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Moebio Labs website

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Towards Organogenesis: For an Instrumental Approach in Research in Art Samuel Bianchini Artist and Associate Professor, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD, Paris) Fig. 1 – Le Temporium, 2014, autonomous machine for the continuous creation of Algaegraphies. Lia Giraud (SACRe / EnsadLab – PSL). Used with permission. Recommendation System in R Recommender systems are used to predict the best products to offer to customers. These babies have become extremely popular in virtually every single industry, helping customers find products they'll like. Most people are familiar with the idea, but nearly everyone is exposed to several forms of personalized offers and recommendations each day (Google search ads being among the biggest source).

Small Design Firm NRC: Naturalist Tables, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2012 Small Design Firm developed two completely custom interactive tables for the Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Visitors to the museum are invited to pick up actual specimens from the museum collection and place them on to the table surface. When the table reads the tagged specimen, video projection from above reveals activities and field guide information pertaining to the specimen. There are over a hundred available specimens, ranging from mounted insects and preserved amphibians, to mammal study skins and bird skulls. Housed in the Naturalist Center, these tables use a combination of capacitive touch technology and RFID tracking to create a truly unique, hands on, research experience.

“Drug Deal” Network Analysis with Gephi (Tutorial) Via a trackback from Check Yo Self: 5 Things You Should Know About Data Science (Author Note) criticising tweet-mapping without further analysis (“If you’re making Gephi graphs out of tweets, you’re probably doing more data science marketing than data science analytics. And stop it. Please.

The Lab at the Cultural Institute, a crossroads of ideas, art and technology Play now The Google Cultural Institute creates new technology to help partners publish their collections online and reach new audiences, as seen in the Google Art Project, Historic Moments and World Wonders initiatives. We created The Lab in Paris as a place where tech and creative communities come together to share ideas and discover new ways to experience art and culture.

Text Analysis Tools Definition: Text analysis software enables users to determine the frequency with which words or phrases are used, create concordances, view words in context, and otherwise study patterns in texts. Tools: Resources: Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Asynchronous Collaborative Information Visualization The collaborative visualization system. (a) An interactive visualization applet, with a graphical annotation for the currently selected comment. The visualization is a stacked time-series visualization of the U.S. labor force, broken down by gender. Here the percentage of the work force in military jobs is shown.

2012 Perceptual Edge Dashboard Design Competition: We Have a Winner! I was pleased and frankly surprised to receive 91 submissions to my dashboard design competition. Surprised because designing a student performance dashboard from scratch based on the data that I provided was not a trivial task. I was especially pleased to find a dramatic improvement over the general quality of entries since the last competition that I judged back in 2006. Almost every entry exhibited qualities that far surpass the dashboards that are typically produced and used today. I’m grateful to everyone who took the time to participate. Word Tree A word tree is a visual search tool for unstructured text, such as a book, article, speech or poem. It lets you pick a word or phrase and shows you all the different contexts in which it appears. The contexts are arranged in a tree-like branching structure to reveal recurrent themes and phrases. The image above is a word tree made from Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech, using the search term "I." Font sizes show frequency of use, so you can see that among King's many uses of "I," the most frequent context is the phrase "I have a dream." With the right phrase, a word tree can reveal the heart of a data set.

40 Essential Tools and Resources to Visualize Data One of the most frequent questions I get is, "What software do you use to visualize data?" A lot of people are excited to play with their data, but don't know how to go about doing it or even start. Here are the tools I use or have used and resources that I own or found helpful for data visualization – starting with organizing the data, to graphs and charts, and lastly, animation and interaction. Organizing the Data The top 20 data visualisation tools One of the most common questions I get asked is how to get started with data visualisations. Beyond following blogs, you need to practise – and to practise, you need to understand the tools available. In this article, I want to introduce you to 20 different tools for creating visualisations: from simple charts to complex graphs, maps and infographics. Almost everything here is available for free, and some you have probably installed already. Advertisement

About – 89plus 89plus is a long-term, international, multi-platform research project co-founded by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, investigating the generation of innovators born in or after 1989. Without forecasting artistic trends or predicting future creation, 89plus manifests itself through panels, books, periodicals, exhibitions and residencies, bringing together individuals from a generation whose voices are only starting to be heard, yet which accounts for almost half of the world’s population. Marked by several paradigm-shifting events, the year 1989 saw the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the start of the post- Cold War period, and the introduction of the World Wide Web and the beginning of the universal availability of the Internet. Positing a relationship between these world-changing events and creative production at large, 89plus introduces the work of some of this generation’s most inspiring protagonists.

US News map interactive lets you map how historical newspapers digitized by Chronicling America changed over time. The U.S. news map works best on a larger screen. Click here to email a link to yourself for later viewing. This interactive map, put together by the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the University of Georgia's eHistory initiative, uses the Library of Congress' database of historical newspapers, Chronicling America, to track frequency of keywords in newspapers and visualize the results across time and space. "The frequency graph on each search is similar to Google’s Ngram, but more reflective of actual usage, since books take years to go into print and reappear years later in multiple editions," wrote Claudio Saunt, a historian at the University of Georgia, in an email.

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