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Found at Auction: The Unseen Photographs of a Legend that Never Was

Found at Auction: The Unseen Photographs of a Legend that Never Was
Picture this: quite possibly the most important street photographer of the 20th century was a 1950s children’s nanny who kept herself to herself and never showed a single one of her photographs to anyone. Decades later in 2007, a Chicago real estate agent and historical hobbyist, John Maloof purchased a box of never-seen, never-developed film negatives of an unknown ‘amateur’ photographer for $380 at his local auction house. John began developing his new collection of photographs, some 100,000 negatives in total, that had been abandoned in a storage locker in Chicago before they ended up at the auction house. A self portrait: Before he could reach her, to John’s great dismay, he found her obituary notice in the Chicago Tribune in 2009. Now, the guy who bought that box of negatives at his local auction house has made a documentary film about the incredible discovery of a lost talent and the path to Finding Vivian Maier. The film will begin screenings in March 2014. Related:  PhotographyCuriosities I love

- StumbleUpon 1. You can make a photograph of anything and anyone on any public property, except where a specific law prohibits it. e.g. streets, sidewalks, town squares, parks, government buildings open to the public, and public libraries. 2. You may shoot on private property if it is open to the public, but you are obligated to stop if the owner requests it. e.g. malls, retail stores, restaurants, banks, and office building lobbies. 3. Private property owners can prevent photography ON their property, but not photography OF their property from a public location. 4.

Your beautiful eyes Behance Served Sites Served is a collection of sites that showcase category specific content from Behance, the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. View All Served Sites → photography Served Join Behance Hire a Designer Behance Project Shuffle Showcase & Discover Creative Work Sign up for free View Next Project → Shuffle <img class="featured-ribbon-2x featured-ribbon featured-ribbon-net" src=" title="Photography Served"></img> Project Featured On: Photography Served — 6/6/10 Your beautiful eyes Info Statistics Created: 2/20/10 Last Edited: 7/26/15 Description Extreme close of eyes, with all their relief. Project Info Owners Suren Manvelyan Tags Copyright Info Attribution Non-commercialNo Derivatives Read More Share inShare Short link: by Yerevan, Armenia Follow on Bēhance Eye with coloboma.Visit my facebook page to find more photos: Save Project

chalky finish chair makeover We are knee deep in a teen bedroom overhaul. I’m talking bubblegum pink 15′ tall walls into serene gray with mint accents. So cute. Can’t wait to reveal the full bedroom soon. And there is our new pooch, Murphy. We removed the royal blue vinyl cushion (ewww!) That’s all there is to it. Are you a fan of spray painted furniture? Visit all of our DIY ideas as well as our furniture makeovers like our kitchen bar stools, and mustard yellow buffet. Also visit our DecoArt paint ideas, there are so many to keep you inspired like our stenciled USA sign. The Art of the Headshot: How to Shoot Perfect Portraits Portrait photographer Peter Hurley gave this talk at the recent Google+ Photography Conference in SF. His training on headshots have made quite a splash in the photo world in the past year, and this free hour-long lecture is a great way to glean some tips for your work. (via Fstoppers) Tags: conference, google, headshots, lecture, peterhurley, portraits, portraiture, talk, Tips, training

Sergey Chilikov: A photographer’s work from during Soviet-era Russia through modern times (PHOTOS). Sergey Chilikov/courtesy of Grinberg Gallery, Moscow. From Sergey Chilikov: Selected Works 1978–, published by Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam. This post contains nudity. It would be difficult to guess Sergey Chilikov’s photographs are a product of repressive, Soviet-era Russia. The book’s introduction describes the bleak place photography held in Soviet Russia during the 1970s. Into this realm came Sergey Chilikov, one of the founding members of the FACT group, which was active from 1976 to 1988. The small freedoms depicted in Chilikov’s work are happily out of step with the usual images from this particular time and place. “Just image ideological tunnel vision and baiting, which were typical in the 1970s in the USSR. Regarding the prevalent nudity in his work, specifically topless young women, Chilikov didn't feel as if he were expressing anything out of the ordinary.

Tea Recipes Oolong Tea (For Slimming)Description Oolong tea is superior in aiding weight loss. The effect of this tea is to help reduce fat and it can be taken 3 times a day. Ingredients 4 rounded teaspoons of Green Oolong Tea 3 cups (850ml) of water InstructionPut Oolong tea in empty teapot. Pour boiling water on to tealeaves. Banana Tea (For High Blood Pressure)Description This is great tasting tea that will help reduce high blood pressure. Banana 1 ½ teaspoon of Dragon Well Green Tea 1 ½ cups (430ml) of water InstructionPeel and cut off 3 cm banana. Lotus Tea (For High Blood Pressure)Description The lotus nut is the seed of the lotus plant. 12 - 15 lotus nuts 2 teaspoon of Mao Jian Green Tea 3 cups (850ml) of water InstructionAdd lotus nuts and green tea into teapot. Chrysanthemum Tea (For Reducing Internal Heat & Mild Sunstroke)Description This great tasting tea cleanses your body and reduces internal heat. Honey & Lemon Tea (For Dry Sore Throat)Description This is one of the most delicious tea.

Night Photography Tips and James Bond If you’re thinking about taking photos at night the ‘usual’ way – deleting 75% of your photos because of camera blur or excessive darkness… Alas, after several hours slaving in Adobe Illustrator (I’m no graphic designer, I’m a photographer, dang it!) here is your friendly Night Photography Tips Infographic! Oh yeah…and if this helps you in any sort of way, feel free to share it to someone else it could help. Nothing is more annoying than ruined night photos at a perfect night scene (I can feel the agony just thinking about it…) <div align="center"><a href=" title="Night Photography Tips Infographic"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-490" title="night-photography-tips" alt="" src=" width="550" height="1800" /></a><br />Provided by <a href=" Techniques</a></div><p> About Simon Takk

Photos: Everyday objects that look like solar system planets. Simon Wright is a graphic designer in Australia*. He decided he needed to challenge himself to give his brain a workout, so he created what he calls his “Solar System Challenge”: without using Photoshop or any additional after-effects (with the exception of Instagram), create a set of pictures of everyday objects that look like the planets in the solar system. The results are pretty cool: Image credit: Simon Wright If you go to his Facebook page where he has those shots, you can see them in more detail. Click on each one to get an explanation of what it is and which planet it is. Image credit: Simon Wright My favorite is the picture for the Sun. I like Wright’s gumption. What will you do to challenge yourself today? *Correction, March 9, 2013: The post originally implied that Simon Wright worked for Hub Creative.

Filigree Vine Orb Locket with Chain - Weddingstar Locket Dia 2 cm|Chain L 50 cm Alloy Metal Attractive antique silver finish Includes 5 aqua blue scent dots A beautiful orb locket designed to hold a small secret close to your heart. Did we forget an important detail? Tightly Pressed Against Colorful Shrink Wrap In his project Skindeep, French photographer Julien Palast studies the body and the human form in a very unique way. Generally an advertising and still life photographer, Palast went in a new direction with this portrait series. For each image, he wrapped male and female models in vibrant colors and gradients that created what he describes as "instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery." The gestural lines and contours are quite prominent, and even certain facial expressions can be distinguished. Julien Palast's website via [Designboom]

Drone Over Washington - Rebecca J. Rosen Artist and critic James Bridle's UAV-focused show opened this week at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, one block from the White House. STML/Flickr Before you set foot in James Bridle's new exhibit at D.C.'s Corcoran Gallery of Art, you will likely walk directly on top of its largest work: an outline of a Reaper drone, as though it were passing right overhead, on the sidewalk outside the museum, one block from the White House. The piece stems from a conversation Bridle had with a friend, Einar Sneve Martinussen, in January of 2012. They went out to the parking lot outside Bridle's London studio with a diagram of a drone and a bit of chalk and sketched out a drone to actual size. This piece, like all of the pieces in the exhibit, are borne of Bridle's struggle to understand drones -- what they are and what they mean for people and governments around the world. The project is a sort of play on Instagram's common function. Creech AFB, Nevada (STML/Flickr) Shamsi, Pakistan (STML/Flickr)