disease without becoming targets for lawsuits or online defamation.

Hospital Reputation Management Services, Online Healthcare Reputation

This is a serious problem, because medical practitioners are some of our society’s highest qualified and highest paid professionals, and without them the typical citizen would be in big trouble if they got sick or injured. Monitor & Remove Negative Hospital Reviews As such, we offer hospital reputation management to help you monitor and remove any bad, unfair or biased reviews and remarks online. This includes social media pages and online rants on blogs and news outlets, where patients could be lying about how they were treated, and are simply trying to bring down the name of your hospital. By doing so, we safeguard your hospital’s online reputation and ensure that it can continue to operate and succeed. Online Reputation Management in India.

ORM Services Company India, Best Online Reputation Management Service Delhi. Online Reputation Management or ORM, as the name suggests, is the process of managing the perceptions prevalent about a corporate entity or even an individual on the Internet, on web based networking sites and social media, and on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

ORM Services Company India, Best Online Reputation Management Service Delhi

Another term used for it is Corporate Reputation Management. The Reputation Management Services could also be referred to as Brand Reputation Management Services if the entity whose reputation being managed is a brand rather than a corporate. Brand Reputation Management ServicesYour reputation builds your Brands, allow us to build your reputation! Reputation Management Services for CorporatesBuilt trust and mitigate risk with complete review monitoring and influencer strategies!

Techmagnate - Best PPC Services company in Delhi

Yahoo Updates Answers For Social And SEO Value. It’s amazing to me that it took Yahoo so long to update its Answers property.

Yahoo Updates Answers For Social And SEO Value

Once a thriving Q&A network and social search site, Yahoo really let Answers go to seed. However the company announced yesterday that it was rolling out a new user-experience including mobile optimization. Even in its dilapidated state, Yahoo Answers is the most successful “help engine” or Q&A site on the web (don’t tell me it’s Quora). Inbox (127) - sanjana.techmagnate - Gmail. Ecommerce Website Development Company in New Delhi - Techmagnate. Publicizing a range of products to sell online isn’t enough.

Ecommerce Website Development Company in New Delhi - Techmagnate

You need an eCommerce website with a strong design that functions well and allows your consumers to navigate effortlessly. You also need a website that allows you to capture leads and maximize your conversions to establish higher profit margins. Techmagnate can help. Writing a Good Ecommerce Website Development Brief. Prior to approaching an ecommerce agency, it’s important that you do the groundwork so that a thorough and accurate quote can be provided.

Writing a Good Ecommerce Website Development Brief

It is worthwhile getting your brief right at the start, to avoid unexpected surprises after the design has started. At Digital Six we normally provide our potential clients with a questionnaire to ensure that we understand their requirements. We have shared some of the main considerations below to get you started on writing your ecommerce brief. 1.

4 Lessons in Ecommerce Website Development to Learn in 2014. The world of ecommerce website development is always almost volatile. There is a lot of innovation that should characterize this large world because competition gets bigger and better every passing minute. Hence, there are numerous reasons why ecommerce website design services must do a better job in getting ecommerce businesses the qualified traffic it needs. Here are some creative ways studies show that businesses overlooked in 2013 but must include in their 2014 agenda. How to protect corporate data from angry ex-employees. Network World - The vast majority of employees who leave a company are honest, upstanding corporate citizens.

How to protect corporate data from angry ex-employees

But you never know when someone might leave on bad terms and then attempt to hack back into your corporate systems. Protecting company assets from former employees is more difficult in today’s world where corporate data can live in so many places, from the cloud to the employee’s BYOD smartphone. Here are steps to protect corporate data from former employees. How to Make Google Your Best Friend - SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs. You have an eCommerce store but it is not yielding profits?

The post giving you tips to optimize multiple pages, keyword groups and improve visibility and traffic of your eCommerce site. – sanjanasinghh

Thinking why?

How to Make Google Your Best Friend - SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs

The answer is simple, if people cannot find you, where will the revenue come from. Ranking higher than your competitors is necessary. Learn SEO and Beat Your Competitors with Your Own Website. If you’re still consider whether to go for SEO training or not,then you need to ask yourself if your site’s on the first page of results for your niche and industry’s major keywords?

Learn SEO and Beat Your Competitors with Your Own Website

And if the answer to this question is NO, then you must ask yourself what you need to do about it, and the answer is pretty simple; enroll yourself for an SEO course. You can conveniently find SEO courses in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities. Outsource SEO, SEO Outsourcing, Outsource SEO Services. You may need to outsource SEO for various reasons.

Outsourcing an SEO service from India is the cheapest option and after Google's aggressive algorithm updates Indian SEO services providers especially Techmagnate, have completely changed their link building strategy and I take this as a good omen for the SEO industry and its clients. – sanjanasinghh

You may be a web designing firm who wants to offer clients SEO services in addition to web designing.

Outsource SEO, SEO Outsourcing, Outsource SEO Services

Or you could be a business owner who wants to get the benefit of SEO for your company website, but don't have the resources to handle search engine optimization in-house. Whatever the reason, if you need to outsource SEO, your hunt for an SEO outsourcing firm ends here. Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase Conversions. Are you struggling to increase conversions and you’ve tried all the latest techniques? If nothings worked yet, have you thought about visiting the old SEO techniques? Yes, you read it right! Going back to SEO basics to increase conversions can actually help you gain traction by almost 50%. Local Businesses Don't Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing. With all the changes happening in the digital marketing industry, the one constant that has emerged is that SEO is all about content marketing. It is important to create, publish and promote content that will naturally attract new links rather than using backlinks.

The plan sounds simple and easy on paper, but we’ve seen late adopters in the market hesitate because of the lack the necessary resources (budget, people, and time) to produce quality content to push through the right channels. But industry experts have now proven that local businesses don’t need big budgets for their content marketing. They believe that almost every aspect of business can be turned into usable content especially if content isn’t seen merely as an image, article, blog or web page text. 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Learn Online Marketing to Survive. According to business analysts, the Internet is the premier medium that consumers use to carry out price and product research.

If you are an entrepreneur you must remember that social media is not where people research about products or services; instead, it is a platform where people come to form and share their opinion. So, make sure you have active profiles and make relevant updates. – sanjanasinghh

Many people also use the Internet to assess the reliability and credibility of choosing one particular business over the other. With such an increased dependence on the Internet, is it surprising that Internet marketing is one of the prolifically used methods by companies to reach the masses. We are long past the time where we need to debate the benefits of the Internet to get a cutting edge over your competitors. Still, we often come across entrepreneurs who don’t calculate the impact of a strong web presence for their business plan, which in the current day and age, is quite surprising. It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs to learn online marketing to survive because of the following reasons: Best Practices for On-Page SEO to Follow For 2014.

The year 2013 has been quite eventful for online marketers.

Google has announced more updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird and lots of changes occurs in SEO. According to new updates you have to update youe website like Page Titles, Page Description, Body headlines and so on. The article giving you information of On-Page SEO strategies. – sanjanasinghh

Google, with their aggressive introduction of algorithm updates has left SEO experts a little unsure about what the search giant will do next. Though, Google have managed to bring across the point very clear that they aim to stop the black hat tactics like link farming and keyword stuffing and want to put real effort into creating best content for a particular service or product. With the several introductions of Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update, SEO experts are not sure how they will be addressing On-Page SEO to ensure that all the ‘new rules’ are followed so that there is no harm caused to the ranking or credibility of the website.

Local Listings, Local Business Listing, Business listing services.

By creating a Google+ page and optimising Local listings, businesses can have greater control over how they appear in local search results. Local listing with positive reviews helps you to grow your business rapidly. Get quick listing of your local business in Google local search results after using Techmagnate local business listing services. – sanjanasinghh

SMO Packages, India Social Media Packages, Social Media Packages. Social Media Networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube (Video content to be provided by client) Minimum Contract DurationCost Per Month. Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm. Best Practices For Maximizing Your Local Search Engine Optimization. Link Building Services, Thematic Link Building, One Way Link Building. What are 'nofollow' tags and when should they be used in SEO? Best Ways to Build an Audience Through Trust. How to Use Amazon S3 for Hosting Your Website. Almost all web-hosting companies charge a fixed monthly rental in return of finite amount of storage space for hosting web pages and images. It really doesn’t matter whether you host a ten page simple website or elaborate product catalogue that has hundreds of pages.

Website Designing India, Web Design India, Web Design Company India, Website Designing Delhi. Techmagnate is a leading web design company India and caters to clients across the world. Link Building has been Dead After Hummingbird? There is no doubt that Panda squashed poor quality content and Penguin squashed low-quality links.

After Hummingbird updates Google move away from just informative searches to more graph based searches. Google has started to adapt the search results to a more conversational kind of query. This is a further development in semantic keyword research. – sanjanasinghh

Crucial Factors for SEO Success in 2013.

No single SEO factor will guarantee search engine rankings. Having a great HTML title won’t help if a page has low quality content. – sanjanasinghh

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm.

Get know more about hummingbird algo like how to correlated social signals to SERP ranking, how to create content marketing strategy. Hummingbird gives more weightage to those posts which have great number of retweets, +1, repins and so on. – sanjanasinghh

Website designing Packages, Web design packages India, Website Design. CostPayment ModeHome PageHeader Flash BannerNo. of Inner PagesSample Home Page LayoutsPhoto GalleryContact Us FormE-commerceCMSPayment GatewayW3C ValidationPre Launch TestingServer & Hosting ChargesHTML SitemapXML SitemapMeta Tag AnalysisGoogle Analytics IntegrationSubmission in Search Engines.

Are you looking for making a website on the most recent technology with a fantastic looking. As per my perspective Techmagnate is the right decision for making a good and split thundering website. Techmagnate satisfy your everything need inside your plan and you also checkout Techmagnate portfolio to see sample of past work. – sanjanasinghh

Get Best Internet Marketing Services By Techmagnate. Be seen: If you want to be seen on the Internet, you need to get the best Internet Marketing Services. Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Make your website search engine friendly by using keywords and key phrases as the names for your web page. Read this article & get tips to make a user friendly website. – sanjanasinghh

Importance of Backlinks in SEO. 3 VERY Simple Steps Towards SEO Success. How To Identify, Prevent And Stop Negative SEO. PPC Campaign Management, PPC Management, PPC Campaign. How To Identify, Prevent And Stop Negative SEO. Learn SEO and Beat Your Competitors with Your Own Website. Top 10 On Page SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic. PPC packages, PPC package, PPC packages India, PPC plans. SEO Packages India, Custom SEO packages, SEO Plans & Prices from Techmagnate. Common SEO Errors, Notices and Warnings. Application Development, Custom Web Apps Development, Software Application Development. 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing.

Well said, content marketing is totally based on quality which is going to be very competitive for those who are just starting the content marketing. – sanjanasinghh

SEO vs SMO; Is SEO Dead? Effective Wording for Your Backlinks. 5 Critical SEO Mistakes Leaders Must Avoid. The Future of Search: 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Released.

In this days you have to know about Search Engine ranking factors. I think this article gives lots of info that's why I'm sharing it here. – sanjanasinghh

[INFOGRAPHIC] The New Face of SEO: How SEO Has Changed. FAQs. Is Content Curation Bad For SEO?

At my point of view Content Curation is not bad for SEO. It depends on you how you curate the content. – sanjanasinghh

SEO Link Building A-Z Guide – Definitions and Terms.

I am sharing a guide to increase your SEO link building knowledge. Read my shared post. – sanjanasinghh

Website Content Writers, Web Content Writing, Website Content Writing.

Copy house is providing services in content writing field & focus on quality of the content so that your website looks unique & have attractive impact on users. – sanjanasinghh

Google Knowledge Graph Adds Filters, Comparisons. Google rolls out new 'Hummingbird' search algorithm.

Its amazing news, I hope it also changes the criteria of SEO as other updates of Google do. – sanjanasinghh

Link Building 101: 404 Pages & Link Reclamation. Online Reputation Management, Reputation Management Services, Brand Management. Effective Wording for Your Backlinks. What are Important SEO Ranking Factors? Search Engine Marketing Blog. CMS Development, CMS Website Design, CMS Web Development. PPC Training Delhi, Internet Marketing Courses Delhi India. 25 Tools to Publish an eBook.

Great, 25 tools for writing an eBook at one place is really very good. All these tools can make a writer perfect & they can write the eBook in a very effective way. – sanjanasinghh

Press Release Marketing In a Post Penguin 2.0 Search Landscape.

Nice post & well written about Penguin 2.0 update & changes in PR submission due to this update, after Penguin update guideline for submission of Press Release is totally change which is good for improving the ranking of sites. – sanjanasinghh

SEO, Press Releases, Marketing and Advertising. Content Marketing Statistics That Prove Its Effectiveness.

Great post for knowing more about content marketing, it is very helpful for doing work in content marketing with great quality. – sanjanasinghh

How to optimise your images for SEO. Application Development, Custom Web Apps Develo. How to protect corporate data from angry ex-emp. Link Building Services, Thematic Link Building, One Way Link Building. 10 Steps To Writing Better Web Content. Copywriting - Wiki Article.

I just watch this video & found it very interesting. The internet gives many opportunities to copyright for many tasks as you mention in your video like web content, ads, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of electronic communications which gives idea to those who want grow in this field. – sanjanasinghh

Improve Your Website Content's Quality: 5 Ways to Drive High Performance. SEO Copywriting Services, Search Engine Copywriting, Content Writing. Google Will Start Blocking NPAPI Plug-Ins In January 2014, Will Whitelist Silverlight, Unity & Others.

I don't know that whether it is good or bad but I think if Google will block all these apps then maybe it affect the functions on the Internet. – sanjanasinghh

Gmail’s Ongoing Email Slowdown Nearing Resolution.

There are many other options which were not creating any problem at the time of sending the mail. So I am using & it is not having a slowdown problem. – sanjanasinghh

What Makes You A Best In Class SEO? Survey Says... The 8 Best Keyword Research Tools for PPC & SEO Keyword Research. SEO Training Delhi, SEO Courses in Delhi India. 45 Amazing Social Media Facts of 2013 [Infographic] How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing.

I use tumbler for promoting my business & get very positive results. As very few people know that it is new in social media marketing so for getting good results you can use this new social media site. – sanjanasinghh

How to Build Links With Location Relevance. Future SEO: String Entity Optimization. SEO Tutorial – Web Site Optimization. Guest Blogging Services, Guest Posting Services. Google Penguin recovery services, Penguin recovery services, Google Penguin Updates. Google Webmaster Tools Give Users More Link Data. Video SEO Services - How To Rank Videos in Google and YouTube.

Some key factors for better SEO service. Aspects of an SEO Friendly Blog. eCommerce SEO, SEO for eCommerce Sites, Joomla SEO, Magento SEO. 5 Tips for Boosting Your SEO on a Tight Budget. The New Face of SEO: How SEO Has Changed in a Panda & Penguin Era. Content Curation Guide for SEO. 7 Tips for Local SEO and PPC Success.

This articles gives us tips about local & PPC success and this information useful for us. I would like to share this article with all. – sanjanasinghh

5 Quick Tips for Local Inbound Marketing. 10 Tips For Using YouTube To Kill At Local SEO. Article Writing and Submission.

Great post regarding the article submission & writing; it is knowledgeable for all those who are in this field so I want that most of the people read this post that’s why I am sharing this post. – sanjanasinghh

Content Marketing: The Ultimate Starter Guide For Small Business.

This post is very helpful for those who are just new in online marketing so I shared it so that most of the beginners can read it. – sanjanasinghh

SEO Article Writing Services, Article Marketing, Article Writing.